How To Flirt Like A Pro: 15 Golden Tips To Like The Best

How To Flirt Like A Pro: 15 Golden Tips To Like The Best

All things considered, dating is much easier today than it has ever been in the past, and that also means those wondering how to flirt like pros have an easier time achieving their goal. For instance, today, you can have your pick of social media, messaging, and dating apps, which you can use to flirt.

Clearly, nobody can claim to have completely figured out the dating game, and flirting is still more of an art than a science. That's why many people are still far from being pros in this game.


To be a flirting pro, you will need a few more arrows in your quiver than dashing looks and expensive clothing.

How To Flirt Like A Pro

1. Pick Your Targets Properly

The reason many flirting pros have such a high success rate in the dating game is that they know how to pick who to flirt with. Many beginners and amateurs will go for whatever is available, and that's where they go wrong.


If you want better success and an easier flirting experience, you have to choose the right people to flirt with.

The truth is that people send cues that they are interested in or open to flirting long before the flirting begins. Ladies send nonverbal cues showing interest such as licking their lips, stealing glances, and so forth.


Similarly, men have their ways of showing interest.

If you focus on girls or guys who already seem interested, nobody will say you are not a pro at flirting because you will be more successful.

2. Make The Right Approach

So, you are sure that the person you want to flirt with is interested? That's the first pro move you have made.


Obviously, now you have to make your move. But how you do it is very important because the wrong move can end the whole thing before it even begins.

According to science, men don't like being approached from the front, which is what women like. Similarly, women don't like being approached from the side, as men do.

Apparently, this has to do with how different genders perceive the invasion of personal space.


3. Believe You Are Good At Flirting

To be great at flirting, you have to believe you are good at it. Fortunately, that confidence is sometimes all you need to make the person you want to flirt with feel that you are good at what you are doing.

You cannot afford to hesitate, because that will bring about feelings of discomfort, which will make flirting so much harder for both of you.


In other words, being shy and reserved will make you look like a rookie, and that will be a turn-off for many of the people you approach.

4. Wear Your Winning Smile

Smiles make people open their hearts to you. Nervous amusement at the sight of the person does not create the same impression.

So, as you approach the person you want to flirt with, make sure you have a genuine, warm, and honest smile as well. A smile makes the person feel you already have so much in common, and they find it easier to open up to you emotionally, physically, and psychologically.


But make sure the person knows the smile is specifically meant for them. If you smile and look down or sideways, it does not create the same impression.

5. Don't Prove You Deserve Their Attention

What separates the pros from beginners is that these guys know when to move on. Yes, even pros strike out sometimes.


So, even you might face some rejections as you try to flirt with some people. But if that happens, don't waste your time trying to prove you are worth the person's attention.

In fact, try not to create the impression you have been hurt by getting upset. Instead, smile at them and move on calmly without saying any mean words to express your displeasure.

Such conduct makes the pros look like they never get rejected because you can never know they have been turned down. Besides, conducting yourself in this manner might make the person more curious about you because their expectation might have been that you would have been pissed off.


Don't be surprised if they come to you later to give you another shot.

6. Be Honest

You would be surprised at how many people get their advances rejected because they were dishonest about who they were or their intentions. Studies have even shown that direct opening lines are much more effective.

When you are upfront, the person tries less to figure out what you want and gets to see what more you have to offer.


If you want to buy the lady a drink and possibly meet her some other time for a date, be honest about it. Chances are that you will also know upfront whether the person is interested in a similar arrangement or not so you don't waste your time.

By being direct, you can avoid many unfortunate scenarios where people complain they were being toyed with when it's them who began the games by being unclear about their intentions in the first place.


7. Don't Let There Be Awkward Silences

When you approach a person to flirt with them, you can realize you have said everything you had to say within a minute. From there, the conversation gets difficult and you can't think of any interesting thing to say.

That is usually a very unremarkable end to an otherwise thrilling romantic adventure.


So, make sure you know how to fill these awkward moments of silence with interesting things to keep the conversation going. Ideally, have some fun questions you can ask the person.

