How To Ask A Girl Out: 15 Tips To Help You Get A Yes More Easily

How To Ask A Girl Out: 15 Tips To Help You Get A Yes More Easily

Any guy wondering how to ask a girl out will also be concerned if the invitation will be accepted or rejected. While there can be no guarantees she will say yes, you can find plenty of assurance in knowing that you asked her out in the right manner.

So, if the Cupid's arrow has struck you, you better make sure you give it your best shot by asking the girl out properly.

Besides, there are plenty of factors to consider. If she is a friend, you obviously would like to ask her out without putting the friendship on the line.

Maybe you don't know much about her and are not sure what approach would work best for her. In such scenarios, be careful because how you ask her out might determine whether or not she says yes.

And so, here we go.

How To Ask A Girl Out

1. Choose The Right Place And Time To Ask Her Out

It's nice that you have gone over what you will say to the girl in your head a thousand times. But also, choosing the right time and place to pose the question also matters a huge deal.

For instance, if she is too engrossed to pay attention to you, it's better to hold off asking her out until later.

Ideally, ask her to go out when you have all her attention. Furthermore, make sure she is in a good mood, especially if you are the reason behind it.

Usually, the best place to ask her out is where she feels comfortable, such as her place of work or school.

But if the chances of getting her alone are few and far between, then you can be more daring, but at the most opportune moment.

2. Brace Yourself For Rejection

I know our focus here is on asking her out in a way that makes her willing to take your offer. But you also have to be ready for when she says no.

Rejection is part of life, even though it hurts.

You cannot control how people respond to you, and you don't have to.

So, if she says no, accept it. Eventually, the girl who will really appreciate you will gladly say yes to you.

3. Make Sure She Is Attracted To You And Isn't Just Being Nice

Some men are terrible at reading women's signs. Many can confuse a kind gesture with a sign of attraction.

While there can be overlaps, it's not that hard to figure out which is which. Many women typically smile as they are talking to people, and that does not always mean they are attracted to you.

Fortunately, there are many other signs to look out for before you can understand if a girl likes you. Make sure you know them so your requests to take the girl out are a little more welcome.

4. Be Lighthearted And Witty As You Ask Her Out

Girls like guys who have a sense of humor. Studies have also shown that when a woman laughs, she will be more likely to accept an invitation to a date.

And fortunately, you don't have to be a clown or a seasoned comedian to make a woman laugh.

As long as you are fun to be around, chances are that she will have plenty to laugh about. The trick is to relax and learn to have a good time.

Making harmless self-deprecating jokes can also be an easy source of great humor. Similarly, laughing at her jokes can make her feel you share a sense of humor, and that would make her more receptive to your invitation to go out.

5. Keep It Simple

Some guys go over the top thinking they have to do something completely out of this world to have the girl say yes to them.

But keeping it simple works, and that will keep you from feeling the pressure to be someone you are not trying to impress her.

Trying too much will only make you look desperate, and the girl might question her wisdom in accepting your offer.

6. Make Sure You Look Your Best Before You Ask Her Out

If there is one thing girls love, it's a man who knows how to dress properly. Even men who are not very good-looking earn lots of points with the ladies for dressing right.

When you attempt to look your best, a girl will notice, and that will help your cause.

Looking good does not just mean wearing fancy clothes, but also grooming yourself properly.

Also, don't dress properly just to ask her out, but try to be consistent so she notices you are someone who can take care of yourself.

7. Be Picky With The Girls You Ask Out

You cannot go asking every girl you meet to go out with you if at all you want to avoid rejection. Some girls are more likely to say yes to you than others.

Ideally, you should stick to girls you know you have chemistry with. This means focusing on girls who are already interested in you.

8. Make Sure You Share A Connection

Some guys ask a girl out immediately after doing or saying something obnoxious to them. That pretty much guarantees a rejection of their advances.

You should not ask a girl out just out of the blue either. Make sure you have a connection first.

A girl who already knows something about you will say yes more easily.

She needs to have some level of confidence in you to take you up on your offer. Even if you do it a short while after meeting each other, make sure you have a connection before making your intentions to take her out known.

Of course, you have to show her you are a good guy. And while at it, look out for signs she might be interested in something more, such as when she flirts with you.

9. Ask Her Out In Person

It can be tempting to ask a girl out over the phone using a text or a call because it's easy. But that's usually not the best way to do it.

A call can still work, but if you want the best chances of her saying yes, then it's best to ask her out in person, at least at first. Girls like a guy who makes an effort.

10. Always Be Confident As You Ask Her Out

Confidence is one of the most important tools in a man's arsenal as he enters the dating world. You should have some sense of self-assurance before you can ask a girl out to make her more likely to say yes.

At the time you ask her out, make sure you are not incoherent, looking at the floor, or fidgeting a lot.

Instead, maintain eye contact, keep your back straight, speak calmly, and be cheerful. Don't worry, the confidence does not have to be real, even if it's fake, it will work.

False confidence eventually turns into real confidence.

11. Make Sure She Understands Your Intentions As You Ask Her Out

You can ask a girl out and then she asks you if it's a date or not. That is why you should be very clear about your intentions.

It doesn't help your odds when you dance around the subject. Girls like guys who are straightforward.

Also, even if you are usually shy, don't be shy as you ask her to go out with you.

Vague statements like "Do you mind if we hang out together," or "I hear there is a recently opened restaurant in the neighborhood, mind checking it out?" are not the best.

These kinds of questions suggest that you want to be a good friend and they say nothing of your intentions to date the girl.

If you want to go on a date with her, ask her out on a date so there is no confusion or unvoiced expectations that would cause disappointments later.

12. Keep It Simple And Reasonable

When you ask her out, you might get a maybe, before she asks you about where you intend to take her. Your answer, obviously, can determine if you eventually get a yes or a no.

You don't have to suggest something completely mind-boggling for the girl to say yes. Something as simple as an invitation to have coffee or dinner might do the trick.

Also, remember to take the girl's passions into consideration as you ask her out. For instance, if she is crazy about sports, taking her to watch a game might be a better idea than attending a music concert.

The whole idea of a date is to see if there is a deeper connection between you two that's worth pursuing. It is not about impressing the girl with mind-blowing one-off gestures.

13. Give Her A Reason To Say Yes When You Finally Ask Her Out

There must be a reason a girl says yes to your suggestion to go out with you. For a girl to say yes to you, she must be looking forward to something she'll get when you finally meet during the date.

Maybe she thinks you will have fun together. It might also be that she thinks the outing will give you a good chance to start a relationship.

Many guys go wrong when they try to impress girls with their material possessions or money, and they end up thinking girls don't care about anything else.

Girls can like you based on common interests or the fact that you are an amazing guy.

Asking a girl out is not that hard. And now that you know how to ask a girl out properly, if she says yes, be sure to bring flowers, tickets to a fun event, or anything else that would make the experience fun and promising.