How To Eliminate "Hot And Cold" From Your Love Life

How To Eliminate “hot And Cold” From Your Love Life

The "hot and cold" epidemic started to appear in the love scene a few decades ago, and the number of those or similar cases is increasing rapidly minute by minute.

You must have been in the same or at least a similar situation yourself that left you wondering why this is happening. And what did you do wrong? Now, you will find exactly the answers to all the "whys" and "whats."

Hot and cold behavior is so common for men in "modern" societies. And this goes especially for the age group 20 to 50 years. In simple terms, acting "hot and cold" means that a relationship has started well, and then he pulls back suddenly.

After a while, he tries to return. And from that moment, this "in and out" style will start repeating again and again.

A Self-Centered Man

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Yes, we ladies know that we are simply spoiling many men. Some women are so easy when it comes to lowering their standards, and men use this fact. Cheap dates, or no dates at all, the "come to my place," and similar styles became normal.

However, do have in mind that things didn't change for the rich ones at all. Their standards are high, and therefore, a rich, affluent, established woman will never agree to those terms. She will never even look at the self-centered or spoiled man because he has nothing to offer.

The problem with "hot and cold situations" is that they usually start in the wrong way. In most cases, the woman is the one who chases or pursues a man. She will find him online, make the friend's request, and she will start communicating.

In the offline world, the pattern is similar. She will stand in front of him, talk to him first, and make several attempts to get his attention or even call him on a date. Can't you see? These are all the wrong strategies.

You should never be the one to do those things. That is if you want to have the protector and provider by your side—a man who will love and pamper you, and never have doubts in your mind. Your only task is to exist, look your best, and behave with ladylike manners—nothing more and nothing less than that.

Just be who you are, a woman. And if there is a man good enough around, he will come to you. You won't waste your precious time on some narcissist.

Stop Mothering a Man

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If you manage to sustain your desire to chase men, you will open the space for the real man to appear no matter how lonely you are. The real man will clear all the doubts in his mind before he approaches you.

The act of approaching and pursuing will show his determination. And then you won't have to deal with someone who is "just not sure about his feelings."

This is the first mistake women often make, and the next one is mothering. In an attempt to show that you are a loving and caring person, many women will jump around their romantic partner, trying to please him. It's not the problem that this is your female nature. The real problem lies in the fact that you are doing it too soon.

When a man notices that a woman loves to please, he will instantly be ready to take advantage. He will come to her place to eat and have sex for free. And in his mind, this will be described as a free "dinner and a show" and nothing more. In her mind, this will mean, "now he will see how great I am in the kitchen and bed, and he will marry me for sure."

Please, carve this into your mind, ladies, a "dinner and a show" doesn't look the same for him. And after a while, he will either be bored or find someone else. Or, he will start acting in the famous "hot and cold" soap opera.

This is happening because men need to fight for their women to attach emotionally to them. He must show his actions and efforts first, and then you can give him "dinner and a show." But, not before that.

How To Get Him Hooked

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The same advice applies to those women who are into non-professional psychiatry. They love to listen to his sad childhood stories, unhealed traumas, and all sorts of rubbish real men overgrow. If you meet someone with unresolved issues, just let him find professional help. Or, let him find another host he can parasite on.

Protect your heart and your future from men with diagnoses and dig for the true gold. And as a recapitulation, let's go over those major rules.

-Do not approach men or initiate romantic conversation. Let him pursue you

-Do not give free services to anyone. Expect and demand in a ladylike manner to be wined and dined

-Do not mother or act as a psychiatrist

-Raise your standards

-Look elegant and neat. And be present at the affluent locations

-No sex until he's ensured your trust, and this will take months

-Zero tolerance for "I'm not sure about my feelings." Cut him off the same moment he says that

-No "we'll stay friends" and no communication with him until he clearly states that he changed his mind. And now he is certain that he wants to take care of you

-No "friends with benefits", for heaven's sake

Remember, as long as you control your emotions and carefully watch him; you are in power. If his actions match his words and his words are revolving around your well-being, this is perfect.

The moment he starts to pull back, you pull back too. There are so many other quality men out there that you don't need to worry about some local jerk.