How To Drive Him Insane: Outfits Guys Think Are Hot

how to drive him insane: outfits guys think are hot

Fashion-wise, men like their ladies to be sexy yet presentable. Here are some basic rules about outfits guys think are hot if you want to get more attention.

Forget oversized pantsuits, color-blocking, chunky heels, and overpriced jewelry. In fact, throw away all the trends, NYC fashion week front rows, and incorporate one word into your style: fitted.

There's a vast misconception that women dress up for men. Women mostly dress up for other women, and in the process, we stopped caring about what outfits guys consider to be hot. Yet, if you're craving some compliment from the "stronger" sex or want that one guy to notice you, trust us that clothes can do wonders.


Apart from a friendly smile and oozing confidence, here's what you need to know to make an impression, whether you're into sporty or dressy trends.

Guys like things tight, but not two sizes smaller

Guys love women in tight clothes. This, however, doesn't mean that you should wear a dress that's two sizes smaller. It should be fitted, classy, and you need to feel confident to pull it off. Stick to your size, but instead of A-line dresses, pick bodycon ones.


Yes, you might have to wear a pushup bra and Spanx. But men don't care about those things. You're giving them an illusion of your perfectly curved body, and that's all you need. Plus a pair of strappy sandals or tall boots with a pointy heel.

He wants you to be every other straight male's fantasy, yet to be modest enough to let other males know that you're taken. Think Playboy meets the 50s housewives. That's why your bodycon dress should be figure-hugging, but no one wants to see your boobs spilling out of your dress. Nor does a guy want others to see your behind in its full glory.


Men like muted colors, but red's always a hit

Little black dress, denim plus a white tee, simple trench, a pair of black patent heels – these items are all popular among men of all ages. Guys are rather simplistic when it comes to fashion, so much so that they still don't get that you can wear black and brown and orange and purple are a match made in colorful heaven.


Stick to neutrals, at least until he gets to know you. If you want a pop of color, go big and go for shades of red. Picking the right shade of a red sweater or a little red dress is essential. It sounds so dramatic, but it's quite simple: if you're pale, go for red with blue undertones. If your skin's darker, go for yellowish undertones.

Red lips are desirable, but most men prefer to think that a woman of their choice is a natural beauty. They won't notice fake eyelashes, yet red lipstick pops out, so wear it for special occasions. You need to make your lips kissable, and again, stick to mauve and nude tones while accenting the lips with some gloss.


Creating an hourglass figure will do wonders for your love life

Some guys like their women thinner, others like them thicker. But they all love to see a feminine figure, so accent your waist or create it, make your boobs and hips stand out.

If you can't pull off a bodycon dress, try a straight-lined dress and add a belt. Or, even better, try on a pencil skirt with a white blouse and a fitted blazer. While pantsuits aren't the guy's favorites, skirt suits will awaken their imagination. It's about that fantasy where he's the boss, and you're his naughty secretary...


During summers, the dresses are more relaxed, and a little, flowy white dress with some romantic pattern can easily attract the right guy. It's not because he'll be looking at the dress. It's all about being feminine and embracing your figure in thin fabrics while looking like a ray of sunshine.

Skinny jeans and yoga pants: bum's on display

It's time to change your sweatpants for something a bit more daring, like a pair of yoga pants. Similarly, women are going wild over the wide leg and boyfriend jeans. But actual boyfriends want to see your assets in a pair of perfectly shaping skinny jeans.


High-waisted jeans and pants are huge in the fashion world, but guys are not into those. They don't want to see pants that are touching your boobs. Why? Because you can't bend over and show them a bit of your lacy lingerie. No, we're not talking about those jeans from the early 2000s, but about mid-waist, regular ones.

Out of all fabrics in the world, men only speak lace, and the idea of your naked bum in a pair of lacey underwear will turn their pants on fire.


Speaking of naked bums, women aren't into thongs, but men are still obsessed with them. Wear them with yoga pants, and he won't notice anything else. He'll try to resist his urges, but your bottom will be stuck on his mind.

Show him skin to get under his skin

If you reveal too much, you'll look trashy. If you don't reveal anything, well, you might go unnoticed.


You want to pick the outfit that will make your crush think. Showing some skin is a must, but how much is too little or too much?

Off the shoulders tops, backless dresses, and anything lace is ideal choices since these items show just enough to tickle a guy's imagination. Even the plainest sweater will look sexy if you drop it on a shoulder.

Use one rule: if you're showing off your upper part of the body, the rest should stay hidden. On the other hand, if you're in a mini skirt, and your legs and bum are on display, you can be buttoned up. Outfits guys think are sexy are a balance between your inner Kardashian and Audrey Hepburn.


Life's sexier on heels

Pointy heels are every guy's dream. The tall, long, narrow heels add definition to your legs and make your bum stick out. Basically, heels are sexy, as long as they are not too wide or too chunky.

Yet, one thing that will make you lose points is not knowing how to walk on heels. Instead of looking like an elephant in a china shop, you can always choose flats unless you're a fan of loafers or ballet flats, which are insanely unpopular among men.


The most popular flat shoes are sneakers. Girls in sneakers and yoga pants or jeans give off an effortless vibe. They are seen as friendly, not too demanding, and laidback.

Biker boots are another popular choice of footwear. Wear them with skirts or pants, off-shoulder or backless tops, and a leather jacket. It's a classic rock chic look, and it's everything a guy wants to see in his gal.


You can still have some fun with your outfits

Guys find it irresistible to see their woman in an oversized white shirt. There's no explanation for this phenomenon, but if you want to see the lust in his eyes, throw on his shirt, and let him stare at you while you're making breakfast.

Oversized, cozy sweaters are also quite popular. These actually awaken their protective instincts because no matter how much they want to see your skin, they also want you to feel comfy and warm. If you're wearing a cute bodysuit under it, even better.


They might say they don't care whether you're wearing a skirt or a romper. But the truth is that men are quite visual, so picking the sexy outfit will make him notice you all over again.

They don't care about jewelry, your purse, or whether you're wearing Zara or Chanel. Men think that their women should look expensive, but it's never about the labels. Expensive in their minds is polished, fitted, clean, sexy, and feminine.


It's more than just outfits guys think are hot. It's about being confident but friendly, flirty, and maintaining eye contact. You can have the best body in the world, yet you have to have the charisma to get into his head and make him start thinking about all the raunchy stuff he would want to share with you.