How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Some men shower women with compliments - and far too rarely do we return the favor.

If you are unsure how to compliment him, we will show the most beautiful compliments for men! This should also be interesting to you if you often compliment him and he doesn't respond.

Compliments Are Not Just For Women

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Has a man ever sincerely told you that you're the coolest woman he's ever met, even when you least expected it? How did that make you feel? Did you smile? Did it make you feel good?

If this has happened to you before, know that it can happen to men too! You don't ask for compliments - they're small gifts of words that show genuine appreciation. Once you learn to compliment him right, you can give him a confidence boost and also help your relationship, which will, in turn, benefit you.

On the other hand, if you're not in a relationship yet but know a man you like, learning how to compliment him can change his feelings and actions towards you in a positive way.

When men get an original, honest compliment, they usually don't forget it. They also tend to think about the person who complimented them from time to time, which in turn puts a smile on their faces.

In this article, we explain how to compliment him whether he is your significant other or a man you like. Not only that! We'll also teach you how to compliment him in a way that will melt his heart.

Why Do Women Need To Compliment Men Too?

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

When you hear a sincere compliment, it triggers happiness, which makes you feel good about yourself. That's how people are wired. Compliments are very powerful affirmations that directly affect a person's zest for life and inspiration.

Before telling you how to compliment him, here are some reasons why men should get compliments too:

Every man likes to be praised, especially by the opposite sex. But what most women don't know is that men prefer much more to be admired for their character than for their looks or their success. When a man looks good, there's a good chance he'll get compliments for it over and over again, and if you only focus on his looks, you're like everyone else.

Also, he didn't choose his looks. He didn't deserve it, it was just given to him. That's why directing your compliment to his character has a much greater effect on him, since his past choices made him who he is today. And again, if he's good-looking, he probably doesn't get a lot of compliments on his character, which makes you unforgettable to him.

So, if you are wondering how to compliment him, start with something he has done or the way he behaves.

As You Learn How To Compliment Him, Where Do You Start?

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

When you are thinking about how to compliment him, know that every man wants to stand out from the rest. Especially if you've just met or you're in the dating phase, he would want to know that the other men from your past are nothing compared to him. If you make him special, he will make you special too.

There are more insecure men than insecure women. Men have an ingrained fear of being inadequate or not enough. Complimenting him on his abilities validates him, especially about skills usually associated with male gender roles. Your compliment will validate his masculinity.

This will make him more self-confident and spur him to become even better. So, next time you are wondering how to compliment him, try to boost his ego!

Compliments show your appreciation. When a man knows that you pay attention to him and his efforts, he will remember those positive affirmations. This encouragement will motivate him to become an even better person.


This is most useful if you and your partner have been together for years. Over time, you tend to stop expressing your gratitude because what he does is expected anyway. But men still want to hear that they are appreciated - that you're grateful to have him as your partner.

Security is also necessary for men, especially in a relationship. Compliments will reassure him that he is doing things right, and that will give him the stability he needs in the relationship. Thus, he will invest more in your relationship as he has been validated to be loved and appreciated.

Following are some tips on how to compliment him.

1: Be As Specific As Possible

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

"You look good" is a compliment, true. But it's a rather shallow compliment that you just say to everyone and has lost its meaning and value. Compliments that you hear every day no longer touch people, so you should try harder if you want to be remembered.

Here are some categories that can give you ideas on how to compliment him:

2. Compliment His Masculinity

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Every man wants confirmation of how manly he is. A great compliment that would draw him towards you and would surely melt his heart is, " I feel so safe when I'm with you. "

A compliment that shows him how manly he is will give him confidence and trust in your relationship. So, highlighting his masculinity is a great tip on how to compliment him right.

3. Compliment His Character

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Admiring his character will set him apart from the men you've dated before. This reassures him that you are only interested in him and are no longer looking for another partner.

A good place to start when thinking about how to compliment him is with statements that start with "I admire you for...".

For example: " I admire you for staying calm even though that driver was so rude," or " I admire you for how you handled this strange situation." When a man gets a compliment about his character, he feels very special.

4. Compliment Him On His Leadership Skills

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Most men want to take the lead on a variety of things, whether it's which route to take when going somewhere or a cause that involves other people. Therefore, if you want to know how to compliment him right, consider mentioning his leadership skills.

If he's a good leader, he gives you a fantastic opportunity for appraisal. So you can stop searching for reasons how to compliment him if you can sincerely give him this kind of compliment.

You can compliment him like, "I love how you took the lead in this" or "I trust you." You could also try "I'm on your side" or "I would follow you anywhere." Such compliments show him how much you trust him.

5. Learn How To Compliment Him On His Hidden Qualities

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

When you compliment a man on his talents, you are like everyone else. So, you should compliment him on the trait that enhances his talent! This will make your compliment much more meaningful. Here's an example: "I love how determined you are to perfect your music."

