How To Become A Hooters Girl

How To Become A Hooters Girl

So you want to become a Hooters Girl? Today, we'll walk you through the steps you will have to take to join this exclusive club of waitresses. Yes, some people think that working as a Hooters Girl is degrading, but this view is highly subjective. To some ladies, being a Hooters Girl is a cherished and empowering achievement.

Otherwise, if you want to become a Hooters Girl, you can look forward to several great perks. For instance, the girls get to live glamorously, travel, get some training as performers, and get a chance to entertain (mostly) adoring guests.

When you become a Hooters Girl, you will also get to attend fun events, volunteer, appear in television commercials and calendars, participate in pageants, and get rockstar treatment in some places. Some of these servers establish successful social media careers based on the fact that they were Hooters Girls at some point in their lives.

So, it makes sense that a lot of girls would like to sign up as waitresses at Hooters. With that, let's have a look at how to become a Hooters Girl in three simple steps.

As you will soon realize, it takes more than a pretty face to become a Hooters Girl. You will also have to demonstrate talent, hard work, and a great personality.

1. Meet The Qualifications Necessary To Become A Hooters Girl

How To Become A Hooters Girl

Before you can think of working at Hooters, you have to be at least 18 years old. But to work at the bar, you would have to be at least 21 years old. Needless to say, to become a Hooters Girl, you need to demonstrate charisma, energy, customer service, and an ability to engage with the customers.

The folks at Hooters look at a lot more than a high school diploma and your age. This job involves entertaining guests, merchandising, and representing the company in promotions.

To become a Hooters Girl, you also need to have a high school diploma or GED. Fortunately, you don't need any experience in the hospitality industry to start the job application process at Hooters since they have to train you once they hire you. That said, having some waitressing experience can give you an edge when applying for a job in more competitive locations.

At Hooters, they also require you to have and maintain "an attractive and fit image." The establishment seeks to employ girls who embody the spirit of the All-American cheerleader, surfer girl, and the girl next door. Also try to be fun, entertaining, and upbeat if you want to become a Hooters Girl.

2. Find Out If They Are Hiring Hooters Girls

How To Become A Hooters Girl

As far as looking for actual opportunities goes, you should check out the jobs they are promoting on their websites. On the internet, you can find out if the location you desire to work at is hiring.

Some Hooters Girls simply walked into a location they were interested in working at and asked if they were hiring. In such cases, you should go in ready to have an interview on the spot, but they can also call you for an interview at a later date.

3. Prepare For The Interview To Become A Hooters Girl

How To Become A Hooters Girl

As tempting as it is, during the interview to become a Hooters Girl, you should avoid trying to look like a Hooters Girl. Dress casually and professionally, but also in a way that flatters your body because the hiring manager will be interested in your appearance. Hooters Girls are also a lot like models, and technically, you get hired as a performer, not a waitress.

Also, avoid makeup and hairstyles that are not a match for what they expect of Hooters Girls when attending the interview. It is also a great idea to hide any tattoos, which is also one of their job requirements.

Otherwise, expect to be asked questions about past work experiences, your views on customer service, and your ability to work in a team. They might also ask you how you respond to stressful situations and your availability.

After applying for a job, you should wait for about a week or so before expecting feedback on your application. However, you should not be afraid to inquire about the status of your application.

What To Expect Once You Become A Hooters Girl

How To Become A Hooters Girl

Once they have hired you to become a Hooters Girl, you will get some training. Also, once you get the job, you will have to sign an Acknowledgement Form.

In this document, you will have to indicate that you understand that you will be working in an environment where innuendos about female sex appeal are a regular thing. After all, you will be working in an environment where some men will feel like they can treat you in a certain way because you are wearing underwear-like shorts.

In general, you should not find the work environment intimidating, hostile, and offensive in consideration of the duties you will be performing and the uniform you will be required to wear while working there. You should also familiarize yourself with some of the rules Hooters Girls need to follow while on the job.

Common Misconceptions About Becoming A Hooters Girl

How To Become A Hooters Girl

Unlike what most people think, Hooters girls don't have to meet any weight limits. However, appearance certainly matters, and the waitresses tend to be slimmer.

Breast size is also not a big deal as most people imagine - girls of all bra sizes are welcome to work as Hooters Girls.

Additionally, looking as scantily dressed as you possibly can is not the secret to making more money. Patrons tip for services offered, which means girls that don't work hard shouldn't expect more than the usual 15% to 20% tip for standard service just because they are working at Hooters.

Guests only go an extra mile for waitresses that go the extra mile for them.

How Much Should You Expect To Make As A Hooters Girl?

How To Become A Hooters Girl

Hooters Girls make a base hourly wage, which varies from one place to another. In some states, the girls earn about $8 an hour. You will also get tips on top of what you make per hour, and these can be as high as $250 for waitresses and $300 for bartenders every day.

The benefit of working at Hooters is that you will have a more playful and exciting work environment in comparison to average servers. You can also make more money as a waitress at Hooters and have an easier time making friends.

As with any other eating establishment, you stand to make more as a Hooters Girl if you take time to know the regulars. Even if they have girls they already like, regular customers will usually show up when their preferred waitresses are not around, and they generally leave big tips regardless of who is serving them.

Finally, although a lot of guests would like you to keep chatting with them for as long as they are there, you should remember that you are there to work, not to socialize. This is one of the best ways to make some decent cash as a Hooters Girl.