how many animals do you see?

This optical illusion is driving the internet insane as they try to find all the hidden animals in the image.

We earlier showed you an optical illusion about trying to find a mouse among squirrels, and it proved a little hard to crack. This one, too, will really put your brain and observation skills to the test.

How Many Animals Can You See in This Scene?

The black and white image below shows leafless trees with their branches all intertwined. Hidden in those branches are different animals.

Your task is to spot them all. How many do you see?

how many animals do you see?

Not everybody can see them all, but try to find as many animals as you can. You can then show the brainteaser to a family member or a friend and see if they spot any animal you missed.

Check Out the Answer

Whether you found every animal in the picture or not, confirm the ones you spotted out with the answer below.

We’ve circled every animal in the image so you can see if you got them all.

how many animals do you see?

Which animals did you miss? If you found them all, congratulation!

You should definitely share this optical illusion with your circle of friends to see if they’re as good at it as you are.

Here’s Another Brainteaser: Elephant on the Wall

how many animals do you see?

This optical illusion, which also features a variety of animals, inspired confusion on social media as well as users argue over how many creatures it shows.

While the elephant, dog and donkey are easy to spot, other hidden animals are harder to locate.

Not sure how there could be more than five animals here? Check out the answer.

After keen inspection, it appears the image shows an elephant, a donkey, a dog, a cat, a rat, a snake, a dolphin, a turtle, and a fish.

And that’s not all; there are 16 animals in total, though some of them seem a bit tenuous.

Other animals in the image include a shrimp, a swordfish and a snake that seems to be the elephant’s tail.

how many animals do you see?

We would never have found that prawn or the swordfish, and we definitely wouldn’t have spotted the mosquito.