How Likely Are You To Run From Love? Zodiac Signs Ranked

How Likely Are You To Run From Love? Zodiac Signs Ranked

We all like to think everybody wants nothing but to find love, embrace it, and never let go until the end of time.

But come on! Deep down we know some people cannot handle love. You know it, I know it. Everybody knows it!

But when you come to think of it, it's a little weird, right?

Yep. Some people will sabotage love whenever the opportunity arises.

But it might not be their fault, apparently. Their star signs might be to blame.

So, the next time you see yourself or someone take off in the opposite direction at the sight of love, have a closer look at their astrological genes. Therein might lie a simple answer to their peculiar behavior.

1. Aquarius

No emotional expressions, thank you very much. Seriously, none whatsoever. Not for an Aquarius. They prefer being free and about. Ironically, an Aquarius can love deeply, but not have the means to express the sentiment.

Their focus is on bigger issues like changing the world. And they have good hearts. But they will try to spread their benevolence around even when it results in pain for those close to them.

If a deep connection is there, an Aquarius will love deeply, but if not, they couldn't care less.

They are also walking enigmas. And having to guess what's cooking in their minds is not many people's idea of a good time. For this reason, their relationships have a tendency to end mysteriously.

They also have an overwhelming need to be alone. More than any other sign there is, which does not help their love lives. To many partners, this comes off as rejection. Love requires acceptance. A fertile target of its passionate vibes.

2. Gemini

There are two things Geminis are good at, loving, and getting bored with love.

Their personalities are split, and while that makes them incredibly versatile, adventurous, fun, and very changeable (lots of points for ladies who like to whip up their own perfect partner).

Unfortunately, they have one fatal flaw that makes them and love strange bedfellows.

A Gemini loathes confinement, and everything has to be an adventure to hold their attention. So, as soon as love gets boring, it's no longer worth it for a Gemini.

Drama is something they love, and they have been known to show love the door because their think stability and routine in relationships equals boredom. How clueless!

3. Virgo

Virgos see love and walk in the opposite direction, not because they mistake it for something else, but because they see the pain it can bring. The blame is not entirely on them. People under this star sign are vulnerable and delicate, but they hide it by appearing strong.

They pursue success ruthlessly to seem strong and make people less likely to hurt them. Unfortunately, this also makes the harsh critics and nearly impossible to please. Again, this comes from a point of insecurity.

So, true love will easily walk out on them because they cannot appreciate it, or say they feel a connection to avoid being vulnerable.

To a Virgo, emotions represent weakness, so they try all they can to conceal them. They have mastered the art of shutting out their love to anyone.

They have little to no appreciation for fun either. It's serious business for these folks all the time. You cannot be serious with romance, and plan out every minute of it. Love does not mean having a goal, and perfectionism can weigh heavily on any lover. Virgos don't seem to get that, and so love has a hard time thriving around these people.

4. Capricorn

Goals. That's what Capricorns care about. Love is just one of many goals in their lives. It has to fit somewhere, but it's not always a priority. They can love, but love requires special attention that a Capricorn is not always in a position to offer given the busy schedules and the long list of things to get through.

Capricorns have few words in matters of love, they prefer actions. Rather than send sweet texts, they will do something romantic like give you a box of chocolates.

Another challenge they have is that they need little attention and validation. But this makes them forget that their partners do. Their independence and bossiness also get in the way.

Acting like they need no one all the damn time is not something many partners can handle either.

Love requires appreciation, when taken for granted, even by pretenses, it will probably fade away. If you are Capricorn, remember that it's lonely at the top.

So, give time to your loved ones. Why occupy all your life chasing after vanity that won't matter when it really matters?

5. Aries

Where do Aries go wrong? The first mistake is that they want what they can't have. This stems from their love for having a challenge, which is fueled by their admirable passion and confidence.

An Aries can fall in love in an instant, but can also fall out of love just as fast. To them, love is a conquest. When won, it is time to move on to something else.

These guys are dismissive, and will not give love a chance. An Aries is a person who runs off just as things are about to get serious.

But it is also worth mentioning that Aries can get pretty intense. That's not bad, except that it can get quite intimidating. This star sign has been known to act first and then think later.

Knowing what you want is always good, but changing your decision as soon as you have made it is not. Not if you want a sustainable romantic relationship.

The temper and the impatience Aries have can be intolerable for many of their partners. So, not only are Aries good at running away from love, they are also pretty good at driving it off with their peculiar mannerisms. What a double whammy?

6. Sagittarius

Sagittarians couldn't resist romance if they tried.

