How To Get A Guy To Kiss You: 20 Great Ideas

If you're seeking to understand how to get a guy to kiss you, you're not alone. This blog post will provide you with 20 effective techniques that have repeatedly been proven to attract a man's interest!


1. Get Physical With Him

Simple physical gestures can greatly impact how a man views you.

During conversation, tap his shoulder or leg when making a point, or if sitting close, touch his arm or hand lightly while laughing.

These small touches signal that you desire physical proximity and are attracted to him. This will make him more aware of his own desire to be near you and to kiss you.

2. Use Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is a highly effective technique in obtaining a kiss from a guy.

When he is speaking, maintain eye contact until he breaks it. If he is looking at you, hold his gaze. Keep your eyes soft to avoid appearing too intense or confrontational.

By gazing into his eyes and engaging in meaningful conversation, you can establish a strong connection that can culminate in an unforgettable first kiss.

3. Use Engaged Body Language

Displaying interest through engaged body language is another way to indicate that you want a kiss from a guy.

Sit upright, lean towards him when he is speaking, uncross your arms and legs, and keep your hands open and gesturing.

These minor adjustments in your posture will communicate your interest in him and your desire to get closer. He will be more likely to be drawn to you and lean in for a kiss.

4. Create The Perfect First Kiss Environment

To ensure the perfect first kiss, choose an environment where you feel at ease and relaxed.

To eliminate distractions and awkwardness, eliminate the presence of others. If you suspect that the guy might feel intimidated by your loud and energetic friend group, kindly ask everyone to leave so that the two of you can have quality time together.

A date will provide ample opportunity for the two of you to be alone and focus on kissing without any distractions. This option is even better.

5. Wear A Flirty Lipstick Or Lip Gloss

Enhance your "kiss me" appeal by wearing lipstick or lip gloss, or using lip plumper.

Display your interest in kissing by wearing a bold shade of lipstick or dark lip color. Accompany it with a confident smile to show that you are receptive to his advances and ready to be kissed.

6. Pay Attention To His Lips

Pay attention to his lips while you are talking to him.

Observe if he is licking or nibbling on his bottom lip. This is a positive indication of his attraction to you and desire to kiss you. In response, you can act more flirtatiously and suggestively.

Most guys will perceive this as a signal of your readiness to be kissed and will lean in for the kiss.

7. Stick Around Afterward So The Guy Kiss You

If you are in a public space or surrounded by a group of people, wait for them to leave before making a move.

Once everyone is gone, stay put and let the sexual tension escalate until he finally kisses you. Do not suddenly leave as this may give the impression that you are not interested. Instead, sit close to him and let the moment unfold.

8. Tease Him

If he is physically attracted to you, teasing him lightly can serve as a signal for him to make the first move.

To flirt with him, you can touch his arm, poke him playfully in the chest, or make brief physical contact with your hand. Be playful and tease him a bit, but avoid being too forward with your advances.

He'll enjoy getting a glimpse of what's to come, which will make him even more eager to initiate a kiss.

9. Start By Giving Him A Hug

Hugging is an effective way to highlight your body and indicate your desire to be close to him. Limit the number of hugs to one or two during each encounter.

If he seems open to it while you're hugging, he may lean in gradually for a kiss. Holding each other in an embrace for a longer time can also help build chemistry between you two.

If you're feeling bold, take the initiative and start the hug yourself. This will show him that you're eager to get close and ready for a kiss.

10. Give Him A Kiss On The Cheek

The next step is to give him a gentle peck on the cheek. If he's interested, he'll want to reciprocate.

Don't worry if he doesn't respond with a kiss right away. Give him some time to get used to the idea. He may need to process the significance of the kiss on the cheek before he feels comfortable taking things further.

11. Make Sure You Don't Have Bad Breath

Before kissing someone, make sure your breath is fresh and clean. Bad breath should not be the reason he doesn't want to kiss you!

You can brush your teeth right before a date or when you anticipate there will be kissing involved, such as during a romantic getaway. Investing in gum or mints to keep in your purse is also a good idea so you have a quick fix on hand.

12. Be Careful Not To Make Him Think You're Too Desperate

Being overly aggressive may give the impression that you are overly eager for a kiss, which may make the man feel pressured.

To convey a sense of ease and self-assurance, it is important to exhibit a relaxed and confident demeanor when you are with him. This conveys to him that your affection for him and desire for a kiss do not define the relationship and do not dictate its success.

By showing that you are not desperate, he will feel more at ease and may be more likely to initiate a kiss.

13. Be Playful

If you are concerned about how to get a man to kiss you, it may be helpful to adopt a more playful, open, and spontaneous approach, rather than getting overly serious about the situation.

14. Touch Yourself Gently On The Lips Or Cheek

Observing the man gazing at your lips may be an indicator that he is considering kissing you.

To signal your interest in a kiss, try touching your lips or cheek softly, which communicates that you are thinking about kissing and are open to making it happen.

15. Give Him Some Personal Space

To create a comfortable atmosphere for a kiss, it is important to respect the man's personal space and not crowd him or be overly clingy.

By maintaining his personal boundaries, he will feel more relaxed and be more likely to initiate a kiss.

16. Smile At Him

Smiling while in the presence of a guy can communicate your happiness and enjoyment of his company.

This positive expression can also positively impact his mood and increase the likelihood of him wanting to initiate a kiss later.

17. Ask Him Out On A First Date

An alternative method of signaling to the guy that you'd like a kiss is to invite him on a date. This implies your desire for a kiss as it showcases your clear interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with him.

When the evening draws to a close, physical contact may be initiated by him, providing a perfect opportunity for him to make his first move.

18. Help Him Out If He's Shy

If the guy appears shy and unsure about how to kiss a girl, you can offer assistance by making the situation more manageable for him.

You can alleviate the pressure for him by sharing your own nervousness. Alternatively, suggest an activity that doesn't have a heavy conversational focus, such as going to the movies.

19. Find The Right Moment

The timing is crucial in getting a guy to kiss you. If the moment isn't right, he may not feel comfortable kissing you.

Look for an ideal moment when you are both alone and free from distractions or interruptions, creating a more intimate setting that will encourage him to kiss you.

20. Let Him Know That You Wanna Kiss Him

To prompt a kiss from a guy, let him know of your desire. This can range from making eye contact and subtly licking your lips to directly telling him that you want him to kiss you.

Many men are attracted to women who are straightforward about what they want, so this may be the extra encouragement he needs to finally kiss you.