How To Delete Movies From "Continue Watching" On Netflix

How To Delete Movies From "Continue Watching" On Netflix

Netflix gives us a wide range of movies to choose from and we are thankful. We would even be more grateful if we can directly remove movies from our "continue watching" list. It's quite frustrating to keep seeing movies we've concluded with or, worse still, those we don't want others to see on our list. It is especially unsettling for those with OCD.

Well, it's possible to remove movies from your continue watching list. How?


How To Remove Movies From "Continue Watching" via Netflix.com


Go to Netflix.com in your browser.

Sign in to your account.

Click the profile icon to open your account page.

Scroll down and click on Profile and Parental Controls.

Select the profile from which you want to remove the activity.


From the drop-down list, click Viewing Activity. You will see a list of movies you've been watching. To the right of each movie, the title is a circle with a line dividing it into two equal parts.

Click on the circle to hide from viewing history. A message will display saying, "Within 24 hours, (movie-in-question) will no longer appear in the Netflix service as a title you have watched and will no longer be used to make recommendations to you unless you watch it again."


Within 24 hours, the hidden titles will be removed from all your devices. Some might disappear quickly while others, at a later time but within the 24-hour range.

For movie series, once you click hide viewing history for one episode, it asks if you want to hide the series. If you want to, just click on Hide Series and all episodes will be removed. If you want to hide all movies, just click on Hide All to remove all watch activity on your profile.


How To Remove Movies From "Continue Watching" Row On The Netflix App(Android)

Open the Netflix app on your device.

Scroll down to Continue watching.

Select the series or movie you want to remove and long press on the title's thumbnail until the quick-select menu pops up.


Tap on "Remove from row" at the bottom of the menu.

After this, the movie will be removed from list. I hope you find this helpful.