How To Date Yourself: A Guide For The Single Girl


Although breakups can be challenging, they offer a unique opportunity to date someone who is truly amazing, fun, and loving - yourself. Now that you've ended things with your heart-breaking ex, you have the chance to enjoy a romantic relationship without the need for a partner. Here are some tips for how to date yourself.

1. Take A New Class, Discover A New Hobby, And Pursue Your Passions

When you're in a relationship, you often have less time to pursue the things you love. But that's no longer an issue! Take that swing dancing class at the gym, join a sushi rolling masterclass, or become a stand-up comedy wizard at a local comedy club. Your local community center, gym, or college is a great place to find fun classes without having to get someone else's approval.


2. Eat At All The Delicious Restaurants You've Been Meaning To Hit Up For Ages

The best part of dating yourself is the freedom to choose where you want to eat. Thai for lunch, brunch at your favorite bagel shop, or pizza for dinner? All of these are excellent options. Don't hesitate to dine solo at your favorite cafe or regular dinner spot. Order your food, bring a book, and enjoy your meal in peace. And the best part? You don't have to worry about sharing the last slice of cake or your delicious leftovers with anyone!


3. Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Being comfortable in a relationship can lead to laziness, but this is not an excuse to remain inactive. Take advantage of the gym membership, workout apps, running shoes, and exercise clothes that you have. Use your emotions to motivate yourself during your workout and release any sadness and frustration towards your ex. You will feel much better after exercising.


4. Find Your Zen

It is crucial to take the time to heal mentally. Try relaxing, meditating, attending a yoga class, or using a meditation app to find emotional peace. Release all negative emotions and await a spiritual, cathartic experience. When dating yourself, you have the opportunity to move on from negative memories and focus on a positive future.

5. Reconnect With All The Friends You Neglected For Your Ex

We have all neglected our friends when in a relationship, despite our promises not to. While this is not a catastrophe, it is necessary to do some damage control. Invite a girlfriend to spend an evening out with you. Instead of focusing on your ex or meeting new men, make it a girls' night and concentrate on your friend. What's happening in her life? You will realize how much you have missed your BFFs and feel bad for letting them down.


6. Venture Out On A Solo Trip To A City You've Always Wanted To See

Take a break from the staycation and step out of your comfort zone. Plan a weekend trip to a destination you've always dreamt of visiting. You'll feel refreshed after spending some alone time in a hotel, indulging in your favorite cuisine, and engaging in activities like shopping or dancing until you drop. Remember, during this trip, the only person you need to impress is yourself!


7. Write It All Down

Spending time with yourself is an excellent way to reflect on your past relationships and understand what you want from future ones. Take a deep dive into your past and identify where you went wrong with your previous partners. Were there warning signs you missed? Did you give up on someone too soon because you didn't feel a spark on your first date, potentially missing out on a great relationship? Establish guidelines and rules for yourself, and learn what you need and desire from a relationship to make it successful.


8. Bring Out Your Competitive Side

Challenge yourself daily to improve your skills, whether they are your favorites or least favorites (such as one-legged squats). This could involve learning a new language, running an extra mile each day, or reducing how much you eat out. Taking up these challenges will not only make you a better individual, but also a great partner when you eventually find someone deserving of your affection.


9. Leave Yourself Love Notes

Remind yourself regularly that you are loved. You could set reminders on your phone, put up Post-It notes near your mirror or leave a note in your packed lunch, similar to what a caring mother would do. Remember, many people in your life care for you, but it's essential to love yourself.

10. Acknowledge Your Awesomeness

Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror. Observe the curves of your body and the features of your face. Smile, wink, and even laugh at yourself. Every day, recognize that you are fantastic. Be grateful that you found yourself and acknowledge that YOU are awesome!