How To Ask A Guy What He Is Looking For (Examples)

Determining a man's stance in a relationship can be difficult, but don't worry, we're here to assist you.

Here are some methods for inquiring about his relationship goals:

1. "Do You Have Feelings For Anyone Else?"

When you encounter a man for the first time and have limited information about him, it may be unclear if he is single. Avoid making assumptions, even if he appears to be flirting. He could be in a relationship, casually dating, or still recovering from a recent breakup.

By gaining insight into his current situation, you can determine his availability in the present moment and possibly even in the future, provided he is willing to share with you.

2. "What Is Your Dream Girl Like?"

Asking this question is useful in the initial stages of dating. He may provide detailed or general answers, but either way, it will give you a clearer understanding of his vision for his life and whether there is room for someone else to be a part of it.

If the man you are interested in gives ambiguous responses about the type of woman he is attracted to, don't hesitate to ask for more clarity. This conversation should be enjoyable for him as it does not pertain to a specific ex or previous relationship that may make him uncomfortable.

3. "What's The Longest Relationship You've Ever Had?"

This inquiry assists you in comprehending his possible outlook toward relationships in the future. He might respond with something along the lines of, "I have had several extended partnerships and I do not intend to tie the knot in the near future."

He could also inform you that they each lasted no more than six months, which indicates that he has a history of lacking commitment.

4. "Is Marriage (Or Children) In Your Future?"

This is yet another inquiry that could provide insight into his views on long-term dating. He may respond by saying, "I'm still young, so I don't give much thought to things like marriage at this point."

If this is not a current priority for him, but it could be in the future, he may reply, "I believe that if you come across the right individual, it becomes a matter worth considering."

He may also inform you that he has no aspirations for marriage and/or children as these things do not hold significance for him. Understanding what a man values can aid in making informed decisions about any potential relationships in the future.

5. "Where Are You At Right Now?"

Some men may experience discomfort when answering weighty inquiries about their past or future plans. The most effective way to handle this is by focusing on their present situation and having a conversation about it.

You can pose this question in various formats, such as inquiring about his recent emotional state or if he is content with his current relationship circumstances.

This is an excellent inquiry to make during the early stages of dating, especially if you wish to avoid progressing too quickly. It also demonstrates to him that your focus is not on his past or distant future plans, but rather on the current dynamic between the two of you.

6. "Do You Know A Lot Of People In Relationships?"

The individuals in our social circle can reveal much about our behavior, habits, and values. If you are dating a man and all of his friends are married with children, it suggests that he may harbor a desire (or at least feel societal pressure) to attain similar milestones in life.

It is important to inquire about his closest friends, coworkers, and family members. These are the individuals who wield the greatest impact on him and his future plans.

7. "What Are Your Current Priorities?"

This inquiry is valuable as it lays the groundwork for future discussions. If the response is, "I don't quite understand," or a look of bewilderment appears upon being asked about his aspirations in life, it could indicate a lack of clarity about his long-term plans. This could imply that he is not yet prepared to make a relationship a priority.

Conversely, if he possesses a well-defined understanding of his priorities and mentions that seeking a meaningful relationship is among them, he may be more inclined towards a committed relationship.

8. "What Does An Ideal Life Look Like For You?"

If you prefer not to inquire directly about his ideal partner, you can always inquire about his other aspirations and dreams. If you are seeking a partner who values family, you can ask about the lifestyle and environment he envisions for future children.

It is important to ensure that you do not steer the conversation excessively towards relationships if he is more enthusiastic about other subjects. Allow him to freely discuss the things that hold significance to him.

9. "How Do You Feel About Me?"

Being aware of what a man desires, in general, can be advantageous, but gaining insight into his specific feelings towards you is much more revealing.

What distinguishes you or sets you apart from the women he has previously dated? The responses to these questions can assist you in evaluating the level of commitment he holds in the relationship.

If you are uncertain about a man's interest in advancing the relationship toward something more meaningful, this question can prove useful.

Asking this question can also be advantageous if the relationship is not progressing as desired and if there are any warning signs that have been bothering him.

10. "Do You Think We Have A Future?"

Building upon the previous inquiry, you can ask him to share his perspectives on the future of the relationship.

If you find yourself in a casual dating scenario and have doubts about the relationship deepening, this question can be useful as it provides clarity on whether he shares those same uncertainties or desires a more serious outcome.

This inquiry can be intimidating and may pose a challenge to answer face-to-face if he lacks the intention of committing to you for the long term. Allow him some time to reflect on the question and offer him the opportunity to respond in a day or two.

However, if he avoids the question or takes an extended period to answer, it could be an indication that he is not interested in advancing the relationship toward something more serious.