How To Ask A Guy For A Kiss Indirectly (10 Things To Say)

Are you eager to lock lips with the man of your desires but don't want to come across as too forward? Many people find themselves in this situation and asking for a kiss directly can be uncomfortable. Here are 10 subtle ways to express your desire for a kiss without being overly assertive:

1. "Wow, your lips look so kissable!"

Express to your partner that you find them irresistible. Mention how their lips are plump and enticing, causing you to gaze at them continuously. By complimenting their appearance, specifically their lips, you are indicating your attraction to them, but in a playful, non-invasive manner. This approach conveys your desire for a kiss without making a direct request.

Another option is to compliment other aspects of their physique or to express that they appear incredibly cuddly. Hugs are often a precursor to kisses, so try to find compliments that will encourage them to get closer to you physically.

2. "I'm ready for my goodbye kiss"

This is a cute and flirty way to let him know that you're ok with a kiss at the end of your date. Say it in a light and sweet way. If he asks why you can tell him that a goodbye kiss is always nice at the end of a date. If you're feeling more passion between the two of you, you could say something more direct like "I think that would be a perfect end to this first chapter for us."

3. "This is feeling so romantic"

At times, it can be difficult for someone to sense your mood or intentions during a date. By expressing that you feel a romantic spark, you can signal that you're ready for more intimate contact. This may give them the confidence they need to make the next move.

If they are already demonstrating affection, such as holding your hand or embracing you, take advantage of the opportunity. They are likely seeking a response from you. Wait for them to make the next move and kiss you at the appropriate moment.

4. "A kiss would make this night perfect"

By saying this, you communicate that you're enjoying the date and also indicate that a kiss would be the perfect ending to the evening for you.

Utilize this statement while experiencing a romantic moment during your date, such as a beach stroll or a dinner by candlelight. If you're having a wonderful time with your partner and find the atmosphere to be romantic, you can expect them to make a move for a kiss.

If he walks you to your door after your date, you can consider saying this to give him an opportunity to initiate physical contact without making the situation uncomfortable.

5. "Do you think we are ready for our first kiss?"

This inquiry is more straightforward compared to others, but it can be an efficient way of requesting a kiss. Begin the conversation by inquiring about his thoughts on how the date has been progressing thus far.

If he indicates that he is enjoying the date or reveals that he has romantic feelings for you, it's an opportune moment to inquire about advancing the relationship.

He may move closer for a kiss immediately, or this statement could initiate a dialogue that provides insight into his thoughts and when he feels ready to initiate a more intimate action.

6. "This has been a great date. I'm ready to take it to the next level"

This straightforward declaration conveys to your partner that you are open to advancing the physical aspect of the relationship without being too explicit.

Note that "advancing to the next level" might imply a request for more intimate actions beyond a kiss. If you're not comfortable with this yet, specify what you mean by "the next level." Additionally, use this moment to understand his definition of it and gauge his expectations.

7. "I'm so cold right now!"

This is an effective method to encourage physical closeness with a man. He may offer you a jacket or sweater, but it is more probable that he will embrace you to provide warmth.

You can demonstrate that you are open to a kiss through your body language. Consider softly touching his arm, facing towards him, or resting your head on his shoulder. These physical cues are likely to elicit a response, resulting in a kiss in no time.

8. "This feels so right. I'm so happy you're here"

This is a more indirect way of expressing your feelings and creating an opportunity for him to initiate a kiss.

It's subtle and innocent enough to be used in multiple scenarios, and if he doesn't understand the hint and initiate a kiss, it won't put much pressure on the situation.

If he replies with a simple "I'm happy to be here too," it signals he enjoys spending time with you, and a kiss may be imminent. If he doesn't respond positively, it's an indicator that he's not ready for a kiss, avoiding the awkwardness of directly asking.

9. "How are you feeling about me? Any chemistry?"

Inquiring about his feelings towards you can start a dialogue that may result in a kiss. When approached in a charming and flirtatious manner, it conveys interest and receptiveness to affection. If confident, let him know about the chemistry you're feeling.

Consider using this statement at the end of the date if he lacks physical interest or chemistry. It makes the goodbye less awkward by clarifying your stance. It's possible that you may have misinterpreted his energy or it may not be a good match. It's best to have this information before attempting a kiss.

10. "What would happen if we kissed right now?"

Asking this question creates a visual image for the man to consider kissing you, making it easier for him to initiate. It's an ideal question to ask in person if you want him to make the first move.

This gives him time to imagine kissing you, overcoming any nervousness he may have. Show your readiness with positive body language.

Expressing your thoughts on what might happen if you kiss at that moment may thrill him and help him envision a wonderful experience.