How Much Does It Cost To Make An NFT?

How Much Does It Cost To Make An Nft?

More and more artists want to create digital pieces of art known as non-fungible tokens NFT as it can be very profitable. NFT is popular among people of different professions. You can be an artist who wants to create a famous token or just a creative person of another profession that has nothing to do with art. You have the same chances to sell your piece of digital art at a million dollars. The main thing is to understand what piece of art can be of great demand in the marketplace.


Have you heard much about the possibility of earning much by selling NFT art? Do you want to make your own NFT and invest as little as possible in the project? Then, learn more about the best way to make NFT art with the minimum initial investment.

Create NFT For Free Using Opensea

Before you make an NFT art, you need to get prepared. Here are the tips you should follow to succeed in creating NFT art and selling it for the highest price.


Get a MetaMask wallet. You can use a free browser extension.

Choose something you will transform into your NFT token. For example, the picture, photo, music, or anything else that NFT fans are buying willingly. How to make an NFT art? Just use all your fantasy to find the thing that can become trendy in the nearest future and bring you big money.

Think of the original title and description of new NFT collections. All your NFT tokens that have similar sense make a collection.


That's it. Now, you are ready to start. First, you need to pass through a user-friendly registration on the Opensea.io website. It's a popular marketplace for selling NFT. After the registration on the platform, you are recommended to give as much information about yourself as possible. It's necessary for your reputation as a seller. People would rather buy NFT art from those NFT authors who share their photos in their profiles, contacts and write a short story about themselves.


Then, create a collection. Keep in mind that you need to choose Opensea Polygon as it offers free options for creating tokens. Not everyone knows that Polygon is the blockchain technology separate from Ethereum. Using it, you can mint tokens for free.

Have you already made your first token? Now, you can sell it. The main currency used on Opensea platform is the ETH coin. But when you use Polygon, you sell in the so-called WETH. It's a wrapped ETH. When you want to turn it into the standard ETH, you need to pay a fee. When you sell for ETH, you need to make the same steps but choose Ethereum. In this case, Opensea gas fee will be charged for all transactions, including the token minting.


How much does it cost to make an NFT? As for the commissions on the Opensea, they are like on other platforms (from 2,5%). Fees depend on the minting option and the network you've chosen. You are recommended to check all the prices on the platform as the commission for the creation of the token, the confirmation of the purchase, etc., differ. Suppose you want to find the one who will buy your NFT, place it in the trending Top NFT Collections. It's a great way to get acquainted with the chart that displays the best creations of the most talented artists and get inspired by top NFT collections. Check the news about the development of the NFT industry and important events and enjoy an opportunity to sell your NFT for big money.