How To Get Nudes And Make Her Happy Sending Them

How To Get Nudes And Make Her Happy Sending Them

Intimacy is an important aspect of any relationship, and if you know how to get nudes from your girl, then it means your relationship is going really well. I know sending nudes has gotten a bad reputation after many nude celebrity photos have been exposed online, but people still do it.

So, nudes are still very common. And yes, it takes skill to make someone let you have access to intimate photos of themselves.

Obviously, sending pictures to someone you are intimate with is very different from sending nudes to strange men on the web.

First of all, understand that no girl will send you nudes if she doesn't know you properly. That's too huge a risk.

And even then, you will need skills to ask for these intimate pictures if you want her to consider your request.

Here are tips to getting her to send you her nudes.

1. Don't Ask For Her Naked Pictures

I know this sounds ironic since the goal here is to have the girl send you her photos. But few things are as uncomfortable as a guy asking a girl to send her naked photos.

It sounds sad and even creepy, which is why you should never straight up ask a girl to send her naked photos to you.

2. Prove You're Attracted To Her

Attraction is a big part of how to get nudes.

Begging and nagging the woman to send her naked pics won't work. Many guys have tried it, and it has failed and even destroyed otherwise promising romances.

The only reason a woman would send you her nudes would be the conviction that you are attracted to her and appreciate her and make her feel better about herself once you see the photos.

If she has any reason to think you are not all that into her or that you might not take the gesture positively, she will not feel the inclination to send you her naked photos.

3. Master Dirty Talk

To get nudes without directly asking for them, you have to be really good at dirty talk. Obviously, she might like it or reject it.

But if she warms up to it, the odds are that things can get so steamy she willingly sends you her raunchiest photos to keep the ball rolling.

Many guys forget that the process of how to get nudes starts long before this actually happens.

4. Prove Yourself Trustworthy

If you have proved yourself untrustworthy with something intimate about her in the past, then there are very slim chances she will want you to have her nudes.

Before she can send these raunchy photos to you, she has to ask herself if you can be trusted.

So, make sure you have earned her trust before you can even think of asking for her nudes.

5. Build A Relationship First

Before a woman can trust you with her nudes, you have to build a relationship first. She has to trust you to let you get your hands on something so intimate about her.

So, don't expect her to send photos after just talking to her for a couple of days.

6. Make Her Feel Attractive

This is pretty simple because all you have to do is give her genuine compliments about her body. She will have fewer inhibitions about letting you see more of it if she feels that you already like it.

She has to believe you want her, so she does not feel like she's being desperate by sending you such photos.

You can do this by posting comments about her social media pics. Once she feels confident you find her really hot, she might demonstrate how "thankful" she is for the compliment by sending a naughtier picture of her.

7. Make Sure She's Comfortable With You

However tight you are with the girl, she has to feel really comfortable with you at the time to send her your naked photos. Timing is therefore very important.

She has to feel good about herself and confident about her looks to dare to send you these photos. So, it's best not to try to get nudes from her when you can clearly tell she is feeling insecure about herself.

That would make it incredibly difficult for her and therefore a lot less likely she would send these photos to you.

You also need to know she is in a comfortable place before she can send you these photos. Obviously, you can't expect her to send photos while chatting with you in the middle of her family reunion.

But if she is in her bed alone, then your odds of her sending you her photos are a lot more promising.

8. Not All Women Will Agree

You have to brace yourself for the fact that the woman might not want to hear anything about nudes. In fact, some women don't have a single nude photo to send, and coaxing them into taking one to send to you might not work either.

If you find out she is that kind of woman, then don't expect her to send any nudes.

So even if you know everything on how to get nudes, know that not all women will play along.

9. Avoid Vulgarities If You Want Her Naked Pictures

Don't underestimate the courage it takes for someone to send you a photo of themselves naked. Some even find it hard to look at a naked photo of themselves, let alone allowing another human being to feast their eyes on it.

This person is going to a lot of lengths to let you see their bodies, which is why you should not objectify them.

If you use vulgar language, she will most likely not even think of sending you her photo. You have to treat her with respect if you want any hope of seeing her nudes.

10. Notice The Hints

Since you can't ask for the nudes directly, you have to notice the hints that she might be open to sending them to you.

For instance, if she tells you she has been shopping for new underwear or is getting undressed to jump into the shower or slip under the covers, then that should be a pretty obvious clue she might be ready for some really naughty sexting.

12. Don't Be A Jerk If You Want Her Naked Pictures

If you think using crude language is part of how to get nudes, then you are wrong.

Many guys are denied a chance to get nudes because they turn out to be assholes. That begins with pretending to be her best friend out of nowhere, which, frankly, can be a little creepy.

When that is followed by an attempt to get the nudes, you end up looking manipulative. She might even think you consider her cheap, which is why you would ask for her intimate photos under lame pretenses.

13. Get Her Turned On

Obviously, there are conversations that make it ideal for her to send her nudes. But if you are sure she is turned on and feeling sexy and naughty, then the likelihood of her sending you these photos will be much greater.

A girl will more easily send you her nudes when she feels that it will make the romantic texting you are sharing more intense than it already is.

So, if she gets the idea that letting you have these photos will make her feel naughtier, she will be more likely to do it, and that's what you should aim for.

14. It's Easier If You've Been Intimate

If you are wondering how to get nudes more easily, having some intimacy with the girl can help.

Don't expect a girl to so easily send you her nudes after a first date. While it's possible, it's still a pretty long shot.

But if you have been intimate already, this will seem a lot more natural, and she will be less likely to resist. So, if you know you have not been intimate with the girl, don't be too hopeful about getting her naked photos.

15. Don't Do It While High

It can be tempting to ask the girl for nudes while a little inebriated because you feel more confident about yourself. But that can be a huge mistake and it can easily backfire on you.

Chances are that you will end up doing or saying things you will regret.

So, as you do this, make sure you are in control of all your faculties. Otherwise, things can go bad pretty fast and destroy your chances of a relationship for good.

Being serious and sober is a big part of how to get nudes from the girl.

16. Appreciate Her If You Want To Get Her Naked Pictures

If by a stroke of luck she agrees to send you her nudes, appreciate the gesture. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but to her, it is.

She has trusted you with a picture of her naked body, and if you act like it doesn't count for much afterward, you will destroy the trust you share and you might never see a nude photo of her again.

So, be smart and appreciate the lady.

And there you have it: if you have been scratching your head wondering how to get nudes from her, then you know you are not the only one. But getting this naughty gesture from your girl is not easy, and you have to make sure you follow the above guidelines to avoid messing up more than your chances of having naked photos of your lady on your phone.