How To Be With The "Difficult Girl"

How To Be With The "Difficult Girl"

People say that being with a difficult girl is impossible, but nothing in this life comes easy, and if it does, then it probably isn't worth having in the first place. Difficult girls may be hard to get along with sometimes, but they tend to be the best girls to spend your life with because they are the types that will be down for you no matter what.

Just because something is challenging, doesn't mean it isn't worth pursuing. Usually, the women who are hard to get along with or hard to be with are women who have been through a lot in life. Things have happened in prior relationships, or throughout their lives that make them build walls that are hard to break down. Deep down the women who are difficult to be with have the best hearts and the most sensual love you could ever receive.

We have made a tip list of the things that you can do to make things better in your relationship if you are dealing with a difficult girl.

Reassure her:

Make a point to check on her daily, ask her how she is feeling, or how her day at work is going. Showing her that you care about how she is doing makes her know that you really care. Surprise her with some flowers, or a dinner date so she can see that you are putting in an effort for your relationship with her and that you mean what you say you feel for her. Nothing helps more than the goodnight " I love you's," or the good morning kisses. Reassurance in any relationship is important, even if you are a man. Be sure that no matter who you are with, you let them know that you care and that they are the ones you want.

Realize that she is bent but not broken:

Most difficult girls have been through a lot in the past, from being screwed over by exes to childhood trauma that may have happened. She may feel and portray herself as broken, but here's where you can prove her wrong! It is up to you to show her that not all relationships or people are the same. Show her that you can be good to her and you will not hurt her as other people have. If she is sad about anything, hold her and let her know that you are here and you will not treat her like the rest has.

Fight for her, not with her:

When everyone else in her life turns their backs on her because she is difficult or in a bad mood, don't turn your back on her too. Be there for her to vent her anger, and remind her that you will never turn your back. Remember that there is a time for everything; If she is upset or having a bad day, it's not the best time to ask her when she will do the dishes or about anything that will further frustrate her.

Relationships in general, are a lot of work, as is everything else we want in this world. If you are ready to build a relationship and life with someone, put in the work, and it will go a long way. Let your woman know every single day what she means to you, love her, respect her and fight for her and you will make the relationship work.