How To Attract Quality Men – Look Expensive

How To Attract Quality Men – Look Expensive

Can you recall that advice from the "law of attraction" world – give a little to gain a lot? Well, the same rule applies to all those ladies who want to attract affluent men and create a beautiful and carefree life for themselves.

You must look expensive to merge with the "expensive" for sure. However, you don't need to invest in anything costly to achieve this result. Your appearance, mixed with the proper attitude, will determine your real value in men's eyes. And this first impression will open the door to success.

There is no need to fall into quiet desperation if you don't have the means to buy designer pieces right now. Nor is my intention to advise you to throw a couple of thousands of dollars on limited-edition handbags or an exquisite pair of shoes.

You will be free to do it when you have enough money in your retirement account and investment portfolio. But not before that. So be wise, get rid of those childish wishes, and become more realistic.

The style and luxurious appearance can be studied, learned, and embedded as every other information around us. First, you must create a realistic image of your body, hair, and face. Yes, you can exercise, eat healthily, take care of your skin, etc. And I sincerely hope you'll do. However, before everything else, you need to look in the mirror.

The woman you see reflecting is you; at this moment, you must accept everything you see. It doesn't matter how slim, fat, tall, short, wide hips, short limbs you are, or how good or ugly your nose, breasts, or hair look. This is you, and nature doesn't make mistakes, so accept yourself. And start loving the image you see.

How to Fake Luxury

how to attract quality men – look expensive

The next famous step is to learn how to cover little flaws and accentuate physical qualities. But, not too much. For instance, if you have beautiful full lips, there is no need to make them bigger because you'll look cheaper, not more expensive. The same goes for your breasts, waist, hips, and so on.

You have to learn the proper measure of things and look your best. Not the modeling best, nor your best girlfriend best, just your best. This is why you have all the world of makeup and styling videos at your disposal. And in some spare moments, watch them and use them for your own benefit.

Please use the same principles when it comes to fashion because fashion is notoriously known for being fast. You don't need fashion, especially if you are over thirty.

You need your own style. And treat this rule as a benefiting factor because the stylish appearance doesn't fall under the current trends' craziness. You can parade in one dress, coat, or shoes for years and years, looking glamorous and timeless.

The True Beauty Is In The Proper Measure

how to attract quality men – look expensive

In this sense, you must cure yourself of fashion trends. And if some dress, for instance, or a type of a body, is in the spotlight right now, you shouldn't mind if it doesn't correlate with your qualities. Leave those mistakes for young girls, and you'll become the invincible one.

You see, perhaps once upon a time, second-hand or thrift stores were reserved for the poor people, but today, this is an entirely different story. Now, thrift stores are called vintage shops. And those who visit them praise themselves the most because they are not into fast and unsustainable fashion. The main reason, though, is that vintage pieces are extremely cheap, versatile, and in many cases, of a way better quality.

Another great option is to hire a seamstress or learn how to sew yourself. Not so long ago, each home had a sewing machine, and at least one woman in the house knew how to play with this thing. Surely, someone in your home or neighborhood can remember where this machine is right now and lend it to you. And if you think once more, this could be the best skill you've gained because it will enable you to create cheap and beautiful, personally tailored clothes.

The Best Shopping Venues

how to attract quality men – look expensive

As the core part of your wardrobe, you will need a few nicely fitted white shirts and one black or very dark silky blouse. Then you will shop for black pants. Next, invest in a black skirt and, of course, a fitted black jacket. A little black dress is a must.

Also, one preferably red dress, but any other color matching your complexion will do. And a lighter and darker pair of jeans will be the cornerstones of your closet. Everything else can match with those pieces.

Besides clothes, you will have to invest in black higher and lower heels (for night and day), nude and red heels, and black boots. Add one small but elegant handbag. And one just a bit larger, let's say in some neutral color, and you are all done.

Keep the color of your hair natural. This means to keep away from ultra-purple, blue and green, and try to apply the same rule to your nails because men love solely nude (beige or soft pink) or red nails, not too short, but not too long either.

Target The Proper Men

how to attract quality men – look expensive

Of course, some men will instantly recognize that you are faking the expensive style. They will immediately notice that your handbag is not the original this or that name, but something bought at the local open market. And you can't do a thing about it. On the other side, you don't need a man with those perceptive qualities unless you intend to marry a fashion designer.

Most affluent men don't know and really don't care about the brands on your stuff. They love to see a beautiful woman. Of course, with an elegant appearance and polite attitude. And remember that no man of means will notice a sloppy woman in outworn jeans and a big t-shirt screaming a rock-metal band's name all over it.

Discipline your mind, spirit, and body, and don't get lazy thinking about how hard it is to dress up. It's not. It's hard to be poor and hungry. Luxury demands discipline. But discipline leads toward wealth. Look your best, and you will attract your best man.