How Narcissists Project On You And Attack

How Narcissists Project On You And Attack

Narcissists are deeply flawed people who cannot genuinely find anything within them to be confident about. And so, their self-esteem depends entirely on how you perceive them.

They have another fatal flaw: they will never accept their own shortcomings. Therefore, they will blame their mistakes on everyone else until the end of time. It's called projection.

It's not their fault, they are deeply lacking in self-awareness.

To keep this warped reality of their lives alive, narcissists use several techniques when dealing with those around them. Here are 5 awful things they do to people to keep their twisted worlds together.

1. Blaming Others To Benefit Themselves

There is never a time when a narcissist will admit to having done something wrong. Even when they seek forgiveness, they usually frame it in a way that makes you feel guilty, usually with the ulterior motive of concealing something from you.

Looking like they are apologizing also gives them a perfect platform to pass the blame onto others and demand an apology for what they ultimately believe to be someone else's mistake. When playing this blame game on others, they use gaslighting, whereby they distort facts to make their victims doubt their sanity.

2. Insults

A narcissist will easily call you a cheater, thief, pretender, and any other horrible word that comes to their minds. They do this to disarm your defense when you accuse them of something so they can succeed in arguing against you. When you do something that's against their will, they might call you selfish. And yet, they will only focus on doing what they want and having you attend to their own needs.

3. High Expectations Of Life

Narcissists enjoy pretending, and they have done it for so long it's the only thing they know. They always seek grandeur, and other big things life has to offer. They've lived in these fantasy worlds for so long they can no longer tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

4. Playing The Victim

There are too many things wrong with a narcissist. But rather than deal with them because they make them hurt other people, they instead play the victim. If they do something wrong to you, they make sure you feel that you caused a negative reaction by mistreating them.

Narcissists will even try to ruin your reputation and can go as far as physically attacking you. But generally, narcissists are all about remaining blameless for everything that goes wrong between them and other people.

5. Triangulation

In this scenario, narcissists create tension and conflict between two parties by feeding them inciting and often different versions of the information to divert negative attention from what they have done. If you go after them for something they have done, they might try this trick to make you direct your anger towards someone else by feeding you misleading information that infuriates you regarding the other person while making you consider them blameless.

Narcissists are always in the wrong, and yet, they always have to be blameless. For this reason, everything they do is to make sure you consider them perfect and blameless when they are usually the reason for all the problems you are facing. They need these techniques to keep exploiting people and get away with it. So, take note of this information so a narcissist does not take advantage of you.