How To Ask A Guy Out For Drinks (In Person & Via Text)

Asking a guy out for a drink can feel extremely intimidating, especially since for a long time it was expected that only guys would make the first move. As a result, many girls lack the experience or a model to follow.

That's where I come in. Continue reading to find ways to take control and invite a guy out for a drink, whether face-to-face or through a text message.


Tease Him About His Taste

Teasing has been a common flirting technique since childhood. Although it may be considered slightly problematic, many guys enjoy the challenge of trying to outdrink a girl. It's a symbol of masculinity for them.

For example, if you're at a party and notice the guy you're interested in is holding a light beer or a vodka mix, you could gesture towards the drink and say, "aw, that's cute. Personally, I prefer more mature drinks. I bet I could drink you under the table". When he responds, challenge him to go out for drinks with you and prove your claim.

Another option could be to say, "That's a pretty basic choice you've made. Let me take you out and show you some real drinks!"

Tempt Him With Novelty

If the guy has a favorite local pub that he frequents every weekend, you could mention that you saw they have a new beer on tap this weekend. Maybe it's a limited fall or winter flavor that you need to try before the season ends!

You could say, "Did you see the new fall harvest beer that *insert name of bar here* just got in? It looks amazing! What are you doing this weekend? We should go try it out!

Or add a sense of urgency to it by saying, "They're likely to run out of that new brew before the end of the weekend. We should go grab one tonight!"

Ask Him On A Brewery Date

If the guy has a specific preference for beer or liquor, you could use Google to find nearby breweries or distilleries that cater to his taste.

Here's how you can bring it up in the conversation: "Hey, I saw that Stateside Vodka is having a free taste test this weekend. I'm curious to see if I can distinguish the different flavors. Would you like to join me in trying it out?"

Or you could try this: "I heard that Black Dog Brewery has a variety of stouts to taste. As a stout connoisseur, I'm sure you've already been there. Would you like to take me tomorrow night to show me your favorites?"

Let's Get Outta Here

Parties provide a good opportunity to spend some face-to-face time with your crush, but the drink options are limited. Jungle juice may be a popular choice, but it's also quite unappetizing.

A couple of hours into the party, when both of you have had a good time but it's not too late, ask him if he would like to leave with you to get a real drink!

Try using this line: "Hey, I don't think I can handle any more of this juice. Would you like to get out of here and grab a proper drink?"

Or opt for the straightforward approach: "I've had enough partying for the night – I'm getting an Uber to go to the bar. Do you want to come along?"

When In Doubt, Just Ask!

If you bump into him while you're out and about, or see him in a group setting, or have a class together, you can do it!

Gather up the courage and say the magic words, "We should go grab a drink sometime." No tricks or reasons are needed.

It might be easier for you to preface your date proposal with some context or a joke, but it's not necessary. Your guy will appreciate a straightforward approach.

You could also say something like, "Hey, I saw a pub just around the corner from here and I was thinking of checking it out after class. Would you like to come along?"


Send Him A Social Media Post

So while you're scrolling through Insta or Twitter, you come across a post from your local bar about an event they're having, a new drink debut, or just a regular invitation to come in over the weekend. Sharing the post with him can be a great way to initiate a conversation!

Send it along with a simple text like, "You in?" or "We should check it out!"

Another approach is to send the post with a comment like, "Sounds too good to miss!" and let him take the lead in officially asking you to join.

I'm Going, Come With!

This works whether you're planning a night out with a group or trying to get some one-on-one time with him. Let him know you're headed to the bar and he'd better come along if he doesn't want to miss out! Think of it as the 'Get in loser, we're going shopping' approach.

Shoot him a text that says, "Hey, a group of us are heading to the bar, want to meet me there? It's going to be a night you don't want to miss!"

Or take a more intimate approach by texting, "I'm thinking of going out for a drink tonight, want to come keep me company?"

Any Recommendations?

Do you know what part of town he lives in? If you're in the area, send him a text! Whether you're visiting a friend or running errands nearby, ask for recommendations and see if he wants to join you.

Here's how: "Hey! You around? I'm at the shopping center on Laurel Ave and I'm craving a drink. Want to show me one of your favorite local spots?"

Or try, "OMG, what do you do for fun around here? I'm staying with my grandparents and I'm so bored. Do you have any bar recommendations and some free time this weekend?"

What Are You Doing Tonight?

This is the most direct approach via text. Instead of the "I'm going, come with" strategy, this one directly asks him to make plans with you.

Start the conversation with a simple question like, "What are you up to tonight?" If he's free, just ask, "Do you want to grab a drink later?" Simple and direct.

Or be bold right off the bat with, "If you're not busy tonight, do you want to go out for drinks with me?"

Since it's over text, this approach is easier than asking in person. Use that keyboard courage to your advantage!