How Good Are Your Math Skills? Test Them With This Tricky Problem

how good are your math skills? test them with this tricky problem

Can you solve this math problem below? It's trickier than it looks.

While math is an important subject, and knowing how to do at least some simple calculations is an important life skill, it isn't for everyone.

But nowadays, it's much easier to deal with math problems because we all got our calculators in our pockets.

Unless you specialize in a field that requires you to do calculations every now and then, however, chances are you don't test your math skills often.

Test Your Math Skills with This Equation

If it's been a long time since you put your math skills to the test, here's an equation that'll require you to use logic if you want to solve it. It has thousands online scratching their heads.

how good are your math skills? test them with this tricky problem

The Answer

Can you solve the problem, or are you just like many others who don't have a clue?

We'll tell you what the correct answer is and then explain how you get it.

The correct answer is 12. If that, too, is your answer, congratulations!

Now let's help out those who still can't figure out the way around it.

The Process

To solve this math problem, you have to go back to one of the greatest grade school tricks, called BEDMAS or PEMDAS.

B – Stands for 'Brackets' or Parentheses in PEMDAS

E – Stands for 'Exponents'

D – Is for 'Division'

M – Stands for 'Multiplication'

A – Is for 'Addition'

And 'S' is for 'Subtraction'

According to mathematicians, this technique is also called The Order of Operations or the order in which you complete an equation.

In our case, we start solving the equation from the bracket: (8÷4) = 2

Then we deal with the other set of division: 24÷4 = 6

And lastly, we multiply 6×2 = 12

If you forgot about The Order of Operations, I am sure you'll remember it if you ever come across a similar equation.