How To Ask A Guy Barista Out (With Examples)

Ah, the age-old problem that many caffeinated women eventually encounter – how do we make a move on male baristas?!

Check out these tips for making a successful approach like a boss (a female boss, that is).

Compliment His Music Taste

Coffee shops often have a nice, relaxed atmosphere with music playing, and the barista often controls the playlist. Enquire if he is responsible for the music selection for the day and compliment his musical choices.

Bring up upcoming concerts and gauge his level of interest. Perhaps ask if he would like to join you for a concert!

"Hi, did you play this song? I'm a big fan of Remi Wolf's new album too! Have you heard that she's performing in Philly this weekend? I have an extra ticket and was wondering if you'd like to join me."

Ask If You Can Buy Him A Coffee

This approach may appear cheesy, but it can be very endearing if executed well. If you are having trouble deciding what to order, consider asking him what he typically gets. After he shares his order, ask if you can treat him to it sometime. There is always the chance that he may suggest going for a drink together.

Here's what you can say:

"I'm having a hard time deciding what to get today. What's your usual choice?" he responds "Awesome, I'll have two of those. One for me, and one for you, if you're interested."

Build A Rapport And Ask Him To Hang Out

Asking out a male barista on your first encounter may feel uncomfortable and make it seem like you are solely drawn to his appearance. If he works at your local coffee shop, visit regularly and be friendly. Offer compliments and express your gratitude. Strike up conversations when the shop is not too busy. Once you have established a friendship, consider asking about his plans after work and see if he would like to spend time together.

This approach can be more straightforward since you have established a connection.

"Hi, I've really enjoyed our conversations. Would you like to spend some time together?"

Catch Him During Off-hours

This approach requires the coffee shop to be nearby, or for you to find him on a dating app. Some people prefer to keep their work and personal lives separate, and may respond more positively to the offer outside of work hours.

"Hi, are you the guy from the coffee shop?" is an excellent way to start a conversation on a dating app.

If you happen to run into him in public, try saying: "Look who it is! My favorite barista. Are you free tomorrow night? I feel like I owe you a drink."

Invite Him To A No-pressure Event

A clever way to ask a male barista out is to suggest a low-pressure public event in your area. This allows you to gauge his interest without the risk of creating an awkward situation. If he attends, you have a date! If not, you can always try again later.

One approach could be to go in one morning and say: "Hi, did you hear about the festival on 2nd street later? I'll be there if you want to come and check it out!"

Another option could be to say: "I heard there's a band playing at the park later. I'll be there on my blue picnic blanket. You should drop by and check it out!"

Slip Him Your Number

A more direct approach could be to say: "Hey, I'm having a great time talking with you and I would love to continue the conversation outside of the coffee shop. Can I leave you my number on the receipt?" Remember to tip generously as well. This will show that you appreciate their work and can be a good reflection of your character.

Here are some examples:

"Don't think I'm corny for this: 555-555-5555"

"Sorry, idk how else to do this: 444-444-4444 :)"

"Taking a leap of faith: 333-333-3333. XOXO"

Follow Him On Instagram

If you're too shy to ask him out face-to-face, there's an easier way. Try searching for him on the coffee shop's Instagram account. Look at the tags and comments on their posts, or check their followers list, and search for his name.

Congratulations! You've found him on Instagram. Take the next step and follow his account. Then, send him a direct message and take it from there!

"Hey, I came across your Instagram and really enjoy your posts! Would you like to hang out sometime?"

"I stumbled upon your Instagram account and was too shy to approach you in person, so here I am reaching out. Would you like to hang out sometime?"

Is It Ok To Ask A Barista Out?

Just keep in mind to be considerate and respectful when asking out a barista. It's best to choose a suitable moment, like when the coffee shop isn't too busy or when they seem open to it. If you're getting positive signals, go ahead and ask. But, be prepared for the possibility of rejection and understand that it may make it difficult for you to return to the cafe in the future.

How Do You Tell If A Male Barista Likes You?

If your barista remembers your name and preferred coffee order, it's a strong indication that he likes you. Keep in mind, coffee shops are fast-paced and high-volume environments, so for someone to stand out in their memory is quite significant. To test the theory, try to take a seat where he can see you and observe if he's glancing in your direction.

How Do You Flirt With A Guy At A Coffee Shop?

If you want to initiate some playful interactions with an attractive guy at your coffee shop, make sure he sees you! Here's the strategy: make eye contact, smile, look away briefly, then look back up at him. If he's reading a book, bring it up by mentioning you were considering reading it and ask for his opinion. If he's using a laptop, inquire about what he's working on. Demonstrate your interest in him!