How To Be Irresistible To An Alpha Male

How To Be Irresistible To An Alpha Male

The heart wants what the heart wants, and if you are set on snatching up an alpha male, then knowing a few things about them might help. As you know, alpha males like to be in charge since they are born leaders. So, here's how to be irresistible to an alpha male.

An alpha male is not attracted to any kind of female, and if you are set on bagging one, there are a few adjustments you might have to make to your seduction game. Otherwise, you might not have a chance.

After all, only about 10% of men fall under the notorious "alpha male" category. Furthermore, many women seek an alpha male since these guys stand out for their charm, demeanor, and confidence. They know how to pursue, make decisions, take the lead, and make plans.

Among the things to master include dealing with an alpha male and what traits give a man alpha male traits. And learning a thing or two about getting male attention.

1. Leverage Your Feminine Energy

how to be irresistible to an alpha male

If you are to catch the attention of an alpha male, you have to ooze irresistible feminine energy. Although you should be confident, it's important to demonstrate traits that complement his manly traits.


This guy is definitely not looking for a pushover, but he still wants a woman who brings some feminine delight into his life.

Clearly, if you like being in charge, then an alpha male might not be the best option for you. That would only end in power struggles that would make your relationship a difficult one.

It's more important that you go for classic feminine traits. You should prove to him that you can follow his lead and that you are happy with him taking charge. If you can also give him that illusion, you can also stand a chance.

That said, it's important to seek an alpha male who does not treat you like his servant. He has to appreciate everything you will bring to the table, although you will not usually be in charge. Your opinions and individuality still matter and should be respected.

2. Let Him Pursue You

how to be irresistible to an alpha male

One of the classic traits of an alpha male is the desire to do the chasing. This is an irresistible thrill for this man. On a very deep level, he believes that any woman worth having has to be pursued first.


So, if you are too easy on him or try to do the chasing, instead, he might not appreciate the gesture. That might be very welcome for a beta male, but alpha males are wired differently. They like knowing that they worked for what they have, including their partners.

I should also mention a world of difference between playing hard to get and showing a lack of interest. Make sure that you don't create the impression that you are not interested in your attempts to play hard to get and make the wooing fun.

Once in a while, make him know that you see something special about him. That should keep him interested. Definitely don't do things like showing him that you are more interested in another man. You should seduce and tease, and he will love the thrill of chasing you.

However, you can court the attention of other men while still proving to him that you are available to the man who makes an effort. He will certainly take up the challenge. So, learn how to get an alpha male to chase you, and the odds are that he will end up being yours.

3. Upgrade Yourself

how to be irresistible to an alpha male

There's a reason we call them alpha males. It's because they want the very best life has to offer. Even when seeking partners, alpha males look for the best women they can find.

So, if you have been a little average, then you should definitely do an upgrade to keep this guy interested.

This includes changing the way you dress, talk, and mannerisms. Let him truly appreciate that you are a woman who stands out from among the rest in one way or another.

Unless the guy sees that you are truly special, he will have little motivation to pursue you.

And to make your mission more successful, you can learn more about the kind of woman your love interest wants. Alpha males know exactly what they want. That means you can find a lot of information about the kind of partner they seek to improve your chances of success.

Confidence is also another thing you need to get the attention of an alpha male. Just because you are a feminine woman does not mean you should be laid back.

Confidence is very sexy, and it's very irresistible to an alpha male as long as it's not mixed up with arrogance.


A woman who is not comfortable in her own skin will have a lot of trouble attracting an alpha male. If you don't stand out to an alpha male, you will most likely end up in the friend zone. Whether you like it or not, you have to prove yourself to an alpha male.

4. Have Passion

how to be irresistible to an alpha male

Alpha males do everything with passion. That is what makes them stand out from many other people. When they want something, they give it their all and make sure no obstacles keep them from achieving their goals. This is the kind of spirit they admire in others. They also want women who are passionate about all they do.

If you can impress an alpha male with your passion and dedication to your goals, you have a very good chance of winning his heart.

Women alpha males fall for have to be passionate. You don't have to be a raging success, but you need to have a lot of passion for getting their attention and admiration. Just because they have a dominant masculine personality, it does not mean you sit back and let them do everything.

Finally, learn to look for signs of alpha male attraction. Luckily, these guys are pretty clear about their desires and intentions. When an alpha male wants you, they will make it clear in any number of ways.

Obvious signs of alpha male attraction include being asked out for a date and so forth. However, getting an alpha male's attention is not enough; you have to keep the man interested by maintaining an air of feminine mystery around you. That's how to be irresistible to an alpha male.