How To Forget Someone In 10 Effective Ways

How To Forget Someone In 10 Effective Ways

I'm pretty confident you have met people you now wish to get out of your mind for good, which is why you are probably wondering if there is a formula on how to forget about someone.

The good news is that there are things you can do to forget about that lover who disappointed you, that friend who betrayed you, a toxic family member, or any other person who proved to have been a mistake in your life.


The bad news is that you cannot forget someone in a day. Yep, it's not that easy getting someone out of your head. Although we are talking about how to forget about someone, understand that this process requires a little time.

But with a little bit of effort, this process can be much shorter.

1. Find Closure If You Want To Forget Them

You will never forget someone and move on if you never get past the issue that makes them a haunting relic from the past.


If you have issues between you and this person you have not yet addressed, you need to get that out of the way first.

Normally, that feels like the complete opposite of what your instincts are telling you. When we want to forget about someone, we usually avoid anything to do with them.

This is where we go wrong because, in the process, we usually avoid the very things that would have given us closure and allowed us to forget about the person and the bad memories they left us with.


The reason you cannot forget someone is usually that there are some unfinished business getting in the way.

So, once you find closure, forgetting about the person and letting go of the unwanted hold they have over you will be the most natural thing.

2. Get Rid Of The Reminders

If you can't seem to get rid of the person out of your mind, the reminders you have lying around might be the reason.


So, stop and take a look around your house. Do you see any gifts or reminders the person left behind? Removing such reminders is part of how to forget about someone who seems stuck on your mind.

Also consider how much these things remind you of the person.

You can take these things and get rid of them. You can even donate them to charity or throw them in the bin.

This process is beneficial because as you get rid of the things you associate with the person, you will be telling your subconscious that the person no longer matters. That will make it easier to forget the person.


3. Stay Away From The Places You Visited Together

If it was a friend or lover, you are trying to forget. Then the odds are that you visited some very special places with this person. Such places can keep the bad thoughts you now have about this person from flooding back.

It is a lot harder to forget the person under such circumstances. So, you should avoid the shops, restaurants, and other places that bring back strong memories of the person.


That's part of how to forget about someone more easily.

4. Talk To Someone, It Might Help Forget About Them

There's a reason psychologists are so popular: they help people say what's in their hearts and they guide them along the right paths.

But fortunately, you don't need a psychologist to get over someone and forget all about them. As long as you can get someone to talk to, you can get all the benefits of getting professional help.


Just make sure you talk to someone who sees things your way. Getting into an argument over a failed relationship won't make it easier for you to forget the person.

Also, make sure you get a person who helps you focus on the future rather than reminding you of the painful wounds you suffered.

While at it, remember to avoid people who might blame you for the failed relationship, as that will make it a lot harder to forget the person who messed up your life.


Those who know how to forget about someone understand the importance of talking about it with someone who cares.

5. Allow Yourself To Rest

Dealing with the loss of someone you cared for, even if they are the worst thing that happened to you, can take a lot out of a person.

All the effort it takes to accept that you are no longer together and that you don't want to waste any time on them can be draining.


That is why taking a much needed break can do you a lot of good.

So, if you are currently too overwhelmed even to do much about what you are going through, your best course of action is to take a rest.

Find a way to relax and let the emotions you feel settled. You can just hang in there until you are strong enough to handle what you are feeling.

And that's perfectly okay because there are times when situations demand more from us than we can offer. At these times, the best option is usually to take a break from everything and let things be.


Sure, it will feel terrible at first, but over time, the bad feelings will abate and you will be strong enough to do something to forget about the person.

6. Accept The Truth About The Relationship

If you think that you and this person had a future together on some level, the chances are that you will have trouble forgetting about them.


After realizing that's what's going on, then you should make an effort to accept the truth about your relationship.

For instance, if at some point you believed this person was your soulmate, you have to accept that they fell short.

More importantly, believe that your soulmate is still out there somewhere and that one day you will meet. You deserve the love of a selfless and kind person who makes your life better and nothing less.


Forgetting someone when you still have them on a pedestal is an impossible feat.

That means realizing that they were not as important to your life as you previously assumed will make forgetting them a lot easier.

Nobody's perfect, and what's yours will eventually find its way to you if you are patient and willing to let go of things that never worked out in the past.

Focus on the relationship shortfalls that made it not work out as you had expected. It's easier to understand and even appreciate why it never worked out once you accept the truth.


Even if you conclude that what you had was a good thing, know that sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can come together.

7. Give It Time, You Will Forget Them Eventually

Research tells us that it can take several weeks before you can feel better once a relationship ends. For marriages, this period can be as long as 18 months.


Psychologically, getting over someone and forgetting all about them is a grieving process, and that takes time.

You cannot decide that you will forget someone in a day or a week. Just because you want to get over the person does not mean it will happen instantly.

Time will be necessary to free your emotions and your mind of the toxic thoughts you have about this person.

Things that affect how long the healing process will take include the length of the relationship, the depth of the emotions you had for this person, and what you are doing to forget about the person.


Even though you can do a lot to forget about that person, understand that there are aspects of this process you cannot control. Only time can make them fade, but only if you do your part and take steps to forget the person.

8. Fight The Temptation To Go Back To Your Partner

After a breakup, you can feel lonely and unlovable, and that can make you pretty desperate. You might even consider going back to your ex with the hope that things will be a little different this time.


But as long as you entertain such thoughts, you will have a very difficult time forgetting the person.

Crawling back to this person should not be an option. You just have to try to get through it because getting back together will be an easy fix that will further prolong the pain and complicate your life.

Getting back together when the issue that tore you apart is still unresolved guarantees that you will break up once more, and you will be right where you started.


So, if deep in your heart you know you don't want anything to do with this person, stand your ground.

It might feel like the hardest thing ever in the meantime, but once the pain has passed away, you will be much healthier and happier with the decision you made. That person will be a closed chapter in your life and you will once again focus on the bright and promising future ahead of you.


9. Try Something New If You Want To Forget Them

Putting your focus on something completely new can be a great way to forget about your past life and some of the horrible characters that played a part in it.

You could go on a solo adventure or pour all your attention into a new project. Ideally, you should do something you love, and that will teach you to love your current life even though this person was no longer in it.


It is during these happy single times that we often find those who truly belong to us. You cannot be happy with your current life if you have no idea how to forget about someone you once cared about and find happiness despite their absence in your life.

We feel pain so that it teaches us to live better lives. Every painful experience has a lesson to teach us, and what you learn from bad relationships is how to get into better quality relationships in the future.


10. Forgive The Person

You will never master how to forget about someone unless you learn the importance of forgiveness.

Forgiveness may be difficult to give, especially when you feel that you deserve an apology. However, if you can bring yourself to forgive the person, the chances are that you will feel free and find the mental and emotional agility to move on with your life.


Know that forgiveness does not excuse the person's behavior, nor does it justify it. It heals you more than it helps the other person, and if you can forgive, you are strong enough to move on with your life and forget the people who caused you pain.

It's tricky forgetting someone who once meant so much to you. And moving on is not exactly a cakewalk. If you were asking how to forget about someone easily and effectively, then above are some of your options. This is how to forget about someone whose presence in your life turned out to be a mistake.