How To Find The Perfect Girlfriend

how to find the perfect girlfriend

Finding a girlfriend is never easy, and the most important thing you have to keep in mind is that nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own imperfections, and you need to understand that when looking for a life-long partner. Of course, everybody sees perfection in different things, but there are some general traits that attract most men and lay the ground for the great relationship between a man and a woman. Overall, you've got to listen to your heart and your mind, be cautious not to get into toxic or self-disruptive relationships, and just be aware of what you really need. There are many questions you need to ask yourself, but today, we are going to give you some general advice on finding the best dream girl for yourself and making sure you last for a long long time.

Be Comfortable Around Her

Sometimes you see a pretty woman who looks really nice, but her manners, her tone of voice, and her personality traits make her unbearable to stay around. You've got to make sure you are perfectly fine going out with that girl, spending time with her, and get her to know your parents. You can go and look for a girl on LocalHookups or see the reviews for that service to see whether there's a girl of your dreams there. The first thing you've got to do is meet her and see what she's like in person. Does she have some manners? Is she kind to people? Is she generally pleasant to be around? The looks might be deceptive, and you don't want to end up having an unbearable person around.


how to find the perfect girlfriend
how to find the perfect girlfriend

Does she have respect for herself? It may manifest in a variety of ways: her appearance, her personality traits, her behavior. It is really important to have a girl who knows she is a person with her own unique traits, her strengths, and weaknesses. This might also manifest in her sense of self-hygiene. Taking care of herself is a sign of self-respect, which is really important for building up healthy and lasting relationships. Of course, you have to take care of yourself too - have good hygiene habits, take care of your physique, your skin, hair, and all that stuff. Women love when you take care of yourself, keep yourself and your home clean, and just look like you generally give a damn about your appearance.

Emotional and Physical Attraction

Prioritize emotional attraction but remember that physical attraction is also essential. You need to admire your woman for who she is rather than how she looks. Nonetheless, you should also look for a girlfriend you really desire - sexual attraction is crucial for healthy relationships, which is why your girlfriend needs to look good for you. If you don't feel physically attracted to a person, just an emotional connection will not cut it. Women generally take care of themselves more than boys do, so it is not that hard to stumble upon women who look nice. You have to feel great around your girl, you have to look for the opportunities to see her, spend time with her, talk to her, and just look at her.

Sense of Humor

how to find the perfect girlfriend
how to find the perfect girlfriend

When you go on the first date, see whether she has a good sense of humor. Women usually have a slightly more delicate sense of humor than boys, so you should try to probe the ground by throwing in some light and harmless jokes. Later on, you can start turning your jokes up a notch. Observe her reactions and create a comfortable environment for her to throw in some jokes too. One of the main reasons why couples last longer is the ability to have fun together. Most of the time, couples have a much better chance of lasting longer if both have a good sense of humor. It feels much better to spend time together if you can have some fun and joke around.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Both of you need to feel relaxed around each other. Having different experiences with girlfriends, you might be able to tell that any tension or pressure leads to negative outcomes. If she feels uncomfortable or depressed around you, it won't last long, the same goes for you. If you feel devastated after each date, things are not going well and you probably have to move on. Women have that same attitude too, so you need to make sure she is comfortable and relaxed around you. Girls appreciate genuine care, so you have to give that to her if you want to build up lasting relationships.

Control Your Emotions

how to find the perfect girlfriend
how to find the perfect girlfriend

You must be in charge of your emotions - do not give in to your negative or positive emotions completely. You know what they say, women feel attracted to those who feel kind of cold or disinterested. It does not mean you have to ditch her and watch her ask for your attention, but you have to control yourself and not let her see you crave her too much. Stay at the point where you show her care and affection without letting her boss you around. That is where things might go completely wrong.

Wrap Up

Communication with women is a complicated thing and you need to be prepared for some challenges along the way. You have to look for a girl who loves and respects herself and shows the same affection and care for her partner. Women are really emotional, and most of them are ready to show some emotional affection to their partners. If you want to build relationships with women and feel happy about it, you have to follow some general advice we give here, but most importantly, you have to listen to your heart and mind.