How To Flirt With A Guy With Minimal Risk Of Rejection Or Embarrassment

How To Flirt With A Guy With Minimal Risk Of Rejection Or Embarrassment

To some girls, flirting comes so naturally, it seems effortless, but other girls have no idea how to flirt with a guy or how to do it properly. Although the trick is not to obsess too much about it, there are other tips to make flirting with a guy much easier.

First of all, know that flirting is meant to be fun. If you get too serious, it can get mortifying and awkward.

You also have to learn to read the guy so you don't miss important signs they might display about what they feel about you.


How To Flirt With A Guy In Person

Flirting with a guy in person can get pretty intense, although this is also the most effective way to flirt. This can work on a guy you have just met and also someone you already know.

Here's how to flirt with a guy in person.

1. Smile

You might think being aloof will get you the attention you need from guys. Yes, playing hard to get will get you attention alright, but not the kind that sets the right tone for flirting or dating.


Most guys can't resist a smile from a woman who shows an interest in them. It disarms them and makes the woman seem many times more attractive.

When you make it look like you can laugh and smile easily, a guy will find you a lot more attractive and will be more open to flirting with you. So, smile and be excited as you hear his stories, and he will find it impossible to part from your presence.


2. Wear Red Clothes

If you plan on flirting as you go out, research shows that red is the best color to wear. It makes you look approachable, and red clothing will be quite flattering and will make you stand out.

Additionally, red is usually considered the sexiest color, and it excites men and makes you look like a powerful woman who knows what she wants.


3. Have Genuine Interest In Him

If you think being a flirtatious girl is all about saying the right things and showing him what you have, then you are wrong.

Showing genuine interest is also very important, which means you should be a good listener.

When you give the man undivided attention, he will be obsessed with you if at all he is interested. Besides, when you leave, he will be yearning for more and that is what good flirting is all about.


You should be careful not to make it look like you are interrogating him. Just show an interest in his life and his hobbies.

Comment when he pauses and listen keenly as he speaks. A good trick is to keep mentioning his name, as that will make him more interested in you.

4. Be Feminine

Guys like girls they can protect. So, if you can create the impression that the guy can protect you and take care of you, he will see you as more flirtatious.


However independent you are, putting that in the background and letting the guy feel masculine can be quite flirtatious.

Besides, if he jumps at the opportunity to be protective, it should be a pretty clear sign he likes you because guys protect those they love.

5. Compliment Him

Many women are unaware of how much guys love compliments. Women get complimented all the time, especially on their looks.


So, you might think getting a positive comment about yourself is not a big deal, but to a guy, it could change his day.

And to make sure you say something that has the right effect, give him a specific compliment, such as how nice he looks in that shirt.

Just be careful not to overdo it, or sound nervous and insincere.

6. Ask For Help

Guys love to feel needed, and if you are on good terms, odds are that he will jump at a chance to help you out. You don't actually have to need help, so you can always think of something.


That will make him feel like a hero and he will be more attracted to you.

7. Touch Him Playfully

If you have been flirting and having fun and things don't seem to be going anywhere, then some playful touching can get things back on course. You can touch him "accidentally", and that will make him more comfortable around you.


You can even touch his shoulder and clothes.

8. Learn How To Flirt With A Guy By Teasing Him

Guys can respond really well to the right amount of teasing. If you don't know how to tease, it's as easy as telling a small harmless joke at his expense.

As you know, having a sense of humor makes you seem more interesting, intelligent, and honest. All these factors will make a guy really interested in you.


However, don't make a joke that might offend him. If he looks peculiar in a certain way and you make a joke about it, it might come off as a personal attack, and that will kill the flirtatious vibe pretty fast.

9. Be Subtly Seductive

This has nothing to do with bringing your "A-game" if at all you have one. It's all about being fun and sending little cues that you are interested in him in a way other people might not even notice.


This can include playing with your hair, licking your lips, making prolonged eye contact, and doing other things to draw his attention to you or parts of you.

Being seductive is mostly about acting like you are drawn to him, and he will have no option but to respond.

How To Flirt With A Guy From A Distance

Sometimes the guy you want is a stranger across the room. For some reason, you might not be in a position to get close to him given the circumstances.


Maybe you are with your friends, and so is he. But you can still flirt, and here's how you can do it from a distance.

1. Make Eye Contact

Since he is not close to you, eye contact is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal as you flirt with this guy. If you steal a few glances at him, he will notice and if interested, he will make a move as well.


2. How To Flirt With A Guy Using The Right Body Language

Experts claim that most of our communication happens non-verbally. For instance, you cannot cross your arms and expect him to find you welcoming and receptive.

But you don't have to do anything extreme. So, you can start with a smile, and seem relaxed and interested by pointing your body in his direction.


3. Project Confidence

To flirt properly, you have to demonstrate that you can take charge and make a move. That means you have to show confidence.

Act in a manner that shows you are self-assured. He will feel more confident that you are interested and pay greater attention to you.

4. How To Flirt With A Guy By Being Mysterious

Men love a little mystery. So, don't give him more attention that he needs.


When you show an interest one minute and then find something or someone else to give your attention to the next, but on a lesser scale, you will be more intriguing to him.

That will also make him more appreciative of the flirting and he will be more likely to make a move.

How To Flirt With A Guy Through Texts

In this day of social media and mobile technology, flirting through texts is pretty commonplace. And although many of us are pretty good at texting, very few know how to flirt through text or picture messages.


Here's how it's done.

1. Comment On Something He Said

Rather than showing passive interest by liking something he posts, you can send him a direct message commenting on the post.

This will not only show your intentions, but it will easily get a friendship started. The trick is to include a question in your responses so that the conversation stays alive.


As you text, you will find opportunities to find out if he is interested.

2. Send Suggestive Texts

To show your interest and possibly get a chance to find out about his, you can send suggestive texts. For instance, you can express an interest in talking to him in person.

You can also tell him you are about to jump into the shower. If there are any romantic vibes between the two of you, he will probably have something naughty to say about it.


3. Send Him A Picture

If you have been chatting through text messages for a while and the guy is clearly interested in you and keeps complimenting you on your looks, then chances are that he might appreciate receiving a picture of you.

You can send him a nice sexy picture of you and let the conversation go wild. Men are very visual, and such a message will most likely lead to a date.


4. Don't Send Too Many Texts

Text as much as he texts you, not more. If you send too many texts while he sends you very few texts, you might seem a little overbearing.

And more importantly, if he stops responding, stop texting and move on. Sending many follow-up texts will not make him text back or make the budding relationship any healthier.


5. Keep Your Questions Interesting

One way to do it is to ask questions that don't require a yes or no answer, as this can make the conversation die off quickly. You can ask something like, "what's your favorite hobby, and why."

With such a question, you will get more information and might found out something that will show you he is interested.


6. Leave Some Questions Hanging

Don't try to respond to everything he says as that will help build more interest. Besides, if you answer all the questions he throws at you, he might find you a little too eager and even boring.

Leave some of his questions unanswered, and that will build more mystery in who you are and keep him hooked. Generally, you should keep your messages short and sweet.


When Not To Flirt

While it's great knowing how to flirt, it's equally important to know when not to flirt. For instance, if he is not interested, makes you uncomfortable, makes unreasonable demands, or starts playing unwelcome games, then you should stop flirting with him.

Flirting is an important part of dating, and it's not only the guys who have to bear this responsibility. So, in case you were wondering how you can flirt with a guy like many other girls are doing today, then this guide might help you have an easier time doing it.