How To Ask A Guy His Name (First Or Last) Without Being Awkward

Are you curious about the best way to inquire about a man's first and/or last name without causing any discomfort? Look no further! In this guide, we provide practical examples to help you smoothly extract the information.

And so, let's start...


Here are a few strategies for inquiring about a man's first name. If you have previously met him but can't recall his name, you can make some slight modifications to the conversation. It's important to keep in mind that forgetting someone's name is a common occurrence, and most people are understanding of it.

Ask Him Directly

The most straightforward approach to finding out a man's name is to simply ask him directly. If the two of you have not met before, there is no reason for this to be an uncomfortable moment. You can say, "Hello, it's great to meet you. Could you tell me your name?" This is a polite and natural way to make the request.

If you have had a prior encounter with the man, it's important to acknowledge that you remember him, even if his name has escaped you. A polite way to phrase this could be, "Hello again! It's great to see you. Would you mind reminding me of your name?" This approach shows that you value the connection and would like to address him by name.

Introduce Yourself

Another effective method for finding out a man's name is to introduce yourself first. You can say, "Hi, I'm [your name]. May I know your name?" This is a warm and friendly way to start a conversation, and it demonstrates that you are open and eager to share information about yourself.

If you have met the man previously, you can modify your introduction to, "Hey! I'm [your name], in case you've forgotten. Would you mind telling me your name again?" This approach is still friendly and shows that you are confident in your previous interaction with the person, but would like to refresh your memory.

Make It a Guessing Game

If you want to add a playful twist to asking for his name, you can turn it into a guessing game. You can say, "You have the look of a Charlie, but the voice of a Paul. Am I anywhere near?" This lighthearted approach can help to ease any potential awkwardness and make the interaction more fun and enjoyable.

Another option is to ask him the starting letter of his name and try to guess based on that. Don't hesitate to switch the guessing game when he expresses an interest in knowing your name. This can be a fun and interactive way to learn each other's names and create a memorable experience.

This strategy works best for individuals who have a strong sense of humor and are able to maintain a light and enjoyable atmosphere. However, it may not be the most appropriate choice if you have met the person previously, as it may unintentionally prolong any awkwardness as you both attempt to recall each other's names. In these cases, it's better to opt for a more straightforward approach.

Ask Them to Text You

A smart way to discover someone's name without directly inquiring is by exchanging phone numbers. After giving them your number, you can say, "Could you text me your name so that I can have your number and add it to my contacts?" This approach provides a subtle way to get their name without putting them on the spot, and it also helps establish a connection for future communication.

This technique is ideal if you're seeking to sidestep the awkwardness of admitting that you've forgotten his name. It's also an excellent choice if you prefer not to give the impression that you are too interested in him by immediately requesting his full name. This approach is subtle and discreet, providing a solution to the problem without making it obvious.

Let Him Know You're Bad With Names

Apologize for not remembering their name by saying something like, 'I apologize for not catching your name earlier. Unfortunately, I have a hard time remembering names.

By acknowledging your difficulty with names upfront, you'll alleviate any potential pressure in case you forget his name in the future. He'll understand that you have good intentions and that it was just a temporary memory lapse.

Compliment His Personality

Forgetting someone's name is not a significant issue, especially if we have strong connections with them in other ways. When you'd like to ask for someone's first name, try using a gentle approach. You can say, 'I was so engrossed in our wonderful conversation that I completely forgot to ask for your name, may I know it now?'

He will be overjoyed that you were paying such close attention to him that you forget to ask for his name, and he will likely not object to sharing it with you.

Start a Conversation About Names

A simple approach to discover a man's first name is by initiating a discussion about names. You could ask, "What was your first name chosen by your parents?" or "Do you have any brothers or sisters and do they share similar names?"

This approach promotes comfort and establishes a smooth and natural flow of conversation as you become familiar with each other. By gaining insights into his family history, you may also have a better chance of recalling his first name in the future.

Ask Through Someone Else

To sidestep the awkwardness of directly asking someone their name, you can request the information through another person by saying, "Could you please share their name with me?"

Another option to obtain the information without directly asking the person is to enlist the help of a mutual friend or one of the guy's friends. Although this approach may require more effort, it can be a useful solution if you prefer not to ask the person directly.


Asking for a man's last name is typically not standard practice during initial encounters or on a first date. Once you have been on several dates and have established a comfortable level of rapport, you may feel more at ease inquiring about their last name.

Ask Him Directly

To obtain someone's last name, the most straightforward approach is to directly ask them. You could say, "May I know your last name?" It's also a good idea to offer to share your last name with them to foster a sense of equality in the exchange of information.

Tell Him He Looks Familiar

If you'd like to avoid the impression of conducting an interrogation while finding out someone's last name, you could use a subtle approach. You might say, "I have a feeling I've seen you before. Could you tell me your last name? Maybe it will jog my memory." This approach can help to create a less direct and less confrontational way of obtaining the information.

Ask About His Family's Lineage

You can use inquiring about his cultural background as a segue to asking about his last name. For instance, if you learn that he has Irish heritage, you could say something like, "Your family is from Ireland? Do you have a classic Irish surname like Murphy or O'Connor?" This approach can provide a more organic way of obtaining the information while also sparking a conversation about his cultural background.

It's likely that he will be willing to share his last name and won't feel that you're prying into his personal life too deeply.

Tell Them You Want To Get Tickets for an Event

If you've interacted with this person on several occasions and have attended a few events together, it's understandable that you would want to know their last name for practical reasons, such as when you need to purchase tickets for an event.

You could express your enthusiasm for the upcoming concert and mention your need for their last name by saying, "I'm counting down the days until the concert in two weeks. The only thing I'm missing is your last name! Can you please share it with me so I can include it when I purchase the tickets?" This approach highlights the practical reason for wanting to know their last name while also maintaining a light and friendly tone.

It's likely that the person will feel flattered that you immediately thought of their name and this approach can provide a way to obtain the information without making it seem like an interrogation.

Tell Him You Want to Look Up His Website

If the person you are speaking to is an artist, musician, or someone with an online presence, you could say, "I admire your work. Do you have an online portfolio or website where I can see more of your work and stay updated on future projects?" This approach allows you to show your genuine interest in their work and can provide an opportunity to learn more about their public profile and find out their last name.

The person will understand that your intention is not to stalk them, but rather to stay updated on their career. If they don't share their last name right away, you could send a follow-up text later and say, "I was hoping to keep up with your work. Do you have a website I could look at?" This approach emphasizes your interest in their career and provides a gentle reminder for them to share their last name with you.

It is possible to find his last name in the URL of their website or in a bio or "About" section on the site.

Tell Him You Want to Network on LinkedIn

In a professional setting, individuals are often more willing to share their full name. If your relationship with the person has taken on a networking tone, you could ask to connect with them on LinkedIn and mention the possibility of having future client leads for them.

This gesture shows that you are interested in their professional life and may increase the likelihood of them sharing their last name with you.


Asking for someone's name is an important aspect of getting to know them, but it can also be intimidating. Don't be afraid to try these methods to ask for a guy's name. By doing so, you will portray yourself as confident, intelligent, and genuinely interested in getting to know the guy, all traits that are highly desirable.