How To Get A Girl To Like You In 10 Simple Ways

How To Get A Girl To Like You In 10 Simple Ways

I sincerely hope you are not one of those guys who doesn't have the slightest idea of how to get a girl to like you. To those who know a thing or two about getting positive responses from the ladies, there is nothing easier than getting a woman to give you attention.

Being a chick magnet has everything to do with figuring out how a woman's mind works.

Making a woman interested in you is not as hard as you might think, although it's not the most straightforward thing either. For one, all girls are different, and what works for one girl will not necessarily work for the next.

Also, you have to get rid of common misconceptions about girls. For instance, we often hear that diamonds are a girl's best friends and that they love flowers and chocolate.

While that's true, buying a woman these things will not automatically make you her center of interest. And if she is, then you will probably be worse off with her because you might have jumped into bed with a materialistic woman who will take you for everything you've got.

Ladies like a man for who he is, and the expensive gifts only hold meaning if you mean something to her.

You can't buy love, and many guys have gone wrong thinking their money is all they need to make women interested in them.

The Secret

The truth is that every woman wants to see something in a guy before she can show interest. Once you figure this out and become that guy, then you will have no problem making the lady interested in you.

You can bend over backward trying to impress her, but if you don't have what she would expect in a guy, then you will be wasting your precious time.

The first thing a girl considers before liking you is your personality. Yes, your appearance matters, but that only gets her curious.

It's your personality that tells her whether you are worth her time or not.

You can be the smoothest talker or amazing at flirting, but if your personality stinks, don't expect to get very far with the girl.

How To Create A Personality That Makes A Girl Interested

Broadly, this means you have to work on making yourself a better person. That is the only way you can improve your personality.

In short, you have to become the best man you can be, and no lady will resist that. Having a glowing personality is how many guys get so many ladies interested in them without having to try so hard.

The Winning Personality Traits That Make A Girl Interested

Your personality matters regardless of whether you are dealing with a single girl or several. Luckily, you don't need to have all the personality traits ladies look for in a guy to win at this.

Having just a few of these can really improve your odds of being the guy most women would like to associate with.

1. Have Self-Respect

Girls are hard-wired to form relationships with guys they respect. And guess what, nobody can respect you if you don't respect yourself.

Believing yourself to be a great guy is not enough. You have to truly respect yourself and see yourself as an important person who can add value to another person's life.

This does not mean you should be arrogant either.

It means when someone does not show any interest in keeping you in their lives, you don't act desperate and try to be part of it. Similarly, if a friend is planning something and they leave you out of it, you don't tag along because you are lonely and can't think of anything better to do.

In other words, you get rid of people who have no respect for you from your life.

Know that anyone who doesn't respect you will make you look like you don't respect yourself. So, how will she respect you if you don't respect yourself and nobody else does?

2. Work On Your Conversation Skills

How good of a conversationalist are you? Just because you can tell interesting stories and make people laugh, it does not mean you are a great conversationalist.

Ladies like guys they can have good conversations with.

That means you should be a good listener and should have the sense to drop a topic of discussion as soon as you realize it's leading nowhere.

You will know you are a good conversationalist when the girl seems so excited to talk to you. That means you know how to say the right things and can keep a conversation moving forward.

Yes, you are passionate about your favorite sports club, and yes, women love guys with a passion.

But if you keep revisiting the topic despite the woman showing no interest in the sport, then you are coming off as a bad conversation and cooking your own goose.

Instead, you can talk about things you are both interested in. Ideally, since the idea is to show the girl you know how to talk to girls, you can focus on things she is interested in.

Therefore, you have to be updated on many affairs and interested in a broad range of topics to keep a lady interested in what you are saying.

If you can't keep an interesting conversation with a girl going, then you have a long way to go before you can know how to make a woman like you.

3. Even When Things Go Wrong, Don't Freak Out

There are lots of guys who go crazy with panic as soon as something goes wrong. Don't be that guy or you will have girls running from you.

If you are late or in some kind of trouble, don't lose your mind and go crazy.

That includes not feeling nervous by fidgeting and looking unsettled. The same goes for when you run out of things to talk about on a date.

