How Learning Languages Can Boost Self-Esteem

how learning languages can boost self-esteem

There are many good reasons to learn a new language. Learning languages can help you avoid different neurological and psychological disorders, improve the functioning of your brain, and relieve you from stress.

It can also help you grow personally, stimulating you to travel and improving the quality of each journey. Finally, learning a language can largely help you in boosting your self-esteem.

We all like showing off a bit from time to time, yet one of the best ways to do that remains language learning, with several good reasons for that.

Showing Off Your Linguistic Abilities

You might have learned more than one language at school if you come from a polylingual country or had a specialized training focus particularly on languages and cultures. Otherwise, you probably started taking some language classes to learn a new language for various reasons.

That could be the potential career boost or, maybe, you fell in love with a beautiful French girl you once met in college. In any case, you could have probably felt some appreciation from your peers and family because of that.

There's a good reason you might have been praised by the community of your friends and family for learning another language. Such a task is not as simple as it might appear, even if you study a language that is somewhat similar to your native one or even worked for some top translation services companies. So, taking it up voluntary is just another part of the achievement.

Here are only a few facts that prove that learning a new language is a serious feat that is valued for a good reason.

You look at things differently. Speaking another language requires thinking in another language. That, in turn, gradually makes you develop thinking patterns that are more characteristic to native speakers of the language you learn. In the end, your viewpoints change as you start speaking or thinking in another language, thus, allowing you to bring an alternative perspective to the table.

You think more rationally and make better decisions. Indeed, the research has shown that people who speak more than one language are prone to making more rational and efficient decisions. The reason behind that might be the ability to think about things differently described above. As you can take an alternate perspective, you can evaluate something less personally, thus, making a fairer and, oftentimes, more rational decision.

You make your brain more flexible. Like many other mentally intense activities, learning languages has proven to improve the neuroplasticity of the human brain. That is the ability of the brain to create new neurons to memorize new things, not to forget old things, and think faster overall. The increased neuroplasticity will help you achieve a lot in your life. You can learn other new things faster and better. Besides, you can improve your communication skills. Finally, you protect yourself from various neurological disorders, such as dementia, which occur as you grow older.

You improve your social skills. Aside from keeping your brain fit, you improve your communication capabilities by thinking differently and focusing on using the language. If you ever felt just a bit unconfident about going to parties or starting a conversation with someone you like, try all that in another language. The result is almost guaranteed, and you'll feel more chilled out while communicating like that.

You're improving your career prospects. Another great thing about learning a second language is that it is a highly valued skill among employers. The salary of bilingual employees is certainly higher. At the same time, you'll be able to start a career more efficiently at the interview stage. People who speak more than one language are highly valued primarily because the world becomes more interconnected and globalized. So, it's important to find common ground with everybody, including people from other countries.

Gaining Confidence

how learning languages can boost self-esteem
how learning languages can boost self-esteem

There are many benefits to speaking another language, so there's no reason not to feel more confident as you learn a new one. After all, not everyone is patient and talented enough to sit through all the boring parts of language learning and start speaking after that.

There are many things to show off to your friends, family, and, essentially, anyone else as you progress. So, whether you want it or not, learning a new language will definitely boost your self-esteem and allow you to walk the path of your future life confidently.