How To Ask Out A Guy That You Barely Know (8 Ways)

Initiating a date with someone you have feelings for can be daunting. However, taking the initiative can be attractive to most men. Here are 8 ways to ask out a guy you barely know:

1. Keep It General

To ease the pressure of your request while still demonstrating your interest, keep your approach general. You can say, "I've really enjoyed spending time with you lately, let's do it again soon."

This approach keeps things open-ended while still expressing your interest. It is likely that he will respond positively and suggest specific days and times that work for him. If you have been seeing him regularly, such as in a study group, he may simply reply, "That sounds awesome, see you next time!"

By doing this, you have planted a seed in his mind that you are interested in getting to know him better, which will lead to further conversations and eventually, an intentional date.

2. Ask Him On A Shared Adventure

If you have had good conversations and discovered common interests, these can serve as excellent starting points for a first date. People love finding others who share their passions so they have someone to enjoy them with.

To bond over your shared interests, ask him about something that would be fun for both of you. You can say, "You like sushi? I love it too! But none of my friends do. Let me know if you'd ever like to get some sushi together, it would be great to have a sushi buddy!"

Alternatively, you could suggest seeing a band you both like or going to a comedy show if you both enjoy a good laugh.

3. Offer To Help Him With Something

A subtle approach to building a connection with a new acquaintance is to offer assistance. This is a routine aspect of establishing new friendships and professional connections, so it won't seem overly aggressive.

If someone is experiencing stress at work, you can offer to help by saying, "I understand that you're going through a tough time with a project at work. I happen to be a trained accountant, and I'd be happy to take a look at your bookkeeping if you're interested."

Another way to help is by offering to assist with personal tasks, such as moving, cleaning, or lending something that may be useful.

However, it's important to be mindful of not becoming a pushover. If you don't know someone well, they may take advantage of your willingness to help.

4. Ask For His Number First

Asking someone out for the first time can be nerve-wracking, especially if you're shy or nervous. In this case, instead of directly asking them out, you can aim to get their number.

You can say something like, "I've really enjoyed getting to know you. Can I have your number? Maybe we can catch up sometime."

After getting their number, send them a message a couple of days later and express your enjoyment of talking to them. If you're interested, suggest going on a date.

This approach has the added benefit of giving the person time to think about it before being put on the spot. It's especially helpful if you've just met and they're trying to decide if they're interested in dating in general.

5. Have A Friend Ask Him For You

If you're still feeling nervous about asking someone out, consider enlisting the help of a mutual friend. You can say, "I really like this guy I met last weekend, but he hasn't asked for my number. Can you text him and let him know how much fun we had together? Let me know what happens."

If they're interested, they'll likely respond to the message and set up a date without much trouble. This approach can also be useful for shy individuals as they only need to pass along a message.

If you are unsure if the guy you are interested in will accept your invitation to go out, you can ask your friend to find out for you. This will spare you the embarrassment of being turned down in front of others.

6. Invite Him To Hang Out With Your Friends

If you've recently met the guy and are out with friends, one effective strategy to ask him out is to include him in the group activities.

Simply ask, "Would you like to come along with us?" if your group is heading to another venue, such as a bar or club.

Another option is to extend an invitation the next time your group is getting together. You can say something like, "It was great dancing with you, and we come here every Thursday. Let me know if you're interested in joining us next time."

Offer him your phone number, and let him know that he can reach you through a message or call when he's ready to make a decision.

7. Let Him Know Where You'll Be

To ensure that you see the guy again, let him know where he can find you. This works well if you met him at a social gathering, such as a nightclub, bar, or party.

You could say, "I had a great time with you at Salsa night! I think you'll also enjoy another group I go to regularly. I'll be there next Saturday."

If he's interested in seeing more of you, he's likely to show up. This is a subtle way to reconnect without having to exchange personal information.

8. Hang Out At The Same Place As Him

If the guy has mentioned that he frequents a certain bar, you can show up there on your own. You can obtain information about his hangout spots through mutual friends.

Although approaching him may feel awkward, with good communication skills, starting a polite conversation should be manageable. This allows you to chat a few times naturally before asking him out, avoiding any pressure.