How To Avoid "losing Face" On The First Date

How To Avoid "losing Face" On The First Date

The first date is a time when you have to set the tone for the rest of your potential relationship. The only way to do that is to make sure you are following the right set of rules. Otherwise, you might end up taking the relationship off the rails. For that reason, take these ideas and learn how not to lose face when you're on a first date.

1. Use Realistic Photos If You're Online Dating

Online dating is a great way to meet people, but you can't be dishonest. The truth will come out. So, when you use reviews to find the best dating sites in the UK, do so with the best intentions. Search around on the review site, find a service that offers you what you need, and make a profile. Use a picture without any filters on it that has a good angle, a nice smile, and no other people in it. Don't count on being disingenuous and finding someone that will want to date you! Your first date should not be derailed by a poor photo!

2. Don't Try To Be Anything You're Not

If you're a nerd, own it. You can't pretend to be some tough guy if you would melt into the floor in a confrontation. Be yourself and find people that like you for it!

3. Wear Something That Makes You Feel Bomb

A great outfit is beneficial at accentuating your personality. If you look good, then you will feel confident, and the date will go better for it!

4. Keep The Location And Activity Simple

You don't need to meet them at the most romantic, expensive restaurant. First dates are for feeling each other out. Have some coffee and desserts!

5. Don't Put Too Much Pressure On The Date. Enjoy Yourself!

Remember actually to have fun on the date. You can't be so uptight, or your partner is going to wonder what your problem is. Relax, take in the experience, and have a good time.

6. Do Have A Positive Attitude

Although some people think that you should not reveal your plans and dreams before making them a reality, you should still tell your partner that you have great things in the works. Nobody wants to be around a negative person!

7. Be Present At The Moment

You can't sit on your first date worrying about the second date, meeting the parents, or having a kiss at the end of the night. Be in the moment and handle everything as it comes your way. Otherwise, you will be a nervous wreck the entire evening, and that will not help anyone.

8. Make It A Two-way Conversation

You should come to the date prepared with a mental list of topics to talk about. Ask questions, push for answers. This is your time to see if you both like each other!

9. Do Act Interested In What He Is Saying

You should act interested in what your partner is saying. Find out what they are passionate about and see what they have to say about it. You should be way past the small talk phase if you have enough in common to go out on a first date!

10. Don`t Turn Your Dates Into Therapy Sessions

Do not turn the date into a time when you are complaining and asking your partner for advice. You are trying to have a good time, and nothing will bring down the mood faster than you whining about your job, life circumstances, or personal issues.

11. Keep The Cell Phone In Your Pocket!

The cell phone stays in your pocket on vibrate or, better yet, off. If someone needs you, then leave the restaurant you will be at as your contact information. You need to give your partner all the attention they deserve, and you can't do that if you are looking at your phone. If your partner pulls out their phone, it's a bad sign.

12. Don`t Talk About Your Ex

Nobody ever wants to hear about their partner's ex. Just leave that entire idea behind and find a better topic. Don't talk about why you've been single, don't call your exes crazy, and don't say you're still hung up on them. It's that simple.

14. If Your Date Wants To Split The Bill, Go For It

More and more people want to split the bill on the first date. That way, there is no sense of expectation from that date and no person has to constantly spend a lot of money on finding love. Guys, don't fight the ladies on this one!

First dates have a lot of rules governing them. You can navigate this entire cluster of issues by making sure you do the right thing and follow the guidelines we have provided. That way, you are focused on the right things and avoid taking actions that will ruin the first date.