How To Be Vegan In 30 Seconds – Watch The Video That Shows Meat ‘crawl’ Away From Plate

A life creature – could be a frog or a chicken – can be seen trying to get away from what is clearly the most dangerous place it has ever been on: a diner's plate. The rest of its kind is not as lucky, as they stay heaped on the plate.

People are still unsure what it is this person is eating. The bits of meat look like chicken or frogs.

But obviously, bits of chicken can't move around like this.

The most curious and eye-popping bit is that the creature seems to be trying to make a run for it, terribly scared of the fate that awaits.

TBH, vegans have never had a more convincing argument in support of their way of life.

Few Things Can Be This Gut-Wrenching

This is one of the most unnatural things anyone could ever see. An unidentified creature crawling off the plate and fall off to the table is a pretty graphic sight by any measure.

From what we can see in the video, the person who sets up the horror show does quite a bit of shouting. It's not clear what purpose this yelling does, but it seems like an important part of this process.

Unfortunately, that is not the weirdest part of this video.

By the way, if your guts are not strong enough to handle this, then you should probably give it a pass. This is not the kind of stuff you see every day.

how to be vegan in 30 seconds – watch the video that shows meat 'crawl' away from plate
how to be vegan in 30 seconds – watch the video that shows meat 'crawl' away from plate

But This Is Not Strange For Everybody

What is even more unsettling is that this is "normal" for some folks.

However, when the clip started doing its rounds on the web, many people were stunned. Most reactions were pretty strong, and understandably so.

Many people were genuinely confused because they didn't understand why someone would do such a thing.

It's not even that clear what exactly is going on, although the disgusting part is more than apparent.

how to be vegan in 30 seconds – watch the video that shows meat 'crawl' away from plate
how to be vegan in 30 seconds – watch the video that shows meat 'crawl' away from plate

It's Not Easy To Watch

Yes, you can see that the strange creatures are someone's meal. And yes, it is very clear that the person thoroughly enjoys this meal.

However, the fear the meal has of getting eaten alive is not a sight most people can handle.

Some people suspect that the creatures are half dead before they end up on the diner's plate. That would explain why this particular one is trying to make a run for it, probably after realizing that a painful and deadly fate lies ahead.

It is also possible, as some suspect, that the creature does not even know what is happening but is strongly reacting to getting salted. After all, why else would the squid-like delicacy seem to come to life so suddenly?

So, if you have been waiting for your chance to turn into a vegan, you can't hope for a better excuse than this video.

Whatever your stand is when it comes to eating meat, this is definitely not how to do it. No animal deserves to undergo this kind of horror.

This meal is not enthusiastic at the prospect of disappearing alive into some person's mouth: that much is clear.

If this dinner choice gets people so worked up, imagine how the poor creature feels to realize it is about to get chewed alive. We know they say that wonders will never cease, but many people sincerely hope these kinds of wonders do.