How To Ask A Guy For A Second Date By Text & In Person (25+ Examples)

A first date allows for getting to know each other and evaluating the connection. The second date is a good opportunity to escalate the relationship, such as kissing, getting personal or even engaging in intimacy, if the connection is strong. If you want to request a second date with a guy, consider following these steps through text or in person.


Contemporary dating norms are more relaxed than in previous generations. Women are increasingly taking initiative to ask men out, including for second dates. This empowers them to decide when they want to spend time together. Texting is a common way to ask for a second date, especially if you haven't met outside of the initial date.

Know When to Text

Online, there are many guidelines on when to text for a second date, with some recommending waiting a week or more before asking. However, our guidelines suggest that it's better to act sooner rather than later to avoid sending mixed signals and risking disappointment. A few appropriate times to text include:

Same-Night Texting - In some cases, it's best to send a text to him on the same night as your first date, expressing that you had a great time and would like to see him again. This shows that you're interested and makes him feel desired.

A Couple of Days Later - Reach out to your guy via text within the next 24 to 48 hours after your initial date to inquire about a second date.

Delaying Contact - If you fail to contact your guy within a prompt time frame after your first date, he may lose interest and move on, or misinterpret your lack of communication as disinterest in further dating.

Is it necessary to wait for your guy to ask you for a follow-up date? It depends on the individual. Some people believe that men don't appreciate aggressive women. Some men might be put off by your request for a second date, preferring to initiate it themselves. However, most men would likely be pleased that you enjoyed the first date and flattered that you are interested in seeing them again. Furthermore, it takes the pressure off them to initiate another date.

Be Direct and Honest

When asking your guy out for a second date, it's best to be straightforward and direct, rather than playing games or being overly cute. Men often appreciate simplicity and honesty in dating, and a direct approach can show your confidence and interest. Some straightforward questions or statements to consider when making your request include:

"I had a great time getting to know you. Would you like to go out again?"

"Any ideas for our second date?"

"I'd like to see you again. Shall we plan another date?"

"You're charming and enjoyable to be with. I'd like to plan another date with you."

"It was a great experience! Can we plan another date soon?"

"You choose the date and venue, I'm eager for another date."

When texting regarding dating and follow-up plans, it's important to give your guy space to respond. He may need time to consider his thoughts and reaction. If he appears uncertain or shifts the responsibility of planning to you, it's crucial to make arrangements that work for both of you.

Set Up Plans Via the Phone

If your guy agrees to a second date, it's time to plan together. As the one who initiated the date, you may be the primary planner. However, it's important to involve the guy and gather his input. To ensure a successful outcome, consider asking the following questions:

"What's your preference for our second date?"

"Do you enjoy pizza? I have a recommendation for a fantastic pizzeria."

"Is there a movie you'd like to watch? What day and location work for you?"

"What day suits you best? I'm available at any time."

"Are you into hiking? I know of some great spots for us to visit!"

Beforehand, set clear boundaries for intimacy during your second date with the guy. Clearly communicate what you're comfortable with and ensure he understands. A guy who respects your boundaries and doesn't pressure you is worth pursuing a relationship with.


When asking a guy out for a second date in person, many of the tips mentioned previously still apply. Additionally, asking relevant questions and following the right steps will help ensure a positive outcome. However, it's also important to take other factors into consideration.

Set Up an In-Person Meeting

When asking a guy out face-to-face, choose a relaxed and neutral setting to ease his nerves. For instance, you could ask:

"Shall we grab a coffee and plan our second date?"

"Are you free to catch a meal with me after work?"

"I'll drop by your work today to schedule another date."

Having a quick personal meeting before the second date helps to create a comfortable and clear setting for asking him out again.

Talk About How Much Fun You Had

"It was so great seeing you again. I had so much fun. Let's do it again soon." while smiling and making eye contact. This shows your genuine interest in a second date and helps to make the conversation more comfortable.

"I sense a strong connection between us. I'd love to explore it further by going on another date."

"Did you feel the same connection as I did? I believe it holds promise for something great."

"Let's plan something fun and thrilling for our next outing!"

Enhance your appeal by showing a lively, engaged, and thrilling personality when asking him out in person for a second date. This will increase the chances of him agreeing to a second date with you.

Make Plans Together

You can make plans for your second date either by phone or at your meeting before your date. Determine what kind of experience he desires, including whether he prefers a private or intimate setting. Ask questions such as:

"Would you like to come over to my place and cook dinner together tonight?"

"Would you prefer to have a movie night at your place?"

"Would you enjoy a dinner followed by some dancing?"

"How about we go stargazing tonight? Would you like to join me?"

Regardless of your choice, ensure that you feel comfortable and remain safe if you are in a private setting.

Get the Date You Want

It is crucial to be authentic and avoid anything that makes you uncomfortable when making plans. Your date will sense if you are uncomfortable or acting strange when asking him out, which may make him feel awkward and could result in a rejection. Be truthful, straightforward, and take steps to make the situation comfortable for everyone involved.