Asking about the weather does not cut it. Learn to ask personal questions such as their thoughts on a particular genre of music.

This way, the person will never feel like the conversation got boring and that will make you more of a pro.


8. Don't Look Desperate

Many people go desperate and flip the script and end up messing up the entire flirting process. But pros don't make that mistake.

They stay coy even when giving the person a lot of interest. Master the art of showing the person you are interested but not too interested.

You can do this by making it clear that you can also give your attention to other things and still be okay. If there's a band playing on stage, you can make glances in that direction once in a while before focusing on your flirting buddy.


That will keep them trying because it proves they don't already own you. Don't worry, this is perfectly okay because, deep down, we want what we can't have.

9. Do Lots Of Practice

If you know a thing about pros, whether they be sportsmen or ladies men, it's that they put a lot of practice into their game. They take what they do with a lot of seriousness.


Similarly, don't think a heart full of a desire to flirt like a pro is all it takes to be one.

You have to practice and practice until you master the craft. Keep refining your skills and try to flirt as regularly as possible.

In the end, it will be the easiest thing ever, and that what's separates the pros from everyone else. Pros make it seem like flirting is the easiest thing ever, and to many of them, it is.


10. Get Close During The Flirting

For someone to see that you like them, you have to stand out from any other person who takes an interest in them. Many amateurs stay a little too far from the people they are flirting with to avoid looking like they are throwing themselves at them.

But pros have mastered the art of being "accidentally" too close to the person they are flirting with.


This makes a world of difference. First, the person eventually realizes they are comfortable with them being so close if the experience is going well.

Additionally, this gives the pro a chance to break physical contact barriers because it becomes inevitable that they will brush arms and whisper into each other's ears.

11. Make A Proper Introduction Before You Start Flirting

The introduction is very important in the way you flirt and approach someone. Many people remember how their partners introduced themselves when they first met, and you can usually tell the intro might have had plenty to do with their decision to be with the person.


When you introduce yourself, you make the person feel special, like you are really investing in them. So, you can forget about silly pickup lines and greet the person before telling them who you are.

12. Know When To Call The Whole Thing Off

When you saw each other and made your approach, you knew you wanted to flirt with this person. But a few minutes into it, you realized you are in over your head with the wrong person.


Looking miserable wondering what you got yourself into will make you look like an amateur. That's why you need to have some pro moves to end what's clearly not going anywhere.

You can politely give them an excuse to leave. For instance, you can say you wanted to talk to a friend before they left or something of the sort.

13. Give Them Genuine Attention

Pros really know how to give attention to the people they are flirting with. Even from observing them, you can tell it's like the rest of the world does not exist when they give their attention to the girl or guy they are flirting with.


To make sure the person is really comfortable around you and that he/she gives you their undivided attention, do the same.

You can prove that you are focused on them by checking out their hair, clothing, and other features you like about them. And you can't do it in a cursory, matter-of-fact way either: take your time, but don't be creepy.

14. Be Respectful While Flirting

Many inexperienced people think flirting is all about sex, and they treat the people they are flirting with as potential sex partners and nothing more. That puts many people off because they would rather flirt with people who would make great partners.


So, you still have to remember this is a dignified human being you are interacting with.

Treating them disrespectfully and saying many crass things will be a turn-off. A real pro realizes that everyone is worthy of respect, all the sexually suggestive games aside.

15. Show The Person You Are Flirting With You Care

Flirting is the precursor to dating, and it's, therefore, the best chance you get to show what kind of partner you will be. While showing you have a good head on your shoulder and that you have a lot to offer is important, showing you care is just as critical.


Ask them about their hobbies, their plans for the future and so forth.

Before you do, obviously, make sure there are some positives vibes between you. That will prove to them you care about them also, and that's a very irresistible trait.

Nobody was born a pro at flirting, which is why you can learn how to flirt like a pro if you make the effort. With these tips, you will be much closer to being like the flirting pros you always admire.