How To Ask A Guy To Come Over To Your House (10 Things To Say)

Looking for guidance on inviting a guy to visit your home? This is the right resource for you.

We've gathered some tips to help you invite him over without feeling uncomfortable or awkward.


1. "Do You Want to Play Board Games?"

Playing board games can be an effective way to bond and engage in activities together without having to constantly initiate conversation. There are various options available to suit different relationship dynamics with the man.

For instance, to better understand him, you can opt for a game like Taboo. To enhance intimacy, games like Cards Against Humanity and Joking Hazard can be a light-hearted way to introduce more personal topics.

You can also ask him for his preferred games or if he would be willing to bring over some games.

2. "I'm Having Some Friends Over. Would You Like to Join?"

Inviting a guy over to your home while hosting others can make the request feel more relaxed and informal, particularly when you have just started dating. This approach may be beneficial if you both prefer to take things slow in the early stages of a relationship before becoming more committed.

This strategy can be beneficial when you want to avoid the appearance of making serious plans or avoiding any uncomfortable conversation regarding the purpose of his visit.

It's important to also express that his presence is desired but not mandatory, and that he should feel free to decline the invitation if he is unable or uninterested. Additionally, you can ask him if he would like to bring any friends along to join in the gathering at your home.

3. "I'm Tired of This Party. Let's Go Somewhere Else"

At times, the most suitable moment to invite a guy over is when you are already spending time together. This can make the request feel more organic and comfortable.

It's important to keep in mind that inviting someone to your home after a date can have certain implications. It should only be considered if you are comfortable with the possibility of a sexual encounter.

If you prefer to take things slower, it's important to be clear about your intentions and make sure you don't give him the wrong idea. It's perfectly fine to let him know that you don't expect anything physical to happen during his visit.

4. "I'd Love to Watch a Movie at My Place. Would You Like to Come Over?"

"Netflix and chill" is a modern way of saying "let's hang out" when you want to spend time with someone you're romantically interested in, without making it a formal date.

You can ask him if he has any favorite movies or has recently watched any, and then pick a film to watch together.

This informal approach can be beneficial when you're just starting to date and want to allow the relationship to develop naturally before becoming more serious.

As a benefit, watching a movie will help you avoid uncomfortable silences and unsuccessful dates. This takes the pressure off of having to come up with topics of conversation during the date and allows you to simply enjoy each other's company.

5. "I Would Love to Get To Know You Better. Can I Have You Over For Some Drinks and Conversation?"

This straightforward approach may make some people feel uneasy, however, it's great for those who appreciate deep conversations and intellectual discussions in new relationships.

If you've been dating someone and feel ready to take the relationship to the next level, it's best to be honest and express your thoughts and feelings.

It is likely that he would also appreciate spending time alone with you, making this a mutually beneficial situation.

If you have specific subjects in mind that you want to talk about with him, let him know what you're going to talk about.

It's a good idea to have some snacks ready, create a comfortable atmosphere in your home, and play some music. This will help things to feel more relaxed and natural when he arrives.

6. "I Have a Great Record Collection at My House. Want to Check It Out?"

This is one way to suggest showing him something interesting in your home. If you don't have a record collection, perhaps you have a unique plant or art collection that you can share with him.

Having something to show him will provide a better reason for spending time together in one place, rather than struggling to come up with conversation topics or deciding on a movie to watch.

7. "I Would Love to Cook Dinner for You Tonight!"

A home-cooked meal is an effective way to demonstrate your affection to your guy since dinner is known to be a way to a man's heart.

Inviting him to your home for a homemade meal will feel natural and make sense to your guy, as preparing a meal in a public area or someone else's kitchen can be challenging.

If you're new to cooking or not confident in making bread dough alone, it might be more appropriate to invite him to enjoy some takeout or for another reason instead of preparing a homemade meal.

8. "Can You Help Me Install My New Air Conditioner?"

Asking for help is an effective way to communicate to your guy that you want him around.

It's important to note, however, that asking for help should be avoided in situations where the task is too difficult or dangerous. This is to ensure that your guy does not leave with an unsafe association with your home and you.

For small tasks such as heavy lifting, small to medium-sized cleaning, or organizational tasks, consider asking for his help.

Remember to show your appreciation for his help by doing something nice for him, such as offering him a drink or snack.

9. "Come Over and Meet My Dog Some Time"

Many people love dogs, and spending time with them can be a great way to ease into a conversation and get to know someone better.

If your guy is not a fan of dogs, this might not be the most appealing reason for him to come over unless he is willing to give it a try.

But if you have another dog lover in mind that you want to introduce, this might be a good way for them to meet.

10. "My Roommates Are Out of Town. Would You Like to Hang Out?"

If you've been dating someone for some time and you want to take the relationship to the next level, it may be appropriate to invite them over for a one-on-one visit.

This is especially beneficial if your roommates tend to be outgoing or dominate your dates, as it will give you the opportunity to have privacy and take control of the living space.

This is an ideal opportunity for a more romantic setting, such as a dinner for two, a movie night on the couch, or an intimate massage.