How To Flirt With A Friend Without Being Weird Or Awkward

If you've started to develop romantic feelings for your friend, don't worry - there are ways to express your interest without ruining your friendship. Start by assessing if there might be potential for a relationship, and if you're both single, you're off to a good start. With the right approach, you can either take your friendship to the next level or preserve it if the feeling isn't mutual.

1. Engage In A Bit Of Teasing

If you have a solid friendship with your crush, you're likely already comfortable joking around with them. To flirt, you don't need to drastically change your behavior - just turn up the dial on your teasing and make it a bit more suggestive. Find ways to joke about topics that are a little more romantic in nature without making it too obvious.

2. Spend Time Together Alone, Away From A Group Setting

If you want to flirt with your friend, it's important to spend some one-on-one time with them. While you likely hang out together often, it can be hard to develop a romantic connection when you're always with a group. Try to arrange a time to hang out just the two of you, so you can have their undivided attention and focus on building a deeper connection.

3. Highlight Your Connection

One way to connect with your friend and potentially spark some romantic interest is by highlighting your shared interests. If you're both into cooking or sports, for example, try to find ways to incorporate those topics into your conversations and activities. The more you can emphasize your compatibility, the more likely they may be to consider a romantic relationship with you.

4. Take It Slow And Keep It Light

It's important to maintain a steady pace when trying to advance romantically with a friend. Rushing in too quickly can not only be embarrassing for you but also alienate your friend, especially if they don't share your feelings or need time to process them. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race.

5. Increase Physical Touch

If physical touch is already a part of your friendship, then you can use it to your advantage when flirting with your friend. Increase the frequency of your touches and be more direct, but always be mindful of their personal boundaries and adjust your body language accordingly to convey a more flirtatious vibe.

6. Go Above And Beyond The Calls Of Friendship

While friends support each other through good times and bad, there are certain things that you do for a romantic partner that you wouldn't necessarily do for a friend. If you want to demonstrate your romantic interest in your friend, going the extra mile to make their life easier or happier can send a clear message of your affection.

7. Be Confident

Above all, confidence is key. Remember that you are an amazing person with a lot to offer, whether it's to this friend or to someone else. Project positive energy and, if the timing is right, things are likely to work out in your favor.