How To Disarm A Rude Person

How To Disarm A Rude Person

Today, let's forget for a moment the many causes of rude behavior and have a look at how to disarm a rude person. Justified or not, a rude person should not be the reason for having a bad day.

And given how common unnecessary rudeness usually is, it's quite surprising that more people don't know how to deal with rude strangers or any other person who treats them disrespectfully.

That is why you should have some comebacks for rude people.

Yes, you should even learn how to respond to a rude text message from a friend you know.

Mastering how to respond to rude comments will help you protect your relationships and have a healthier social life.

1. Empathize With The Rude Person

how to disarm a rude person

One of the things you understand once you take an interest in the psychology of rude behavior is that people are often rude because they are hurting. The rude stranger you meet on the street might have just lost their job.

So, it's important not to take rudeness personally. And definitely don't obsess over questions like "why are people rude to me?" Instead, keep your cool and empathize with the person if you need to.

In other words, let the rudeness roll of your back and don't dwell on it.

2. Call Out The Person On Their Behavior

how to disarm a rude person

You would be surprised to learn that a lot of rude people have no idea their behavior is so hurtful. So, if you call out the person on their behavior, they might feel motivated to check on it.

Telling someone they are being rude is one of the best ways to shut down a rude person. You might learn that the person wasn't even aware they were being rude.


But also, just because someone is usually rude to everyone or terrible in the way they talk to you all the time, it does not mean you have to put up with it.

You should not be treated disrespectfully for any reason. Even if the person doesn't like being called out on their rudeness, the fact that it will get a negative reaction from you can be a pretty good deterrent for similar behavior in the future.

You might even get an apology, which would be really helpful in case some really hurtful things were said to you in the process.

3. Don't Make Things Worse

how to disarm a rude person

When some people encounter rude behavior, they start wondering how to be rude as a payback. However, you should focus on what to say when someone is being rude without taking on the horrible characteristics of a rude person.

So, you don't have to master how to be rude to someone since this will not make you win. Instead, learn to diffuse the situation without making things worse.

Resist the temptation to lash out, and keep yourself in control. If the situation degenerates into drama, the person might even think their disrespectful behavior was justified, and that wouldn't help the situation.


Remember that regardless of how people act, your behavior is a reflection of who you are, not how the world treats you. Don't let rude people make you seem like a horrible person when you are not.

4. Avoid The Rude Person

how to disarm a rude person

Some people are stubbornly rude, and despite all your efforts, they might not let go of their rudeness. This person has a deep personality flaw or a personal grudge that makes it impossible for them to treat you as a friend.

In these cases, no amount of empathy and correction might help. All you can do is walk away before this person makes your life hell through a constant barrage of rude comments.

Some people are rude to everyone, and your attempts to make them see the error in their ways might fall on deaf ears or even attract more rudeness.

Avoiding such people can give the person fewer opportunities to treat you like crap. Furthermore, when you always avoid the person, their rudeness will be less of an issue because you will never waste so much time responding to it. You can simply walk it off and deny the person the pleasure of seeing you get worked up.


5. Find Out If You Are The Problem

how to disarm a rude person

Some people, especially those who think everyone is rude to them, are usually the reason for the disrespectful behavior they get from others.

Without knowing it, you might have been rude to someone and they responded in kind.

When going through a hard time, it's easy to be mean without even realizing it. So, if you find out that people who are never rude to you are now acting in a disrespectful manner towards you, then understand that the problem might be you.

So, do a little introspection and find out if you could be the cause of this rudeness.

And with that, at least you now know what to do when someone talks to you rudely.

With these tips on how to disarm a rude person, you can focus on how to respond to a disrespectful person instead of obsessing over the ill feelings that come with having people treat you rudely for no justifiable reason.