If he gets a compliment that he doesn't usually hear often, he'll appreciate it more. It will remind him of you every time he pursues his talents and passions - whether it's music or another passion.

6. Compliment Him On How He Makes You Feel

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

It's important to learn how to compliment him based on how he makes you feel. Knowing the impact he has on your feelings will spur him on to make you even happier. You can try compliments like "I can't help but smile when you're around" or "You make me feel beautiful and valued" which will surely inspire him.

Giving him that kind of compliment will make him want to be even cuter without him realizing it. When a man puts an effort into something, he will appreciate it if you say something positive about his work.

Compliments like "You did a great job" or "It's amazing how hard you work" are compliments that show him that he's doing everything right and that you appreciate it.

Appreciating their work will motivate your partner to work even harder.

7. Compliment His Behavior In The Relationship

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Every man wants validation, especially when he's a good partner. Compliments like "I love how you listen to me and respect me" or "You always know exactly what to say" will make him feel secure in your relationship - confident that he's enough for you and you're not after other men.

This will tempt him to treat you even better. Once know how to compliment him right, he feels more inspired to be a better partner.

8. Compliment Him On How Much You Believe In Him

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Men like it when women believe in what they can do. A simple compliment like "I believe in you" is sure to melt his heart. Saying something like this will encourage him to achieve better results.

9. Compliment Him On His Style

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

A man's style isn't something he's born with - it's his choice of what to wear, what his hair looks like, etc. I'm sure he'd love it if you took that into account.

Compliments like "I love your outfit" or "(color) looks good on you, you should wear that more often" are simple but also meaningful.

Chances are that after a compliment like that, he'll put more effort into his appearance when you meet up and be conscious about how he's presenting himself.

10. Compliment His Looks

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

We know we said to look behind the scenes, but sometimes guys still like it when women appreciate their good looks. Especially if they put a lot of effort into looking good for you.

"You look so good", "Your smile is wonderful" or "Your new haircut suits you!" are easy to say, which is why you should be careful not to sound sarcastic.

If you mean what you say, I'm sure he'll feel great when you compliment him on his looks.

As You Learn How To Compliment Him, Learn To Be Sincere

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

At the heart of every compliment is sincerity. If you don't mean what you say, it won't sound right. Believe us, he will notice the insincerity and deceit in your made-up compliment. And he may take it the wrong way - like you're just flattering him to get something from him.

If you're worrying too much about the compliment, don't do it. It's still better to give him a cursory compliment than no compliment at all.

Find The Right Moment To Compliment Him

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Besides honesty, timing is also very important when learning how to compliment him. Take the time to give your husband your praise, even if he can appreciate it.

Don't compliment him when he's busy and needs to focus when he's stressed out working on a project, or in the middle of an argument. If you do that, he won't see the value of your compliment.

Try to find the right opportunity for a compliment so that he has time to appreciate it such as when it's quiet at home.

Keep Eye Contact And Smile

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Making eye contact is a physical way of showing your sincerity, which is why this is a big lesson on how to compliment him. It also reinforces the moment you compliment him.

End your compliment with a smile to make the moment even more beautiful and full of love. Your smile would surely make your man or the guy you like shine even more after hearing your compliment.

Would you rather send him a text message first? This can also work great if it is the right message.

20 Compliments For Men

How To Compliment Him: 20 Compliments He Likes To Hear

Men often get fewer compliments than women, but they are also happy about nice words that touch them. But you have to learn how to compliment him right.

Men are very often valued for their material things such as cars and houses. Therefore, when giving a good compliment to a man, you should be positive about his actions and accomplishments.

Even in a relationship, a compliment can keep a man happy, especially if you're referring to his sexual prowess. Men also love the superlative. Even if overload makes the compliment seem less credible, men still like to be told that they are the greatest. Here are some compliments you could try:


1. You make the best coffee in the world.

2. You really can fix anything.

3. I find it impressive that you go jogging every morning.

4. I'm glad you're taking the extra time for me.

5. I'm really amazed at how good you can cook.

6. It's so nice how you care about me when I come home after a long day.

7. You look really hot today.

8. I can trust you with no reservations.

9. I just feel good when with you.

10. You are my biggest luck.

11. You're a really good listener.

12. I'm proud of you.

13. I admire how hard you work towards your goals.

14. You're a really great friend because you're always there for me.

15. You were right. I was just thinking in the wrong direction.

16. You are the best thing that could have happened to me.

17. With you by my side, I'm just happy.

18. Thank you for showing me not to look at things from just one perspective.

19. Nobody has a great sense of humor like you.

20. Thank you for always being there for me.

Giving compliments is an art. If you want your compliment to make a good impression, you have to work at it.

For that, you have to dig deeper than what could be complimented at first glance. We showed you how to compliment him, but you need to make your compliment original.

More importantly, be honest about it. Compliments are very expressive and can affect men's feelings and actions.