How To Get Laid Easily And Regularly

How To Get Laid Easily And Regularly

We all have needs, which is why part of growing up is knowing how to get laid. It does not matter if you are a guy or a lady, having a few skills to help you get physical intimacy when the mood strikes is very important.

These days, women can express their sexuality more openly, and they don't have to sit and wait around for a guy to approach them.

So, learning how to get laid is something everyone should be concerned about.


How To Get Laid Easily

1. Try Online Dating

If you think online dating is not for you and would rather focus on "real dating" then that might be one of the reasons you are not getting as much action as you would like.

Online dating has fully evolved.

Today, it is one of the most common ways people meet dates and even their future partners. They even have sites focused on people who don't usually win in the traditional dating scenes, such as less endowed guys.


Also, the hookup culture that makes getting sexual partners with little effort is mainly online-based.

So, the dry spell you are facing might be solved by a willingness to give online dating a try. Tinder is one of the most common places to find casual dates, and get laid.

To get partners online, make sure you have high-quality photos, write a good bio, and make sure your texting game is up to the mark.


2. Focus On Your Strengths

When you meet potential partners, make sure they know something amazing about you so you stand out from your competition. So, what do you have that's so impressive for the potential dates you desire?

For instance, you might have an untamed spirit of adventure, insane cooking skills, or amazing bedroom skills. Whatever it is, when your desire is getting laid more regularly, you have to use it to reel them in more easily.


3. Avoid The Friend Zone If You Want To Get Laid

Many people today lament being put in the friend zone. But the reality is that they put themselves there.

When you start texting your potential date, don't insist so much on being a "friend" to seem less obvious about your intentions. While that can get you a fun and reliable texting buddy, it will also get you in the friend zone faster than you can imagine.


By being friends, you will start losing respect for each other, and eventually, the sexual attraction will be gone, if at all it existed.

All that time will turn into waste. So, even though you might not tell your potential date that your ultimate goal is to get laid, don't make it seem like all you want is friendship either.

The journey from being "just friends" to being lovers is almost impossible once you get into the dreaded "friend zone."


4. Work On Your Looks

If you don't know how to look your best, then you probably don't know how to get laid.

Good looks are very sexually attractive, and they play quite a role in the dating game. As a guy, you have to dress better to attract women.

Having the right kind of dressing will make you more valuable in the dating market. For a guy, it is important that you have looks that depict status or financial stability.


The good news is that if all you want is to get laid, looking the part is all it takes. You don't actually have to be a famous or loaded person to attract women.

For women, good looks also matter a huge deal. That includes making the right fashion choices and taking care of your face and physique.

If you know any tricks to make yourself more attractive, then use them because you will really need them to succeed in the dating game.


5. Improve Your Social Life, And You Will Get Laid More Often

If you were to look keenly, you would realize that people who had sex more regularly had larger social circles.

You can meet a lot of potential partners through your friends. Since these people know your friends and like them, chances are that they will be easy targets for you because they will also imagine you are a good person.


Besides, if obsessing over your love life is the problem, having enough friends will ensure you have other things to think about.

6. Find A Friend With Benefits

We live in an era where casual sex is a little more normal than was previously the case. So, if you can find a few friends with benefits, you can be assured of regular sex without having to get into serious and emotionally demanding relationships.


Of course, don't get into this kind of arrangement if you cannot handle it. When you are friends with benefits, you have no exclusive claim to the person, and they might have other friends offering the same benefits you enjoy.

Not everyone can deal with that.

How To Get Laid (For The Guys)

1. Take Her Out

Many ladies like to be wined and dined and also taken out on adventures. These are the kind of experiences that make them more likely to make out with you.


So, if you can afford it, get your potential lover out for a romantic date or adventure, and chances are that she will let you enjoy intimate times together.

2. Stop With The Hit And Quit Game

Many guys think by hitting and quitting, they can get laid more often. But the opposite is true.

Understand that girls rarely consider sex an end goal. So, if you make it yours, many of them will be beyond your reach.


But if you keep the girl around and meet her other needs, then chances are that getting laid will happen more frequently than you can imagine.

3. Improve Your Bedroom Skills To Get Laid More Regularly

Girls have been known to come for an encore if the guy had good skills between the sheets. And this is something you should learn from them to better your love life.


If the girls you have been with can find complete satisfaction in your abilities, chances are that they will keep coming back, ensuring that you do not suffer prolonged dry spells.

So, if you are dating women casually, and have no regular partner, improve your bedroom skills and you will find it easier to have them come back for more.

If you give girls bad sex and disappoint them, chances are that they will not want to be with you anymore. Girls really appreciate good sex, more than most guys understand.


So, poor bedroom skills could be the one thing that makes the girl forget about you and find another man to satisfy her needs.

4. Have Good Dates, And You Will Have Known How To Get Laid More Easily

Many women go out on a date with you knowing that the possibility of sex exists. However, they can change their minds as soon as the date goes south.


To keep this from happening, get the first date right. The first impression really matters. You can always talk your way out of subsequent disappointments, but not a lousy first date.

In general, to have a great first date that is likely to lead to sexual intimacy, you should be confident, cool, and a good listener. Let her do most of the talking and enjoy herself.

In addition, you should learn to ask the questions that make her more interested in you.


Also, master the art of asking her to come back with you to your place. And while at it, be sure to choose the place to have your date carefully.

For instance, if you have the date at a bar where there are other couples showcasing their sexuality openly, it will be much easier for her to respond positively to your advances.

5. Find A Job That Allows You To Meet Lots Of Women

If you have the option to be a bartender, a club promoter, or any other job that involves interactions with lots of women trying to have some fun, then your odds of getting laid will be a lot better.


People in these careers are always surrounded by women and interacting with them. That considerably increases their chances of getting laid when they feel like it.

Such jobs put you in a position to do favors for many of these women, and needless to say, that puts you in a position to get sexual favors from them in return.

How To Get Laid (For The Ladies)

1. Send Nudes

Sending nudes has become very common, and many people in intimate relationships use this technique to get their partners interested in sex. This is an especially good trick for the ladies who want to get a guy interested in them sexually.


However, there is a trick to sending a guy your nudes without appearing cheap and crass. Ideally, do it with guys who care about you or are already in a relationship with you.

In a loving relationship, sending nudes can really kick up the romance and get you laid more often.

2. Like What He Likes

Guys rarely find ladies who are interested in things they are crazy about, be it be video games, sports, and other interests.


So, if you can prove to a guy that he can be whoever he is around you, chances are that he will be more open to your advances. Heck, he will probably make a move long before you do.

3. Invite Him Over For Some Dinner/Movie

When you invite a guy over, the chances that he will say no are pretty slim. Unlike girls, men are not that scared of going over to a girl's house and having a good time there.


More importantly, when you invite him over and he accepts, then it's more than likely he will be pretty open to the idea of having a roll in the hay at the end of the day.

4. Learn How To Get Laid By Giving Him A Sexy Look

There is a look you can learn to give guys you are interested in and have them show more romantic interest in you. All you have to do is learn how to look at him seductively and drive him crazy for you.


You obviously have other tricks up your sleeve, but I hope now you know a few more than you did.

The point is, dry spells can be both embarrassing and humiliating. But luckily for you, there's something you can do about it.

With these tips on how to get laid, you should not have a problem having a fulfilling sex life. And I can assure you that it's easier than you think if you are bold enough to do what's required.