How To Flirt Over Text With A Guy (16 Ways)

In terms of texting and flirting with men, the options are limitless.

We've compiled a list of 15 top ways to text flirt with a guy, ranging from simple playful messages to steamy photos and video content.

So, don't wait any longer, ladies! Read on to discover these fantastic options.


Texting flirtation with men is a distinct experience compared to flirting face-to-face.

You can send as many flirtatious texts as desired and at any frequency, regardless of the distance between you or the time of day.

You have all the time in the world to respond to his texts.

The disadvantage is that you are unable to observe his physical reactions or body language.

Here are 16 top strategies for flirting with a man through texting:

1. Send Him a Flirty Text First Thing in the Morning

Flirtatious texting is best enjoyed continuously. It should commence after your previous date and continue until your next meetup.

With that in mind, sending a flirtatious text first thing in the morning during the periods between dates and in-person interactions can greatly enhance his feelings of being valued.

To drive him to become fixated on you, consider sending a selfie capturing your initial smile of the day.

Regardless, morning text messages are certain to brighten anyone's day!

2. Send Him Well-Timed Text Messages With Photos

A strategically sent text message, especially a flirtatious one, is a woman's secret weapon.

For instance, sending a picture of your grinning face (or a hint of your undergarments) while he's preparing for school or starting work is certain to excite him.

To keep him focused on you and not other women, ensure to send him cheerful selfies daily.

Later in the day, when he finishes work or is returning home, send him a personal video or additional selfies (when you're aware he has time to focus on them).

3. Send Him More Flirty Texts Randomly Throughout the Day

Whether he's working, studying, or taking a day off; send him flirtatious texts at random intervals throughout the day to keep things exciting.

Inquiring about his well-being, emotions, and thoughts, as well as flirting with him, can be an effective approach.

Demonstrating your interest in a genuine relationship will reveal the true extent of his infatuation.

4. Send Him Selfies With Interesting Facial Expressions

A picture speaks a thousand words, and this holds true when women send selfies to men.

Nothing is more captivating to a man than the image of a woman who has captured his interest.

A creative pose, an alluring outfit, or even a simple yet intriguing facial expression is sufficient to stir his excitement.

5. Hit Him With the "I Had a Dream About You Last Night"

The classic "I had a dream about you last night" line always seems to work wonders.

It's a guaranteed way to continue the conversation the following day, and a fantastic way to bring a smile to his face first thing in the morning.

Furthermore, if you truly did dream about him last night, then why not let him know about it?

6. Ask Him If You're Going To Get a Kiss Today

If you want to get him excited, send a flirtatious text asking if you'll receive a kiss from him today.

It's a statement that guys find adorable, and it also makes them pause and contemplate about you (and kissing you).

If he hadn't already been thinking about you (and your body, especially your warm moist lips) he will be now.

7. Tell Him That You Miss Him And Want To Go On a Date

Another way to express romantic interest is to playfully challenge them to stop making excuses and take you out on a date.

If he has genuine feelings for you and desires to spend time with you, going on a fun outing will undoubtedly be on his mind.

Inform him that it's imperative for the task to be accomplished by the end of the week and observe how the urgency ramps up.

8. Send Him a Video Text

Recording a short and personal video, whether it's something amusing or something else that catches his attention, is an excellent way to add a playful touch to your text-based flirting with him.

The contents of the video can evoke various emotions in him such as laughter, consideration of dating you, sexual attraction, and more.

If you're looking to excite him without sending explicit content, you could try recording yourself while softly saying his name and gazing into the camera. Adding a subtle suggestive gesture, such as sucking your finger, can also be effective.

9. Tell Him You Can't Stop Thinking About Him

Expressing your longing for him to the extent that you need to hear his voice or see him on a call can make him feel very good and desired.

Depending on the nature of your relationship with the guy, you may feel comfortable being open and candid about the thoughts that have been occupying your mind.

Maybe you're missing his strong and capable hands, his warm and compassionate gaze, or something more intimate like his physical presence.

10. Don't Wait For Him To Make The First Move

You don't have to wait for the guy to take the initiative, especially if you have taken the time to research and become knowledgeable on the subject.

At times, it's up to you to make the first move.

Make your interest known to him, take an active role in the interaction, and keep the conversation going by texting and exchanging photos and videos around the clock.

11. Keep Talking Throughout the Whole Day

Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, maintaining communication and keeping the conversation going beyond just flirtatious texting is a great way to demonstrate your desire to be a part of his life.

It's particularly crucial to stay in touch on weekends, holidays, and during your days off.

Think about how he would feel if he found out that you had a day off from work but didn't take the time or give him enough thought to send even a single message.

12. Call Him Sweet (or some other sort of compliment)

Sending compliments and referring to him with an affectionate nickname are great ways to let your crush know that you appreciate them and find them endearing.

To establish credibility and be taken seriously by your crush, it's important to play a significant role in their life.

This means continuing to text him until the conversation naturally comes to an end for the day and then picking up where you left off the following day.

13. Don't Be Afraid To Let Him Know How Interested You Are

It doesn't have to be a case of love at first sight to catch his attention.

At times, simply being genuine with your crush is sufficient.

Certainly, sending cute texts and playful images/videos probably can't hurt either.

14. Let Him Know If You're Not Dating Anyone

If you're single, make sure to let him know as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you're just tempting fate.

If you're interested in him and wish to go on a date, make sure to express your feelings to him.

15. Don't Leave Him Wondering (Give Him More Attention)

It's possible that guys may not respond to your texts immediately due to texting anxiety or simply having a busy schedule.

But why not take the initiative instead of relying on chance?

Show him more attention.

16. Tell Him You Can't Wait To See Him at School Today (Or at Work)

If you're eager to see him again, let him know!

There's nothing more endearing to a man than a girl he likes expressing her longing for him.

Of course, sending selfies, videos, or playful texts as follow-ups is always a bonus.


How Do You Get a Guy To Fall In Love With You Over Text?

If you want to capture someone's heart, don't worry. With determination, you can find a way. To make a guy fall for you over text, show interest in what he says, make him feel like a team, and let him know your outfit plans.

How Can I Spice Up My Boyfriend Over Text?

Adding excitement to your relationship through texting is even easier than in person because your boyfriend is just a message away. You can tease him with selfies, videos, and playful flirty texts.

How Can I Flirt Without Being Too Flirty?

Flirting through text without seeming excessive or needy is simple to do. Just keep the conversation going and show genuine interest in what he has to say. Let him know you're thinking about him and look forward to future plans (such as seeing him again or going on a date).

How Do You Flirt With a Guy Without Being Obvious?

There are countless ways to flirt with a guy through text, many of which are subtle. For instance, you could inquire about his sleep or mention a dream you had about him. Then, after sending more messages throughout the day, end with a goodnight message expressing your thoughts of him.