How I Knew He Was Crazily In Love With Me

All through my childhood, I experienced real love. My parent’s love for each other was the best, and we lived in an area with friendly neighbors. I was brought up believing that I deserved nothing else from those around me except true love.

When I grew up, I looked for a man who would shower me with lots of love. One who would not take away what I was brought up to believe in, and did I find him?


I knew it the very first day we met. I had that instant feeling that you were the man I was looking for in life. Your first handshake was warm and sincere. I even remember how you looked into my eyes with eyes full of love. You may not have realized it, but my heart skipped a beat out of joy. At last, I had met the man who could give the love I was brought up to believe in.

Then you invited me for a date, and I could hardly wait for the day. The attraction I felt toward you was out of this world. You created it the very first day I saw you. You were gentle and talked to me like you had known me all your life. You seemed like you had nothing to hide from me about your life.

The first date was intense. It was all sparks, and I remember how you acted like the gentleman that you are. Treating me like a princess even before you had gotten to know much about me. It looked like our love was unexplainably natural. Your actions were enough, and your reactions even more revealing.

Do you remember how, on the first date, you tried to kiss me? How, in the end, it ended up more than just a peck? How you caressed me and made me feel you were crazily in love with me? I must confess that you made me realize that men who can love genuinely still existed.

I did not need you to convince me of how you loved me; it was evident everywhere. You were available for me. You made me feel like you had given your whole life to me. You believed that I would love you back, and that’s exactly what I did. But how could I not when you were so great to me?

You did not notice it, but you came into my life just when I was about to give up. I had not found any man who could sacrifice their time just to be with me. A man who would reply to my texts, or call me just to hear me laugh on the phone. You did all these and brought immense joy to my life.

Then, whenever we met, you were always wearing that charming smile. Do you know that it’s you who taught me not to complain, because how could I when there was nothing to complain about?

I loved it when you would introduce me to your friends and family. You did it in a way that showed you were proud of me. My friends commented on how you were so much in love with me. Maybe they were jealous of our love, but did it matter? What mattered was that I had you and that you were making my life a happy one.

You would always assure me that I was the only one in your life. That you stopped looking for someone to love the day that you found me. I’m glad that I believed you because it was so true. I count myself as the luckiest woman to have accepted to be loved by you.

Several years down the line, we are still together. Our love has grown stronger. I feel strongly and truly loved by you, and because of your actions, I know you are crazily in love with me.