Under all these scenarios, remain calm and composed. Panicking helps nothing, even if things are not going as intended.

And trust me, no woman wants a guy who makes the situation worse by overreacting. The guy girls prefer stays calm even when things are not going as intended.

4. Don't Smother Her

You have to give her space if you want her to stop seeing you as a bother. She needs time to miss you and see that she actually likes your company.

Respecting another person's space is very important since we all need a chance to express our individuality.

5. Don't Be A Pushover

This is a classic alpha male trait, and it gets a woman's attraction very easily. As you interact with your friends, don't let them take you for a ride.

If you have friends who respect you and seem to appreciate your company, your value will be much higher in the eyes of the girls you are trying to impress. Every girl wants to associate with a winner and having the respect of your friends and those close to you proves beyond doubt that you are one.

So, if you have always made yourself the clown in your group, that needs to change. Such behaviors make you look desperate, like you are trying to win approval.

You should become more collected and calm, and that will get you the respect of your friends and that will draw attention from the women as well.

6. Be Happy And Positive, And That Will Get The Girl Interested

If you want ladies to like you, learn to be happy. Happiness is not something you can hide or fake.

Few things are as infectious as joy. So, when you are happy, people will be drawn to you because we all want to be happy in our lives on some level.

As the saying goes, "smile, and the world smiles with you; cry and you cry alone."

So, when you are a happy person, you will attract a lot of ladies because they also want to be happy and associate with happy guys.

Just consider how happy guys who are always drawing girls usually are. They do it with their smiles and happy and vibrant attitudes.

Having a happy personality gives girls hope that you will bring that same joy to their lives. Who can resist that?

7. Give Her Clues You Are Interested

If the woman knows you are interested in her, she will be more likely to respond to you. But you have to make your intentions known, either directly or indirectly.

That will show her you can be more than a friend, and she will give you special attention as a result. It's really hard to get yourself out of the friend zone and become someone she can date.

So, express your intentions early on, but not too early that she freaks out and thinks you are strange.

8. Don't Get Nervous If Want To Keep The Girl Interested

Think about it for a minute. When you are sitting alone and with nothing to do, what do you usually do?

If you get unsettled, fidget, and keep turning nervously, chances are that you are putting off lots of girls who might otherwise have an interest in you.

So, even if you are alone in a public setting, learn to be calm and collected.

Looking nervous is a turn-off, and it is actually quite annoying. Girls stay away from guys who exhibit such personality flaws.

In other words, learn to be comfortable in your own skin, even if in your mind you wish there was someone you were chatting with.

9. Take Control

So, you have asked her out for a date and she has said yes. Good for you, congrats.

But you have not won yet. During the date, she can decide if you were a mistake or not based on how you behave.

To increase your chances of a second date, you have to take charge of the situation. That means you have to be courageous to help out and answer any questions she might have for you.

If you look clueless and confused, or even indecisive, she will feel vulnerable around you and that is not a feeling she will like.

Women love a man who can take control and make them feel safe and protected. At the end of the day, ladies want a guy who can take care of their needs.

A guy who cannot take charge when the situation calls for it cannot obviously do this. So, no girl will want anything to do with such a man.

However, don't be controlling either, that can be intimidating.

10. Have A Calm Voice

Some guys are annoying because of their voices. Having a whiny voice or sounding like you are complaining all the time will stop many girls from trying to get your attention on their tracks.

A man should have a calming voice, just like the heroes in the movies. Even when entire worlds are getting blown to hell, these guys maintain the calmness of their voices.

Similarly, your voice has to be pleasant under all circumstances, even when you get agitated. Having a whiny voice makes you look like a guy who cannot control his emotions, and that is not an attractive quality in a man.

Girls want a man they will love talking to and a man who will not easily lose his cool at the slightest provocation. A calm and pleasant voice also says you are more optimistic about life because you are willing to work towards making your life better.

Girls dig that. Being calm shows you are in control and can be trusted.

So, if you have been wondering how to get a girl to like you, understand that your personality has everything to do with it. Work on your personality and you will have girls fighting for a chance to be in your life.