How To Flirt By Touch And Use Your Body Language To Seduce Someone

According to some experts, words are only part of the equation when it comes to seduction. Non-verbal communication, particularly body language, accounts for 93% of communication when it comes to conveying emotion. If you want to up your seduction game, try focusing on your body language and following these tips.

1. Touch Their Arm

The key to successful flirting is to be subtle. Coming on too strong may make you appear awkward and overly eager, which can ultimately diminish your chances of achieving your objective. A fleeting touch on the arm is an excellent illustration of how subtlety can drive someone crazy. This simple gesture not only leaves the other person wondering whether it was an intimate act, but it can also result in a "significantly elevated" heart rate and heightened desire, especially when the timing is right.

2. "Accidentally" Brush Their Leg

Touching can be a delicate art, as it's easy to overstep boundaries and come across as inappropriate or creepy. However, when you're with someone you're already familiar with, a subtle "accidental" brush or two of their leg can quickly raise the temperature of your interaction. The leg is a more intimate area than the arm, especially if you venture into thigh territory. If you approach it discreetly, this form of touch can arouse intense desire in them.

3. Let Your Gaze Linger

Sustaining eye contact for a prolonged duration can be an incredibly potent experience, almost to the point of being intimidating. Research has revealed that when two strangers maintain unbroken eye contact for two minutes, they tend to develop "heightened feelings of romantic love" towards each other. Although it may be difficult to maintain eye contact with your crush for an entire two minutes without it feeling awkward, even shorter periods of uninterrupted eye contact can trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that generates positive emotions, thereby fostering a sense of warmth and closeness.

4. Bite Your Lip

Although it can be difficult to execute without appearing like a caricature of someone flirting, mastering the art of lip biting can be one of the most effective techniques of body language flirting. Biting your lip is a powerful tool for various reasons. Firstly, lips themselves have sexual connotations, and by directing attention towards them, you can intensify your crush's attraction to you. Secondly, biting your lip implies that you're keeping something back, which adds to the allure. The combination of the sensuality of lips and the enigma of withheld information makes lip biting an irresistible gesture.

5. Lean In

Leaning in can be a clear signal that you're interested in someone and want to create a more intimate conversation. However, it's crucial to wait for the right moment to lean in and avoid rushing into someone's personal space too quickly. Taking your time and waiting until you've been talking for a while can help create a feeling of closeness between you.

6. Us Open Body Language

Studies have revealed that changing your posture from "contractive" to "expansive" can increase physical attraction, regardless of gender. This includes turning your body towards the other person, standing with your shoulders back, adopting a wide stance, and taking up as much space as possible (within reason). By doing this, you convey confidence and power, which are some of the sexiest qualities a person can possess.

7. Don't Cross Your Arms

Although crossing your arms is a common position in many situations, it is a classic example of the "contractive" posture that undermines seduction. Crossing your arms can indicate several things, none of which are helpful when trying to flirt with someone. It implies that you're closed off, uncomfortable, or simply bored. If you want to show someone that you're interested, do everything possible to avoid this counterproductive posture.

8. Toss And Play With Your Hair

There are multiple factors that make hair movement alluring. At a fundamental level, it draws attention to a physical trait that is often deemed appealing, as evidenced by the common practice of identifying women by their hair color ("the blonde" or "the brunette over there"). Furthermore, it resonates with a primal instinct within the brain. The act of playing with or flipping your hair is a form of grooming behavior that communicates to potential partners that you are sprucing up your appearance. Additionally, this action releases pheromones, a hormone known to enhance sexual attraction.

9. Touch Their Lower Back

Placing your hand on someone's lower back is a nonverbal indicator of assurance and closeness. It entails combining the "open" body language mentioned earlier with the intimacy of a gentle touch on the back. When transitioning from one location to another, touching the small of someone's back is a way to exhibit a connection. By doing so, you're conveying a desire for physical intimacy with that individual while also informing others that you're a couple.

10. Tilt Your Head

Direct eye contact may indicate that you're taking the interaction seriously, while tilting your head suggests playful flirting and almost challenges the other person to join in. Flirting is all about being suggestive and coy. Tilting your head is a subtle way to demonstrate that you're ready to have fun with the other person, as long as they're willing to participate.