How To Deal With A Narcissist's Smear Campaign

How To Deal With A Narcissist’s Smear Campaign

We have talked at length about narcissists, how to spot them, and how to recover from their abuse. Today, we will look into how you can fight back against their vicious smear campaigns.

Narcissists love to ruin reputations. It's one way they keep negative attention from their flaws and make themselves victims while putting you out to dry.

A Smear Campaign Is A Get-Out-Of-Jail Free Card For A Narcissist

The idea is to get their story out there first. So, by the time you try to set the record straight, most people will already think the worst about you, and there will be little you can do.

The tactic is used when you least expect it. So, don't think the smear campaign will start as soon as you have broken up. It comes way before that.

These crafty monsters will also try to see the impact their efforts had on you by telling the lies about you to someone they know will bring back the news to you.

They want to see how you will react to the humiliation, the sick bastards.

Common Smear Campaign Topics Narcissists Use

1. The smear campaigns might try to pitch you as an abuser. They can tell people you are abusive and cruel and always taking advantage of them.

2. They can also say you are lazy and that they spend their time earning money while you laze around waiting to spend it. This will paint you as a freeloader.

3. The narcissist can also convince people you are insane. They might say you privately struggle with mental issues and that you will not accept the help they are trying to offer you.

4. Another tactic is to make up stories claiming that you have spoken about other people and then tell them about it. These people will obviously get mad at you and you will end up having to put out lots of fires instead of dealing with the narcissist who caused the whole problem to begin with.

5. Narcissists can also tell people you are playing them and denying them your love and affection. They will go further and demonstrate how they have given you countless second chances but you still can't change your ways.

6. Some narcissists will even label you as an addict to something like online gambling or alcohol.

Generally, a narcissist will tell people you have been doing bad things to them, but it will be they who will have done such things to you.

The problem is that they are full of charm, and that makes them very believable.

Here's Are Dos And Don'ts Following A Narcissist's Smear Campaign

1. First of all, don't try telling people that the narcissist is the crazy one or the one who does the things they accused you of. They will think you are crazy and this will give credence to the false statements spoken about you.

2. Secondly, stop reacting emotionally to the tactics. This will make them realize their plans are actually working.

3. If anyone comes up to you with a story they have heard from your narcissistic saboteur, cut them short and say you know it's all lies. Or you could make it sound ridiculous by pretending it's the most interesting story you have ever heard. This will confuse the person telling you and probably make them hate the person who gave them the information.

4. Don't bother defending yourself to anyone. Just be happy and don't make it seem like you care what people say, and they will doubt if the gossip was the truth.

5. If it gets too much for you to handle, talk to a real friend who understands you and someone you can trust to help.

6. If you have any evidence as video, messages, or texts, share it with those who heard the lies, and they will doubt the narcissist as a reliable source of information.

7. Don't give so much attention to the smear campaign. Ignore the whole thing as much as you can.

See! You are not completely helpless against a narcissist. Beat them at their own game using these simple tricks. That will make them think twice before spreading lies about you in the future.