How To Ask A Guy To Facetime (7 Ways)

It's time to elevate your relationship by communicating in person rather than solely through text messages. Asking your crush to meet in person may be nerve-wracking, but here are some suggestions to make it easier.

Here are 7 simple methods for requesting a FaceTime call with a guy:

1. Ask Him Directly

The most effective way to move from text and phone conversations to video calls is to directly ask the guy. This approach shows that you are a self-assured individual who is clear about their desires.

You could say something like, "Hey! Would you be interested in FaceTiming sometime?"

If he agrees, that's great! You can proceed and ask him when it's convenient for him. If he declines or doesn't respond, that's okay as well. It demonstrates to him that you are self-assured enough to make the request and confident enough to accept a "no" answer.

2. Tell Him You Need To Be Hands-free

If you wish to request a FaceTime call with a guy without being too straightforward, you can tell him you need to have your hands free.

You can say something like, "Hey! I'm going to do something exciting today and need to keep my hands free. Would it be alright if we use FaceTime instead of text?"

3. Show Him Something On The Video Call

Another way to ask a guy to FaceTime is by showing him something interesting over video call. This can be especially effective if you are already communicating through text and phone calls. You can say something like, "Hey! My dog looks particularly adorable today, would you like to FaceTime so I can show you?"

If he appears keen on what you're showing him, this can be a natural and relaxed transition into a video call.

4. Introduce Him to Someone

If you're texting with a guy and have company, such as friends or a family member you want to introduce him to, you can suggest a video call as an introduction.

You can say something like, "Hey! I have a friend visiting me and she wants to meet you. Would you like to FaceTime?"

Meeting your friends could put pressure on your partner if they're nervous. However, it may be a more comfortable way to ease into a video call, even though you won't be alone during the call.

5. Tell Him You're Testing Your Phone

It's not appropriate to make up excuses to manipulate someone into doing something they may not want to do, like a video call. It's important to respect the other person's boundaries and preferences.

"Hey, would you mind hopping on a video call with me? I've been having trouble with my phone camera and I wanted to check if it's working properly"

It's not appropriate to use a pretext to manipulate someone into doing something they may not want to do. It's important to be honest and respectful of the other person's boundaries and preferences. Instead of using a pretext, you can simply express your desire to have a video call with him and ask if he is available and willing to do it.

6. Play a Game With Him

As video calling has become increasingly popular in recent years, new forms of communication and interaction have emerged in addition to the traditional conversation.

Playing games over video chat can be a fun way to interact with your partner. You can suggest playing games like Charades, Trivial Pursuit, Would You Ever, and Pictionary during your call. You can ask your partner if they're interested in playing games and suggest some options as a way to transition into the call.

Playing games together can be a relaxed and enjoyable way to spend time with your partner over a video call. It can also facilitate conversation and bonding between the two of you. Suggesting games can be a subtle way to invite him to join you without being pushy or demanding.

7. Ask to See His Place

If you're already chatting, you can bring up his living space, and you can ask him about his room or what he has on his walls. He may be willing to share pictures or even suggest a video call to show you in person.

If he doesn't bring up the idea of showing you his living space, you can express your interest in seeing it by saying something like, "I'm really curious about your place, would you mind showing me? Can we hop on a video call?" Be respectful and don't insist or force him if he doesn't want to.

Be mindful not to appear overly assertive or insistent when asking to see his personal space. He may prefer not to reveal it if it's not in pristine condition or if there isn't much to see.


A man may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious on a video call if he is not accustomed to it, especially if he is attracted to you. To ease his nerves, you can try the following:

Express Confidence

Keep in mind that he may be more nervous than you, so don't let your nerves affect your behavior. Show confidence by staying composed and speaking clearly. Maintaining eye contact and good posture can also demonstrate your self-assurance.

Take The Lead

Silences during FaceTime can cause discomfort for a man. Don't hesitate to guide the conversation by asking engaging questions. If he's being reserved, feel free to share some personal anecdotes to ease the pressure on him.

Use Positive Body Language

Positive body language can indicate to a man that you are engaged in the conversation. Show that you're listening by leaning forward and nodding your head. Smiling can also help keep the conversation light and friendly. Using hand gestures can also make the conversation feel more relaxed and connected.

Eliminate Distractions

Ensure that your surroundings are quiet, so that you have his undivided attention. Turn off the TV or any other potential distractions that may take away from the conversation.

Poor signal quality can cause disruptions such as delays, unclear audio, and even disconnections. To avoid these issues, ensure that you are in an area with strong reception or near a reliable wifi connection before starting the video call.


You can make a FaceTime call more interesting by being prepared. Here are some ways to do this:

Have Your FaceTime In An Interesting Area

Enhance your video by choosing an interesting location or room to FaceTime from, such as a place with a beautiful view, or an interesting area nearby.

Ensure that the phone is held at an appropriate angle and that the lighting is good, so that you are clearly visible.

Show and Tell

Use FaceTime as an opportunity to show off something interesting to your partner, like clothing or accessories you're wearing, projects you're working on, or something new you recently acquired.

Talk About What You Have in Common

Make the conversation more engaging by sharing common interests, such as favorite music, movies, TV shows, and books. Also, discussing recent activities or fond childhood memories can foster a deeper connection.