How To Get A Thigh Gap: Diet, Workout And Mindset Tips

How To Get A Thigh Gap: Diet, Workout And Mindset Tips

Ever wondered how to get a thigh gap after scrolling through your Insta feed? Today we are talking about that much-desired space between your legs: from inner thigh workout routine to diet suggestions and mindset tips.

How To Get A Thigh Gap: Get Real

First things first: we all have different body types. This means that not everyone is physically capable of getting a visible thigh gap no matter how hard they try.

Even if you are extremely slim and fit, your legs might not necessarily open the way you would like them to. And that's absolutely normal!

It's true that most of us would like to look like models, but is it the right thing to want?

Before you start getting tips on how to get a thigh gap, ask yourself: why do you need it in the first place?

Are your expectations towards body image in general and your own look in particular realistic?

We often chase an idea of how our bodies are supposed to look without taking a sober look at those goals. In simple words: if you still believe that models look the same in real life as they do in pictures — don't.

Heavy photo editing is our true enemy. To conquer it, keep reminding yourself that no one is perfect and at the same time everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Take a good look at yourself: there is so much to admire and like. Having a thigh gap might make you feel better. But it won't make you any more good-looking because you are already gorgeous.

With that said, there are still a few things you can do to add some extra tone to your upper leg muscles and the inner thighs. Let's talk about taking a smart approach to both dieting and inner thigh workout routines.

Find Balance

The first rule of getting fit is to find a balance between eating healthy and exercising. No suggestions on how to get a thigh gap are going to work if you disregard one or the other.

If you are just at the beginning of your fitness journey, remember to take baby steps. Your body needs to be gently brought into the new lifestyle. I'll say it again: gently.

Don't overdo it by pushing yourself to the absolute limit during the workout or starve yourself by extreme dieting. Your goal is to become both fit and healthy and this calls for staying cautious and smart.

As you search for the right exercise routine, don't just focus on inner thigh workout. Make sure you take turns working on every part of your body and give yourself appropriate amounts of rest every now and then.

The same goes for creating healthy eating habits. Try counting calories to set realistic goals and stay within the required limits. You can use any fitness app to calculate the suggested calorie goal and provide you with tips on how to maintain it.

At this point, we know that it's important to focus on both eating right and staying active. Next let's get into more details on what exactly to eat and what workouts to consider in order to get a thigh gap.

How To Get A Thigh Gap: The Food

I am sorry, but the thigh gap does not go along with any sort of trans-fats or sugars. This means goodbye junk food and hello vegetables.

Your goal is to make every calorie matter and consider the nutritional value at the same time. Sure, eating a chocolate bar is going to make you feel full, but there is very little in it for your body.

At first, it will be difficult to maintain a healthy diet because you will most likely feel hungry all the time. I've got good news for you: there are snacks that are both rich in nutritional value and will help you get the right elements for getting a thigh gap.

Superfoods To The Rescue

Most of these fall into the category of superfoods. The name did not appear from anywhere: these food items are the real superheroes of the edible world.

You can snack on unsalted nuts and seeds, blueberries and dates, or spread some avocado over whole wheat bread for a yummy and nutrient-packed meal. Just remember to keep counting calories and not overeat.

It will also get you extra energy for your inner thigh work out to consume enough fiber, which can be found in green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and organic fruit.

Fiber takes longer to consume and leaves you feeling full for quite a while. Plus, most foods rich in fiber will make your skin glow flawlessly.

Maintaining a healthy diet is going to go far beyond getting a thigh gap: you will have a higher energy level, increased work productivity, elevated sex drive, and many other pleasant benefits.

Just focus on staying mindful of what you eat and stock up on healthy snacks for moments of unexpected hunger. My personal favorite guilt-free movie night munchies are spicy roasted chickpeas.

Give yourself a couple of weeks to get used to the new eating style before jumping into exercising. Remember that we want to be as gentle as possible towards ourselves for the best physical and mental results.

How To Get A Thigh Gap: Inner Thigh Workout

We have already established that it is important to equally work out all parts of your body to make sure everything is strong and balanced.

But since today we are talking about how to get a thigh gap, we will focus on just the inner thigh workout exercises that you will want to implement in your routine.

