How His Hot And Cold Behavior Is Keeping You Right Where He Wants You

Hot and cold behavior is only enjoyable in fiction, like in a Katy Perry song. In reality, it causes confusion, frustration, and sadness. It's important to understand that men who engage in this behavior are aware of what they're doing and aren't unintentionally sending mixed signals. Knowing more about this behavior can help you avoid getting caught up in it.

Why Do Guys Act Hot And Cold?

It's easy to try to justify a man's inconsistent behavior, but there's usually a straightforward explanation: He's not fully committed to the relationship. He may enjoy being with you, but he's not sure if you're a good fit for a long-term relationship.

According to licensed marriage and family therapist Lauren Cook-McKay, hot and cold behavior from a man may be due to a lack of clarity about his feelings or a lack of confidence. Men often make their interest in a woman clear when they have good intentions, but if a man is unsure about his feelings for a woman or the relationship, he may act distant at times and sweet at others.

How This Is Used As A Tool Of Manipulation

A man's hot and cold behavior may also be a form of manipulation. If he stands to benefit in some way from the relationship or just wants to boost his ego, he may act this way to maintain control over you.

If one partner has more control or power in the relationship, it is common for them to suddenly become distant and stop showing affection, according to licensed clinical social worker Steve Carleton. This behavior, known as manipulation, can make the other partner feel confused, insecure, and desperate for attention, which can give the manipulator more control. It is important to not tolerate this behavior, as it can cause emotional harm.

Behaviors Of An Inconsistent Guy

1. He has a hidden agenda

A man may exhibit hot and cold behavior as a way to keep his partner where he wants them. This may involve using charm and affection to bring the partner back when they are pulling away, and then becoming aloof and uncaring once he feels secure in their presence again. This behavior is often motivated by a desire to have the partner available for his own needs, without having to fully commit to the relationship.

2. He's incredibly selfish

Men who blow hot and cold in a relationship are often motivated by a desire to get their own way and may use charm and attention to get what they want, and then become distant or dismissive when they are not interested. This behavior is driven by selfishness and a lack of concern for their partner's feelings. There is no stability in this dynamic, as the man's actions are based solely on his own needs and desires.

3. He's super charming

Although he may know how to charm and flatter you, this behavior is often a mask for underlying insecurity and immaturity. He may be stringing you along and using his charm as a tool of manipulation to get what he wants. It is important to recognize that this charm is not genuine and to be wary of falling for it, as the mask may slip and reveal the man's true nature.

4. He makes you feel hopeful for nothing

It is common to hope that things will improve or to believe a man's words when he exhibits hot and cold behavior, but this behavior is often a means of control. It is designed to keep you in a state of uncertainty, making you easier to control. It is important to recognize that this hope is a dead end and to take steps to address the behavior and protect yourself.

5. He doesn't make things official, even after months of dating

When a man exhibits hot and cold behavior, it is often because he is not looking for a committed relationship. If he was, he would not be playing games and would be more consistent and reliable in his actions. Instead, he may act like a boyfriend when trying to impress or win over his partner, but this behavior is not genuine and is not a sign of a true commitment.

6. He probably has other women on the side

If a man is inconsistent and hot and cold in his behavior towards you, it is a sign that he is not fully invested in the relationship. He may be keeping other options open and giving you just enough attention to keep you interested, but this is not a sign of genuine interest or commitment. It is important to listen to your instincts and to be wary of a man who is not consistent in his actions and behavior.

7. He's making himself missable on purpose

A man who blows hot and cold may try to create distance in the relationship in order to make you miss him and to highlight your feelings for him. He may be affectionate and attentive one moment and then become distant and cold in order to play on your emotions. It is important to recognize that this behavior is manipulative and to take steps to protect yourself, rather than pining for him or missing him. Instead, it may be best to end the relationship and move on.

8. He's a master gaslighter

If you confront a man about his inconsistent and hot and cold behavior, he may try to deflect responsibility by pointing out that you were not officially dating or by trying to make you feel like you were the one driving him away with your clingy behavior. This is a tactic known as gaslighting, which is designed to make you question your own perceptions and feelings. It is important to recognize this behavior and not let the man get away with it. Instead, it is important to hold him accountable for his actions and to seek support if you feel like you are being gaslighted.

9. He's all about the challenge

A man who exhibits hot and cold behavior may be motivated by a desire for the thrill of the chase and the rush of the pursuit, rather than a genuine desire for a committed relationship. He may become distant or cold when the chase ends, such as when he knows how you feel about him or when you have figured him out. This behavior is often an attempt to keep you interested and invested in the relationship for as long as possible.