Wait! Shouldn't that work in their favor and make love come running into their lives? Yes, it would. Except for one small complication: commitment and Sags don't mix.

And we all know love and commitment walk hand in hand.

So, although they love love and can make bold sweeping promises that can make potential lovers cling to them, they can also be terrible long-haul partners.

It starts with their huge desire to flirt with everyone, and their extreme desire to express themselves.

Then there is the unquenchable love for fun and adventure that cannot allow them to stay put long enough to give love a fighting chance.

7. Leo

Leos love attention. Can't have enough of the stuff. They also need a perfect date. That might not sound too bad if you are up for the challenge. Not until you realize that for Leos, the show never ends. You have to be 'on' around the clock.

You will get love and romance from a Leo. After all, they are dreamers. But their expectations also get shattered in an instant.

So, when their egos are on the line, or they feel unappreciated, be ready to see them take off.

A Leo's love is peppered with a healthy dose of arrogance, and they hold on to their pride as if their lives depend on it.

Not even for love can they put down their pride. Unsurprisingly, they have been known to end relationships abruptly to save face.

For a Leo, vulnerability is never an option. Never ever!

8. Taurus

We are getting warmer. Yes, a Taurus will not turn their back on love. The problem is that they cannot stop showering their affection on the wrong people. A Taurus loves to feel needed, and they enjoy being heroes.

A Taurus is also realistic and logical, but that does not get far with love. What could be more irrational than love?

For this reason, they never seem to understand when it's time to give up and move on. They can hold on even when it's very clear that they made the wrong call.

But love does not work by brute force. Eventually, the Taurus will realize that things are heading nowhere and lose it. This can come with lashing out and a heightened sense of neediness.

So, it's not that a Taurus would run away from love, but they get in their own way by clinging to relationships that have no love to offer them.

9. Pisces

Pisces ooze romance. They see beauty all around them, and they have a romanticized view of love, just as they see in movies.

Pisces believe in the happy endings we have read about one too many times in fairy tales.

But that's not how love works, is it? But here's the thing: you cannot convince a Pisces of that. Combine that with an unhealthy dose of emotions and a desire to form deep connections in an instant and you will see why love might be an issue for these folks.

They never seem to understand or even appreciate that deep loving connections take work and time to form and cement. Poor hopeless romantics!

10. Libra

Did you know Libra is the sign of marriage? What does that tell you? That these guys should have it made as far as love and relationships go.

But also keep in mind that a Libra is a free air sign, and that does not exactly make this sign compatible with marital commitments.

Their indecision can also get in the way. They can fall in love with multiple people, and commitment is honestly a little scary for them. They can't even commit their tomorrows. So, you can imagine what it's like for them to commit to being with someone for all eternity.

But all their indecisiveness aside, Libras cannot be alone, and they have a problem letting go. They have also been known to go back and forth between partners. They love comfort more than freedom, despite being free spirits.

Luckily for them, life is about love for a Libra, it's what defines them. They can give everything and ask for nothing in return out of love.

Their real challenge is understanding their worth and who deserves or does not deserve them.

But no. Libras don't run from love, and they know it when they see it. Love is warped into every fiber of their being. But it can easily lead them to self-ruin.

11. Scorpios

'Honesty is the best policy' is something a Scorpio truly believes in. That is a good starting point right there for anyone who wants to find true love. It also means you will not have these guys fooled easily as you have to be forthright with your intentions.

As if that is not romantic enough, Scorpios are so sensual, and they will give their heart to those deserving of it.

They have some pride, and won't easily admit to their mistakes, but they are as honest as they come.

There is nothing hidden beneath the surface. What you see is what you get with a Scorpio.

Being so guarded, it can take years before they trust you and fall deeply in love.

But when they make a choice, it is usually a good one, and you must have proved yourself worthy.

12. Cancer

Unless you have broken their heart, a Cancer will never shut out love. They love, they are open, they are giving.

Cancer will give you as much attention as you deserve when in love. Not a day will go by without an uplifting word from a Cancer lover.

Do you love sweet nothings and an endless stream of lovely texts? Then have a Cancer fall in love with you. Romance is always in the air. A Cancer can chat you up until late, and they know how to conceal their pain when hurt.

You see, although Cancers are good at showing love, they are scared of expressing negative feelings. So, it's very easy to take advantage of a Cancer. What makes it hard to see this weakness is the fact that a Cancer is typically very vocal about everything else.

So, do yourself a favor and work on reading emotions to avoid hurting your Cancer partner. Otherwise, I need not tell you how lucky you are to have a Cancer lover in your life.