The first and probably most effective inner thigh workout activity is the Pilates leg lift. Lay on your side, support the upper body by leaning your head on the elbow. Start lifting one leg at approximately a 45-degree angle without settling it on the ground.

Start small and complete fifteen or twenty lifts for each leg during the first workout. As you progress, keep increasing the number and consider using a resistance band to increase the effect.

Your next task is to develop an all-body stretching routine with a special focus on one inner thigh section. Stretching allows our muscles to settle in the right places and be more protected from damages of all kinds.

Try some hatha yoga positions, such as malasana or a lizard pose. Remember to go easy on yourself and work your way towards looking like a professional yogi.

Or go minimal with simple butterfly stretches. To do this exercise sit on the floor with your back straight and connect the inner sides of your feet. Slowly move your knees up and down, aiming towards the ground — kind of like butterfly wings. Avoid painful sensations.

Inner Thigh Workout Tips

The major tip on how to get a thigh gap workout routine is to stay away from exercises that bulk up your muscles. Squats, for example, will give you a killer butt but will prevent you from seeing light between your thighs.

The same goes for lunges, bum kicks, and calf lifts: they'll make you both stronger and bigger. Your goal is to look for inner thigh workout exercises that make you more flexible and lean.

Cardio is another super tool on our journey towards getting a thigh gap. Making your heart work harder is going to make it stronger, help burn fat, increase lung capacity and so much more.

Just as with any other workout, make sure to reel into the full-on routine. For example, if your cardio choice is running, start with fast walking and gradually increase speed and distance each day. We are being smart about it, remember?

Consult with a trainer in your local gym and ask them how to get a thigh gap through exercise. Getting professional assistance will allow you to complete the exercises correctly. As well as make sure that you are not causing harm to your body.

We've covered most of the basics of how to get a thigh gap, it is time to move on to some less common and not-so-obvious tips.

Thigh Gap Secret Weapon

If you've never tried an anti-cellulite cream: give it a whirl. It works on two levels that include the chemical reaction of ingredients and the physical effort that you involve in the application.

In fact, the massaging motion that you need to implement to apply cream can usually cause more effect than the cream itself. This is due to the fact that fat cells can loosen in the structure under physical pressure and dissolve more easily.

Don't feel comfortable whisking your own thighs? Book a massage session with a licensed professional.

This will both give you a feeling of extra-toned skin and relax you slightly during this ongoing battle with figuring out how to get a thigh gap.

You can also get a little crafty and take advantage of various shapewear items. Some of them will conceal your belly as well as your thighs. And others are designed to restrain inner thighs specifically.

This is an ideal solution for photoshoots and events. Or basically any time you need to look extra stunning in your body-con dress. Shapewear is also great for boosting your confidence and improving posture.

Just make sure to use it moderately: frequent usage of tight shapewear sends your own muscles on vacation by telling them, "I've got this". And we definitely don't want that.

Remember that these are the additional tips that do not substitute for healthy eating and working out. A healthy diet and inner thigh workout exercises are the foundation of attractive and toned upper leg muscles.

Just before we wrap up, let me give you a sneaky bonus tip on how to get a thigh gap at least on the pictures.

Bonus Tip

Sometimes we don't actually need to have a gap between the thighs, but we would like to look like we do. There is a creative little solution for this.

Stand straight, place your feet slightly apart and stick your butt out back just a little. This will create a small space between your thighs that you can play with by adjusting your posture.

You can increase the effect by leaning forward with your upper body or spreading your legs more. Get on your toes and place one leg ahead of the other. This will make your lower body look longer and slimmer and the thigh gap more noticeable.

That way you can take a perfect picture without changing your lifestyle too much. Sometimes that little self-confidence boost is all you really need.

With that said, keep in mind that even if getting a thigh gap is not your ultimate goal, it is important to strive for an overall healthy lifestyle and stay active. Shape and size don't matter as long as you are healthy.

How To Get A Thigh Gap: The Answer

Let's sum up all the things you need to consider in how to get a thigh gap: balanced diet, gentle inner thigh workout routine combined with cardio, cream, massage, and shapewear.

You can always trick the eye of the camera by adjusting the way you stand. Or go all the way and train every day to achieve the desired look.

Just remember to keep your sanity and don't set unrealistic expectations for your body. Maybe you don't need a thigh gap. You just need to learn to love yourself.