How To Get Any Guy You Want To Like You

How To Get Any Guy You Want To Like You

Men are easy to deal with if you know what makes them tick. Instead of analyzing their nature, let's see what you can do to get any guy you like!

Most advice young women get is pure BS. "Dress up" or "flirt" is too obvious and vague. Besides, men might be visual, but there are certain traits they like more than anything.

And before you get all like "Oh, that won't work," and "Not all men are the same," try out some of these techniques.

Say My Name, Say My Name

how to get any guy you want to like you

What a silly, yet powerful tool to use on a guy you like!

Call him by his first name or give him a personalized nickname. There's science-backed evidence that proves that hearing your own name has a unique effect on brain activation.


Additionally, it will boost his ego, and he'll feel better around you. Just like you like to feel comfortable with someone, so do men.

You be You, But Let Him talk

how to get any guy you want to like you

Another thing we keep forgetting is to communicate properly.

To get to know a guy you like, you should always be yourself. But, if you're a big talker, you have to tone it down.

Instead, ask him about his hopes, dreams, childhood, parents. Literally, any topic will do. Get to know the real him, and perhaps you will find that you home a common ground to genuinely build your future.

When a guy talks about something he's really into, he'll get excited and subconsciously correlate the good vibes with you.

Be Playful With The Guy You Like

how to get any guy you want to like you

Tease him, but don't go overboard, like start insulting him.

Check out his clothes and notice those small, everyday changes and gestures and mirror them while playing it innocently.

You can try flirting, but not all guys are into it. However, they do need a good laugh or to be appreciated for trying. Do whatever you would expect from someone who's seducing you.

But, since you're a woman, you can do a much better job attracting a man than the other way around.

Live Your Best Life

how to get any guy you want to like you

Your guy doesn't need someone to follow him around 24/7 because you're not his puppy.

Instead, you do you and have your circle of friends and make something out of each day to make you feel great. And tell him about your day, or at least some bits and pieces.

Keep your friends close, have fun because you're not desperate and he should feel honored that you're into him.

Let Him Be A Hero, Once In A while

how to get any guy you want to like you

It's in their nature to protect us, ladies. So, what's wrong with asking for a favor or two?

It's their primal need to be the ones who will help you, do "manly" things for you. So, put your feminism aside, at least once, and be a helpless little lady.

Again, play on his ego, and use the power of femininity to get what you initially want. Yes, it's manipulative, but you're not doing anything rather than trying to get a guy you like to like you back.


Let him be your hero. It sounds so simple, but it works! Don't be clingy or clumsy. Instead, admit that you can't do it all by yourself.

Show Him Your Passions

how to get any guy you want to like you

Finally, let him into your world. You'll light up and create a certain aura that is addictive and highly attractive.

Yes, he should "save" you from time to time, but what makes each woman unique are her passions, goals, and everything she has achieved so far.

Don't be afraid to shine, but at the same time, don't fall into the trap of playing a role. You are good enough the way you are, and the fact that you're working to improve yourself and practicing self-love should make any guy feel blessed to have you in their life.

Now that you have his attention, you should let nature take its course. But, make sure that you always smell nice, and don't let your inner drama queen make him run after the hills.

Things might not work out for a number of reasons, and our goal was to have him in your life. What will happen next depends on you and him as well.