How To Compliment A Guy You Met Through Online Dating

As you browse through your dating app, a particular gentleman catches your attention. His profile looks impressive; he shares your affection for cats (or your favorite animal), has a great job, and appears to be a witty and sincere individual. Now, how do you stand out and catch his interest? Here are some tips on how to compliment a guy on an online dating app.

1. Look at his profile

Yes, I genuinely mean it. Take the time to read his entire profile. Many people overlook this step and miss out on the opportunity to connect with someone genuinely. If you want to give him a meaningful compliment, reading his profile thoroughly is your best chance to learn more about him.


2. Find a common ground

After reading his profile and reviewing all his pictures, try to identify some shared interests. Perhaps you both have cats or enjoy the same music genres. Use these mutual interests to initiate conversation and break the ice. Saying something like "I love your taste in music!" is much more engaging than a simple "hey :)." The more personalized, the better. You could even use this as an opportunity to suggest meeting up sometime, such as "I'm also a big fan of the Clippers. Would you like to hang out and watch a game together sometime?"


3. Compliment his interests

If you discover someone who has a unique interest or hobby, don't hesitate to compliment them on it! People enjoy receiving compliments on things they're passionate about. For instance, if he enjoys skydiving, acknowledge how brave he must be to partake in such an exhilarating activity. If he's a writer, praise how he composed his profile. Complimenting his interests and hobbies is an excellent way to demonstrate your interest in him and your eagerness to learn more. This is particularly true if you share any similar interests!


4. Mention how he caught your eye

We're all familiar with how dating apps work, aren't we? You sift through countless profiles, and eventually, they all start to blend together. Funny, romantic, could be any one of the hundreds of guys you've looked at thus far. When you come across someone who genuinely interests you, make an effort to let him know that he stood out from the rest. By doing so, you demonstrate that you're not sending him the same generic message that he's already seen a million times. Mention what piqued your interest, like "Hey, I noticed that you're into philosophy, and that really stood out to me. It's so unique! How did you get into it?"


5. Point out his personality

This is a crucial point! If you want to compliment someone on a dating app, it's best to choose something personal. While anyone can have stunning eyes, not everyone can reveal their personality through their bio. Let's assume his bio is humorous and made you chuckle or even burst out laughing. Acknowledge it! "I adore how you express your personality in your bio – you're hilarious!" Or maybe his bio is contemplative, almost poetic. You could message him and say, "You come across as such a reflective person, I can tell you put a lot of thought into writing your bio. I'd love to get to know you better!"


6. Compliment his style

Certainly! Men appreciate compliments on their fashion sense as well. You could praise his attire or inform him that he looks stunning in red. This can make you appear refreshing. However, ensure not to come across as a stalker or a creepy person, such as saying, "Hey, your jeans look incredibly nice and slim." That's strange. But if a guy has a keen fashion sense, don't be hesitant to inform him! To make it sound more natural, you could ask a follow-up question: "I adore your fashion sense, particularly that flannel in the first photo. Do you recall where you got it from? I might have to get one for myself!"


7. Add a quick compliment about his eyes

If you plan to compliment a guy's physical appearance, you'll want to stand out from the other messages in his inbox. You don't want to be one of those people who send the same "hey gorgeous" message with a smiley face. Instead, try to be unique. One approach is to compliment his eyes: "Your brown eyes are stunning, I've never seen anything like them before."


8. Keep it short

Finally, remember to keep your compliments brief. Sending a long paragraph about how beautiful his eyes are might come across as strange. Instead, keep it to one or two sentences and leave it at that. If he's interested in talking more, he'll let you know. Best of luck with your dating endeavors!

9. Make sure you're being genuine

If you want to compliment a guy on a dating app, make sure it's genuine. Insincere compliments are a big turn-off, so take the time to get to know him before saying something nice. When you find something that you genuinely appreciate or find noteworthy, mention it. Your authentic compliment will mean much more to him.