How To Find A Good Man And Avoid The Duds Altogether

How To Find A Good Man And Avoid The Duds Altogether

Today, finding people to date has been made easy. Mobile apps such as Tinder and Bumble have turned the whole process into swipes and clicks, but the big question is, do these relationships ever work? Well, some of them succeed, and it depends on the people involved. Dating apps use algorithms to find you a match. These algorithms rely on characteristics about you to get you a suitable match.

There are many jokers out there, and the chances of being matched with a fake profile or a liar are high. Thus, finding the right partner can be difficult. Here are some tips that can help you find your perfect match while avoiding the duds at the same time.

Does he prioritize your needs?

A real man will always prioritize your needs no matter the situation. If you two are planning to go out and have fun, but something comes up, maybe an incomplete assignment or other tasks that you feel must be done. A good guy will understand and not make a big deal. He will go ahead and cancel the date and talk about rescheduling with you, but a dud will make noise out of the situation. In fact, he will try to talk you out of working on your tasks or tending to matters that need you. That is a sign from early on that he doesn't prioritize your needs and should be avoided in the best way possible.

If he asks for nudes, run

If you've just become friends and he is asking for nudes, run for your dear life. Asking for such images should raise a huge red flag. It should tell you that he's not interested in anything more than your body. Never waste your time on a guy like that, or you may end up in an awful relationship. A real man will never raise such a question. His intention isn't all about your body but all of the things about you.

Where does he want to meet you?

After meeting online and knowing each other a little, what follows is a date. A good man will always plan for a nice date and spend his money to ensure that your time is worthwhile. The good guy uses the little info he knows about you to find a meetup spot that you will find interesting. However, for a dud, it's all about an easy date that meets his budget. He will ask to meet you in a cheap bar or at his house. If he's that type, don't waste time showing up. Such dates mostly end with heavy drinking and then having sex. Guys like this never last.

What are his future plans?

The difference between boys and men is that a man has plans for the future. Therefore, when chatting, you can go ahead and inquire about his dreams and visions. A real man should have dreams and goals that he looks forward to achieving. However, for a dud, it's all about living the present. They don't care about the future. Having a guy that doesn't have ambition in your life is risky, as they will always pull you back. Therefore, if he doesn't seem to have a plan for his future, leave him no matter how good-looking or rich he may be.

Does he compliment you on your looks only?

It's great for a man to compliment a woman's look, but this shouldn't confuse you; Ask yourself, are the complements all about your body type and pretty face? If the answer is yes, then you're wasting your time with him. As stated earlier, these types of guys are only after sex and nothing more. A good guy complements not only your outside beauty but also your thoughts and ideas. He is never distracted by the physical appearance and takes his time to know the person you really are.

Does he flirt a lot with your friends?

Sometimes you will head out with him to meet your friends. It's usually okay to let your friends know the guy you're dating. A real man will always have all his attention on you and not cross boundaries into being flirty with your friends. However, a dud will always flirt with your friends, even in your presence. The crazy thing is that they may end up spending a night together before you realize it. Therefore, you should avoid guys who are all over your friends at all costs unless you don't mind drama in your relationships.

The dating game has changed. Today, with a smartphone, you can find your perfect match from a list. However, the fast process has brought with it some challenges. For example, many people have found themselves in many annoying relationships before finding their perfect match. Read through all the tricks and see how it's easy to meet the perfect guy.'