How To Ask A Guy To Watch A Movie With You (Examples In Person & Over Text)

Searching for ways to request a movie date with a guy? Look no further.

We have several ready-made phrases and creative suggestions for you to choose from.


Just Go For It!

You don't need a fancy introduction or witty remark to ask a guy to the cinema. If you're in need of advice, we've got you covered, and you'll find it below. However, we must emphasize that straightforwardness is attractive. There's no need to conceal your intention.

A straightforward, "Do you want to watch a movie with me this weekend?" has proven to be effective over time.

For a modern twist, consider saying: "The latest Halloween film comes out tonight! I'll get the tickets if you get the snacks!"

Work The Actor/actress Into The Conversation

Is there a popular actor or actress in the movie? Mentioning someone in the film makes the invitation feel smoother and more effortless.

Here's an example:

"Did you see Zendaya's red carpet appearance? So different from her role in 'Dune'. Have you watched the trailer yet? It looks fantastic! Let's go see it."

"Have you heard all the juicy rumors about Armie Hammer's behavior on the set of 'Call Me By Your Name'? I want to see it and find out what the drama is about! Want to watch it tonight?"

Ask Him If He's Read The Book

Of course, this only works if the movie is based on a book. However, these days, with a limited number of original films being released, it's not uncommon for new movies to be based on books, graphic novels, or as part of a series (refer to tip #3).

If he has perused the book, inquire if he is eager to catch the film adaptation! Book enthusiasts tend to get anxious about movie renditions. Offer your support and accompany him to watch it.

Consider these options:

"Are you concerned that this new version of 'Dune' might spoil your favorite book? We should view it together, so you don't have to face it alone!"

"Did you read the novel that 'The Green Knight' was based on? I did too! not many people have! We should plan to go watch the movie together."

Is He Invested In The Series?

As previously stated, there's a lack of originality in the movies being released lately. Regardless if it's Jurassic Park, Avengers, Batman, or The Matrix, you'll have a lot of options to choose from.

For instance:

"I adored the original Matrix trilogy - I'm thrilled to see what they have in store for the upcoming installment! Shall we go watch it together?"

" 'Thor: Ragnarok' was amazing, there's no way 'Thor: Love and Thunder' can match it. Would you like to see it with me when it premieres?"

Bring Up The Reviews

Mentioning what others are saying about the movie is a great way to broach the idea of watching it together. It works regardless of the movie's reviews - whether it's getting terrible or fantastic ones!

If your guy is a movie buff, entice him with positive reviews and tell him that the movie is a must-watch! He'll seize the opportunity to view it with you.

"Can you believe the new 'Candyman' movie got a 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? That's such a high score for a horror movie! It must be something extra. Let's go watch it tonight before it stops running!"

If he has a sarcastic personality, bring up that a mutual friend saw the movie and said it was hilariously bad. Invite him to join you to make fun of it together.

"Can you believe that the movie 'Old' was even made? I heard it's so bad that it's actually good. Like, it's funny but not intentionally. Do you want to go watch it and make our own assessment tonight?"

No Spoilers!

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are notorious for spoiling movies. Everywhere I look, I see a meme or clip that I have to quickly scroll past. Personally, I prefer not to watch movie trailers.

Remind him that you need to see this movie ASAP before it gets ruined for you. If he agrees, propose that you go see it together.

"OK, TikTok is determined to ruin the end of 'Old' for me. I have to go see it today before the twist gets spoiled. Have you watched it already? Let's go together!"

"These 'Mortal Kombat' memes are driving me crazy! Have you seen them everywhere too? We need to go see it before I find out the entire plot from Instagram."

Ask Him For His LetterBoxd

Checking out his movie preferences on LetterBoxd will give you a better idea, so you won't be going in blind.

Here's an idea for a date:

"Wow, you love scary movies too! Do you want to join me to watch the new 'Paranormal Activity'? Everyone else is too scared to see it!"

"Your movie critiques are so insightful! I often feel like I leave the cinema with a vague understanding of what I just saw. Would you like to accompany me to see 'The Woman in the Window' tomorrow evening so you can share your movie evaluation techniques with me?"


1. Excuse me, without sounding too creepy, do you enjoy horror movies? There's a new 'Halloween' film that's just come out, but everyone seems too frightened to watch it with me. (Refer to tip #6 to determine his preferred movie genres)

2. Oh my gosh, it seems like everyone has already watched 'The Many Saints of Newark', except for me. Have you had the chance to see it? Would you like to join me in viewing it together?

3. My friend, [insert mutual friends' names here], are saying that A24 has done it again with 'The Green Knight'. Let's go watch it so we can join in on the discussions!

4. That's it. I nearly had the movie 'Malignant' ruined for me one too many times. Would you like to join me in seeing it tonight so I can finally enjoy using social media again?"

5. I'm pretty certain that we're the only ones who are interested in 'Dune' since we're the only ones who read the book. Would you like to go see if the movie does it justice this weekend?

6. I heard that our favorite actor, Nicolas Cage, is in the new 'Prisoners of Ghostland' movie that's coming out this weekend. Would you like to support him at the box office by joining me this weekend?


I know this may be an irritating answer, but it all depends. I believe any movie outing can potentially turn into a date, even if it didn't start out that way. Perform a vibe check before you sit down. Is he flirty? Excited to be with you? Bored? (Hopefully not the last one!) If you get a date-like feeling, try holding his hand during the movie, or grabbing his arm during a scary scene! This will give you a definite answer.