How To Create An Employee Entertainment Lounge With A Golf Simulator

How To Create An Employee Entertainment Lounge With A Golf Simulator

Hardworking employees who carry out company operations deserve a break once in a while. Businesses should designate a space for staff to unwind and take a break from all the demands of work, to be more productive and efficient. This is also to reward them for all their contributions.

An employee entertainment lounge is pivotal to their wellness and overall company success. For management, the trick is to create an optimal one for their staff. One feature that would make for a great lounge is incorporating sports and games to boost employee morale.

Here are ways to create a great employee entertainment lounge.

Employee Input

Hear what your employees have to say about this upcoming lounge. Do this by hosting a brainstorming meeting or by handing out surveys. From there, gather the best ideas and bring them to life.

Your employees will greatly appreciate your consideration of their ideas, and by incorporating their views into the lounge, their utilization of it is guaranteed.

The Interior Design

An often overlooked aspect of an employee entertainment lounge is its interior design. It may seem like a negligible factor, but it has significant benefits to the overall effects.

For example, it is recommended for the area to have darker-colored carpeting. This is because of all the foot traffic, and it creates an informal atmosphere for employees to unwind.

This space should invoke a feeling of comfort and relaxation to separate employees from work mode. Small changes, such as adding a few plants to liven up the area, directly affect the staff's mood and likeliness to utilize the lounge.

Have A Snack Bar & Coffee Station

All the activity that goes on in the entertainment is bound to render your employees tired and hungry. However, this is not a bad thing that will hinder their work productivity. They will just be needing a good pick me up.

Have a snack bar and coffee station for employees to replenish themselves physically and mentally. A selection of free snacks and coffee to get them going will go a long way in their work productivity.

Golf, Anyone?

The choice of which recreational activities to put in the entertainment lounge can be a doozy. You want your employees to have fun and move around, but you don't want to tire them out too much.

An ideal game for this area would have minimal movement but an equal thrill to other competitive activities. A sport with a set scoring system would also help boost employee morale. This is why golf is perfect for an employee entertainment lounge! While the use of golf simulators eliminates the need for a vast space, it still does require a good launch monitor for the best experience.

The Garmin Approach R10 is a great choice for a launch monitor. It is a portable and lightweight option with incredible features, such as a long 10 hr battery life, tracking golf metrics, and gameplay recording.

How About A Geeky Corner?

Inevitably, some employees might need a diversion or a hub to stay for a while before they go home.

A geeky lounge is a lively place for recreation and meeting people of similar interests. There are plenty of anime room ideas to choose from, and they are not that difficult to implement.

Relaxation Space

It wouldn't be a lounge without a place to relax completely. The employees deserve a break after a good golf game, while others need to cheer their workmates on and watch as they dabble in the activities.

A relaxation space is integral to an entertainment lounge. Invest in good and comfortable furniture for your employees and make the atmosphere and location as calming as possible.