How To Achieve Emotional Intimacy With Your Partner

Physical intimacy is usually easier than emotional intimacy in lots of cases. When you are emotionally intimate with someone, it’s easier to understand them better. Make them happy and give them room to make you happy too. Physical intimacy is all about sex but emotional intimacy is all about the connection.

Achieving emotional intimacy with your partner is something everyone should aspire to achieve. It makes the relationship whole and lasts a lot longer. When you’re not emotionally intimate with your partner, you can’t understand them some times. Can’t see things from their point of view and worse, can’t give room for it.

What are the ways you can be emotionally intimate with your partner?

How To Achieve Emotional Intimacy With Your Partner

Work on Your Communication

Communication is the backbone of any problem solving there is. Communication and comprehension. It’s something that can make or break a relationship. As couples, arguing is going to be inevitable but knowing your boundaries saves a lot during an apology. Lots of people have shut out touches of sarcasm, constructive criticism, etc out of their relationship.

Relationships are supposed to be fun and not something to just pass time. They are also there to help you grow. When you shut out forms of communication with your partner, you create a distance in that relationship. Frequently communicating with your partner in a language you both want or understand is a form of emotional intimacy.

Look At The World Through Your Partner’s Eyes

Seeing the world from someone’s eyes can be difficult. But it’s one of the purest forms of emotional intimacy. When you’re in a relationship, before thinking it’s all about you, try looking at things from their point of view. This helps you understand their mindset. Where they are coming from and where they are going to.

It also makes it easier to predict them. How they would react to certain situations help you tread carefully. Relationships are all about a greater understanding. Looking at things from each other’s eyes.

Do Meaningful And Fun Things Together

How To Achieve Emotional Intimacy With Your Partner

There are lots of fun and meaningful things you can do with your partner. These build up emotional intimacy. To be part of something together, as two individuals but yet one? Surreal.

So, go ahead and do fun things with your partner. Not just for them but with them. Share moments together. Take pictures, share a glass of your favorite drinks. Let your hair down and your feet dirty. See each other at your happiest where laughter isn’t constrained.

Be Expressive

Don’t be afraid or shy of showing or expressing your feelings. Show your appreciation and gratitude when they do something nice for and with you. It is very important to show these expressions for even the littlest things.

Doesn’t matter if it’s bringing you a glass of water or making dinner. Emotional intimacy builds on these things. A simple thank you goes a long way. It makes them want to do the same thing again for you because they see how you reacted. Nothing is ever lost in translation.

Be Open

Talking about things in relationships can be uncomfortable sometimes but they bring results. It is important to always give room to be approached by your partner. Let them talk to you comfortably and without worry as you should be open to criticism.

Also, tell them things you think they did wrong. Doesn’t matter if you feel it’ll make them sad or angry. Uncomfortable communication prevents future mistakes. Never forget that. It applies to all aspects of your life. Even sex. Yes, emotional intimacy can lead to even better physical intimacy.