How The Zodiac Signs Kiss And What It Means

How The Zodiac Signs Kiss And What It Means

There are more kissing styles than there are zodiac signs – that's for sure. That is why it should hardly surprise anyone that each zodiac sign seems to have a preferred kissing style. Here is a look at how zodiac signs kiss and what these kisses mean.

Yes, there is a meaning behind every kiss, and if you go far enough, you will discover that each sign's kissing style is linked to its personality.

1. Aries – Heated And Enthusiastic Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

When it comes to showing their affection through kisses, Arians have no time to waste. They get right down to it.

It does not matter if it's the first kiss or not; these guys give it they're all. As you probably know, Aries never hold anything back, not even when it comes to kissing.

2. Taurus – Intimate And Seductive Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

A Taurus knows what they are doing when kissing. The whole process is deliberate and sensual. These folks give kisses that make you hope they will never end because they make you long for more action.

Be careful, though. You could fall in love with a Taurus based purely on their kissing. Hopeless romantics don't stand a chance against Tauruses.

3. Gemini – Fun And Teasing Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Geminis tend to keep their kisses light but still soulful and meaningful. These kisses are stimulating intellectually, and they can be quite arousing.

However, the kissing usually comes after some seductive chitchat.

There will be some giggling, and you will find your mind going back to high school when you got those all-consuming stolen kisses under the bleachers.

That charm makes Gemini kisses so unique and casual. They want the kiss to be perfect but also casual. So, it will neither be too sloppy nor too wet.

That is what makes Geminis expert kisses in some ways.

4. Cancer – Warm And Heartfelt Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Cancers make their kisses as warm and heartfelt as their personalities. There is something irresistible about them, and many people find themselves thinking of a happy ending when they get them.

This star sign will give you a kiss that's tender, deep, warm, and sincere. In other words, a Cancer kiss is everything you would want in a kiss, including a healthy dose of flirtation.

5. Leo – Showy Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Leos are big show-offs, and that does not change even when they get romantic. A Leo kiss is meant to impress you and show you how good they can be at romance.

That's not always a good thing since a kiss should be intimate and personal, and it represents a moment of intimate vulnerability.

But these guys don't see things that way.

However, a Leo kiss can be wild and unexpectedly interesting.

But you have to brace yourself for bites, nipping, and other attempts to get you aroused through touching and caressing.

And even though they might not seem like it, Leo kisses are highly planned because they have to impress. They are not meant to show genuine emotion. A congratulatory comment at the end of the kiss is what Leo aims for.

6. Virgo – Seeking The Perfect Kiss

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Virgos think it's your responsibility to give them the perfect kiss. They kiss with high expectations, and if anyone is to get disappointed by the experience, it's usually them.

Unless you are a certified good kisser, you will not enjoy kissing a Virgo. They'll complain.

So, make sure your kiss is up to the mark. Don't make it too wet, and don't rush it either. While at it, don't use too much tongue or seem too eager.

In other words, it will take some effort to have a good kiss with a Virgo.

As for their kisses, they are pretty good. Virgos are very creative, and they also try to give the perfect kiss. That makes it hard not to appreciate the effort they put into the process. Fortunately, their kisses are also quite sensual and sincerely selfless.

Believe it or not, a Virgo will give you the most selfless kiss ever. No wonder they want the perfect kiss – these folks deserve nothing less.

7. Libra – The Romantic Kisser

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Libras love romance, and in everything they do, they want to make it as sensual and as romantic as possible.

A Libra's kiss is sensual and seductive, and it will gradually draw you in until you forget who you are as you focus entirely on the pleasure you are experiencing.

These kisses make you feel like romance is truly in the works for you.

Be careful about getting a Libra kiss as your first kiss; you might spend all your life seeking another. You never forget a bona fide Libra kiss.

Another good thing about a Libra kiss is that it's generous. The kiss will be lingering, and they will give it their all, including the hands and all their heart.

8. Scorpio – Deep And Sensual Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Scorpio kisses are so deep and sensual they will make you lose track of time and forget where you are.

That is what makes them so unforgettable. They are very versatile, too, because a Scorpio kiss can happen anywhere. But they are always explosively deep and amazing.

9. Sagittarius – Spontaneous Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Sagittarius is naturally friendly, and they give kisses liberally when they feel like it. That is why their kisses are often so spontaneous.

It goes without saying that these are usually not romantic kisses, but pecks here and there.

They keep the deep, sensual, and romantic kisses for the special people in their lives. But even then, the kisses are still unpredictable, but also lots of fun. You will usually be left looking forward to more.

Even after years of being together, a Sagittarius kiss is always full of passion and love.

10. Capricorn – Sweet Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Capricorns are not known for their loving ways. And it's not because they are not fans of love. It's just that they don't show their love outwardly as other signs often do.

Sure, their kisses can get a little awkward and seem a little lacking in passion. But when they feel free, Capricorns really give you great kisses.

A Capricorn kiss is sweet and full of style. These folks can have you falling for them with their beautiful kisses.

11. Aquarius – Quirky Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Aquarius is strange in many ways, and that extends even to their romantic gestures. These folks can completely surprise you with their suffocating kisses.

Generally, expect lots of surprises when kissing an Aquarius. For instance, they might try things with their tongues. But the kisses can still get very deep and sensual. Without you even expecting it, an Aquarius kiss can completely blow your mind.

12. Pisces – Long Kisses

how the zodiac signs kiss and what it means

Pisces don't like to do things halfway. Even when they kiss, they want to go all the way and ensure you are completely satisfied when they are done.

They will try every trick in the book. This explorative attitude can make your kissing experience with a Pisces one of a kind.

So, what do you think?

Do you agree that your kissing style is similar to what experts believe people under your zodiac sign kiss like?

We all have different kissing styles, and that often depends on what inspires us to show these loving gestures and the goal we intend to achieve. Our personalities also dictate the kind of kisses we give those we love, as these zodiac-based kissing styles demonstrate.