10. He likes to feel powerful

Men who blow hot and cold often do so as a way to boost their own ego and to feel important and special. They may want to feel like they have control over women and enjoy being chased. This behavior is driven by their own insecurities and is not a healthy or respectful way to treat a partner. It is important to recognize this behavior and to not allow a man to make you feel like you are responsible for his insecurities. Instead, it is best to walk away and not give him the satisfaction of making him feel worthy at the expense of your own well-being.

11. He's a giant faker

It is not productive or healthy to try to keep a man in suspense or to play hard to get in order to try to keep him interested when he exhibits hot and cold behavior. This behavior often indicates that he is not fully invested in the relationship and is not worth hiding your feelings for. Instead, it is important to recognize the mixed messages for what they are and to walk away rather than wasting time and energy trying to keep him interested. It is better to move on and find someone who is more genuine and consistent in their feelings and actions.

12. He's not taking this seriously

If a man exhibits hot and cold behavior, it may be a sign that he was never fully serious about the relationship and was not truly invested in you. A man who is genuinely interested in a relationship will not change his mind or become distant when things start to get more serious, unless there is a specific reason for it. The problem with a man who blows hot and cold is that he may become distant or pull away when things start to get more serious, rather than being stable and consistent in his feelings and actions. If a man was truly interested in a relationship, he would have been stable and consistent from the start, rather than causing confusion and instability with his hot and cold behavior.

How To Deal With His Wishy-Washy Ways

1. Call him out on it

If you notice that a guy's feelings towards you are inconsistent, it's important to address the issue. Talk to him openly and honestly about how his behavior is affecting you, and try to understand the underlying cause. Be compassionate, but also make it clear that this type of behavior is not acceptable in a relationship. Suggest ways to work together to build a more consistent and healthy relationship. Don't just put up with it or he may think you're unaware of his actions. Make sure not to be too aggressive in your approach, as this may not lead to a productive conversation.

2. Set healthy boundaries and demand changes

If you're interested in a guy who's acting hot and cold, it's important to set boundaries and expectations. Make it clear that you won't tolerate inconsistency and unreliable behavior. If he doesn't start showing more consistency and acting like he wants to be with you, consider walking away. Don't let him get away with excuses or denying the issue, and don't let him mistreat you. It's important to be firm and assertive in this situation.

3. If all else fails, walk away

If you've tried to communicate your boundaries to a guy who continues to disrespect them, it's time to consider leaving the relationship. Don't stay with someone who treats you poorly and doesn't show you the respect, consideration, and care that you deserve. It's not worth sticking around for someone who doesn't value you.

Why Hot And Cold Behavior Happens In The First Place

While inconsistency in a relationship is never acceptable, it's important to remember that there may be underlying reasons for this behavior. It's not always because the guy is maliciously trying to hurt you. It's worth trying to understand the root cause and have an open and honest conversation about it. However, that being said, it's still important to set boundaries and expect consistent, respectful treatment in any relationship.

1. They have a serious fear of commitment

Many men may be afraid of committing to a relationship because they fear losing their independence. If a guy is acting hot and cold because he's torn between his feelings for you and his fear of commitment, it may be because he needs to mature and overcome these fears. It's important to have an open and honest conversation about his concerns and try to find a way to work through them together. However, it's also important to remember that ultimately, it's his responsibility to overcome these fears and choose to be in a committed, healthy relationship.

2. They're not sure how they feel about you

It's common for someone to act hot and cold if they're unsure about their feelings for someone else. If a guy is only "kinda" interested in you and isn't sure if he likes you enough to commit more time and energy, it can be frustrating. If he's not sure about you, it's important for him to be honest and let you know, rather than leading you on with inconsistent behavior. It's not fair to either of you for him to struggle with being consistent if he's unsure about the relationship. It's better for both parties to be honest and upfront about their feelings.

3. They're afraid of getting hurt

It's possible that a guy may act hot and cold if he's afraid of getting hurt in a relationship. If he's been through a painful breakup, he may be hesitant to fully commit to someone new. This caution can lead to inconsistent behavior. It's important for him to work through these issues before pursuing a new relationship. It's not fair to either party to start dating while still dealing with the emotional pain of a past breakup. It's better to take the time to heal and work through these issues before getting involved with someone new.